Titans fire Todd Downing, three more assistant coaches

Dallas Cowboys v Tennessee Titans
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The Titans have fired offensive coordinator Todd Downing, the team announced on Monday.

Downing, who was also arrested in November for driving under the influence, oversaw a unit that regressed from 15th in points scored and 17th in total yards last season to 28th in points scored and 30th in yards in 2022.

No league discipline had yet been announced for Downing’s DUI arrest.

Tennessee also announced offensive line coach Keith Carter, secondary coach Anthony Midget, and offensive skill assistant Erik Frazier have been fired.

“I want to thank Todd, Keith, Anthony, and Erik for their service and commitment to our team over their time here in Tennessee,” head coach Mike Vrabel said in a statement. “Each of them made an impact on our organization, were dedicated to the process, and loyal members of our coaching staff.”

Downing was promoted to offensive coordinator in 2021 after spending two seasons as the team’s tight ends coach. He replaced Arthur Smith, who had been hired by the Falcons as head coach.

35 responses to “Titans fire Todd Downing, three more assistant coaches

  1. Vrabel had to … Downing was killing them and Burks better be in tip-top shape next year. He was a major disappointment.

  2. Why not fire the guy who hired them? Obviously, he is a bad judge of ability. Oh Wait!!!!!!

  3. Kyle Shanahan and Mike Vrabel are the only coaches that have been winning without elite QB’s. Those guys are top coaches. Imagine what they could do with a HOF QB. They’d likely go undefeated.

  4. Vrabel is 48-34 with AVG QB and some dude is here shaking his head because of one disappointing season? He’s not the one who traded Brown. It’s not his fault he’s starting QB was banged up this year and his GM had some raw rookie who isn’t ready. Be careful what you wish for. He deserves one more year.

  5. Dang starting to look like BB’s present staff for his former player over there !!

  6. It seems the higher ups in Tennessee are impatient and Vrabel might be next if next year goes bad. But the truth is Tennessee always competes and plays a tough brand of football.

  7. Ridiculous amount of player-games lost to injury this year. Strength and conditioning staff should be replaced as well.

  8. Big mistake in trading AJ Brown, Burks may turn out to be a good player, but he’s not AJ Brown. Offence was predictable with Henry running on first down, leaving them in passing situations on 2nd and 3rd down with a so so offensive line, and a weak receiving corp. Vrabel is a good coach, they now need a good GM and a some good draft years.

  9. Get Vrabel a decent QB like Jimmy G heck maybe Andy Dalton as a backup. Possibly a WR1 and they’re a playoff team easily.

  10. charliecharger says:
    January 9, 2023 at 5:55 pm
    Kyle Shanahan and Mike Vrabel are the only coaches that have been winning without elite QB’s. Those guys are top coaches. Imagine what they could do with a HOF QB. They’d likely go undefeated.


    You can win without an elite QB if you have a very good defense, and you have a very good running game which they both have

  11. Titans are in a good spot. Titans are a playoff team that was getting too content and lackadaisical. Injuries, a bad offensive line and no receivers humbled the Titans really quick. Draft 3-5 olineman and get at least 2+ starting corners and 2+ quality receivers. Titans will be fine.

  12. I agree on Vrabel kind of making it work without a good QB. Sorry Tannehill aint it. But in the end you have to win regardless, so his time is probably up after next year. Thats just the way it goes.

  13. Jimmy G sucks. People need to get over thinking he is good. The simple fact that the 49ers play the same no matter who is at QB is enough to show that.

  14. Downing is a terrible OC. He practically got Carr killed 2017 and did the same to Tannehill this year. Too predictable.

  15. Vrabel isn’t going anywhere. Bet on that for certain. He’d be hired in a minute by another team.

  16. Now that this loser, and Jon Robinson, are gone we can see what Vrabees and the next GM can put together. Far as the offense goes, I can’t see it getting much worse. Hopefully nobody poaches our DC and some more talent can be added, and some bums dropped (looking at you, Dupree). Hope they draft an OT and another WR for the new dude to work with.

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