Texans want to interview Ben Johnson, DeMeco Ryans, Jonathan Gannon, Ejiro Evero

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The Texans fired Lovie Smith on Sunday night and they’ve put together an early list of candidates for his successor.

According to multiple reports, the team has requested interviews with Lions offensive coordinator Ben Johnson, 49ers defensive coordinator DeMeco Ryans, Eagles defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon, and Broncos defensive coordinator Ejiro Evero.

Johnson was promoted to the Lions offensive coordinator role this year and oversaw one of the most prolific units in the league. The Lions finished fifth in points scored and fourth in offensive yards while winning eight of their final 10 games of the season.

Ryans played for the Texans and called the shots for the league’s top defense. He interviewed for the Vikings last year.

Gannon was a candidate in Houston last season before returning to the NFC champs for a second season. Evero is also expected to interview for the Broncos opening this week.

13 responses to “Texans want to interview Ben Johnson, DeMeco Ryans, Jonathan Gannon, Ejiro Evero

  1. So you’re not going to hold Caserio accountable I see? The person who actually hired the 1 and done coaches. The person who brought Easterby there(the year before Caserio arrived because Caserio knew he was coming the following year). All Have been colossal failures. But he keeps his job? Got it.

  2. Stay where u are Coach, 9ER’S just need to pay him his weight and ca it a day… you’re still young… and a great coach… Screw Houston…

  3. It is going to take someone that is absolute desperate, bottom of the garbage can retread to to want this job with all likely hood they will be canned about this same time next year as the Texans once again vie for the top pick. Any smart person would pass on this interview.

  4. Man, Lovie got the short stick on this one!

    I loved his “going for 2” yesterday!!

    As far as I am concerned, any owner or coach more interested in draft position than winning a game is not a leader of men, nor a true competitor.

    Good job, and good luck to you, Lovie! I hope you find a good spot for next year.

  5. The Texans job used to be highly undesirable due to the mess O’Brien left behind but they have 12 picks this year including 2 in the first and 3rd rounds and they finally have some cap room. They have the bullets to build a roster after years of being stuck. The last 2 coaching hires seemed to be out of desperation. I can’t imagine they’d be in that same spot again. Whoever they hire this time will be around for a while. Here’s hoping they get it right this time.

  6. As much as I agree the Texans are where coaches go to kill their careers….

    They will not have a hard time attracting a first time HC.
    Any NFL HC prospect most likely has A LOT of confidence they can do better than the last guy and a side dish of a rather large ego too.

    Owners get these ‘I can make this team a winner’ pitches and that strokes owners egos, so they hire the best salesman/HC thinking they will show the other owners who’s smart…

    Yet year after year this newbie confidence and ego recipe rarely works out, so fans suffer…

  7. Caserio did not hire Culley or Smith, the owner picked those two HC’s due to the Flores lawsuit.

    The Texans situation is a lot different for 2023 than it was in 2021, which will help in their coaching search. In 2021 their 1st pick was not until the 3rd round, which they used to draft Davis Mills, + almost zero cap space. In 2023, they Texans have (2) 1st round picks and the 33rd overall pick, + (2) picks in the 3rd round and a total of 12 picks in the 2023 draft, + 46 million in cap space. The Texans also have (2) 1st round picks in the 2024 draft. With all this draft capitol and cap space the Texans will make a quicker turnaround than expected, especially with a better coach!

    For those folks who think Lovie Smith got the shaft for his firing, IMHO you are wrong. As DC in 2021 and HC/DC in 2022, Lovie led the Texans to the 31st ranked defense in 2021 and the 32nd ranked defense in 2022. This alone is grounds for his firing!

  8. “The owner picked those two HC due to the Flores lawsuit”

    That’s likely what happened with Lovie, but Culley was a year before the Flores suit. Hard to say what really happened in that office but there was a ton of weird dysfunction that all seemed to arrive at about the same time as Easterby. He’s gone now, and just going by their list of coaching candidates alone, things seem to be moving in a more rational direction.

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