Report: Colts have Aaron Glenn, Ben Johnson, Raheem Morris on interview list

Cincinnati Bengals v Detroit Lions
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Jeff Saturday might get the permanent head coaching job in Indianapolis, but the Colts have to go through an interview process first.

They have submitted requests for three assistant coaches.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports the Colts want to talk to Lions defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn and Lions offensive coordinator Ben Johnson for their head coaching job. The Colts also have requested an interview with Rams defensive coordinator Raheem Morris.

Morris was head coach of the Bucs from 2009-11, going 17-31 with no playoff appearances. He also served as the interim head coach of the Falcons in 2020, producing a 4-7 record.

Glenn and Johnson do not have head coaching experience, and this season was Johnson’s first as a coordinator. Glenn followed Dan Campbell from New Orleans to take over the Lions defense in 2021, his first coordinating job.

12 responses to “Report: Colts have Aaron Glenn, Ben Johnson, Raheem Morris on interview list

  1. Glenn is gonna be a great head coach. He has worked at every level from scout to aDC. Did absolute wonders with the saints dbs. The defense has turned a corner in Detroit with limited talent.

    Might be a year early but gonna be a great head coach.

  2. Lions are just getting it together. Leave their staff alone at least for one more season.

  3. You’ve managed to malign an excellent coach by referencing one stat when there is a massive amount of success you could have mentioned. You clearly have no idea what was happening in the NFL during the CBA negotiations of 2009-2011. Raheem was a very young first time head coach with a rookie quarterback, clueless GM, and skeleton staff. He has since contributed on both sides of the ball with impressive results — Rams SB and Falcons SB appearance and division champs. If anyone deserves a legitimate (not interim) second chance, it’s Raheem Morris.

  4. Agree with the limited talent comment but good grief let’s not pretend like Detroit’s defense has turned some kind of corner.

    They are straight up awful.

    That team had an offense 5th in scoring and dominated ToP, played a cupcake schedule in a crap division and still didn’t make the playoffs solely because the defense was soooooo bad.

    Glenn is widely seen as an excellent communicator and leader who is well liked by his players…these are certainly qualities desirable in a HC. He may very well succeed in that role eventully. But let’s not pretend like his 2 seasons of experience as a DC are a checkmark in his favor. His defenses have finished 31st and 28th.

  5. Lions fans cannot catch a break. We finally have a competent coaching staff and a promising future and now other teams want to raid our coordinators. 🙁

  6. Jim Harbaugh will be the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts, and Trey Lance will be his starting quarterback.

  7. Finally a glimmer of hope for the Lions fans, and then the sharks are circling our coaching staff. We will never get a break!

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