Will Nyheim Hines get more offensive touches now?

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The Bills traded running back Zack Moss for running back Nyheim Hines with an eye toward boosting their backfield. On Sunday, the return game benefited in a huge way — with a pair of touchdowns from Hines.

He now has a game with two kick returns for a touchdown to go along with a 2019 game featuring two punt returns for a touchdown.

But in nine 2022 games with the Bills, Hines has only 11 offensive touches. So here’s the question: will Hines’s heroics from Sunday prompt the Bills to get him more involved?

It should. His broken-field skills are conducive to getting the ball in his hands and letting him do his thing, weaving through and running past any and all opponents.

With the playoffs arriving, it’s time to pull out all the stops and get the most effective 11 players on the field. Hines showed on Sunday that he should be one of those 11, more often than he’s been.

On Sunday, Hines was involved in only three offensive snaps. As Buffalo prepares for a third game against Miami, offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey should be thinking of ways to get Hines on the field and to get the ball in his hands, far more often than the Bills have done it during Hines’s nine games in Buffalo.

15 responses to “Will Nyheim Hines get more offensive touches now?

  1. Hines game opening play kickoff return for a touchdown was magical given the events of the week for all the Bills players. No matter if Hines gets more snaps or not, what he did for his team was priceless. By the way, I’d like to see him get more snaps.

  2. I dont think you start changing too much what you are doing on offence…… BUT this guy can fly. Getting him involved in screen plays a few times a game might be smart. Even the threat of this guy getting the ball might open guys up down field.

  3. Not a Bills fan, but I see no reason why you can’t get this guy 4-5 touches per game. Draws, screens, sweeps, etc. If he breaks one, you look like a genius.

  4. This OC is still learning on the job; whatever plays he’s called for Hines so far really sucked, often getting tackled for a loss.

  5. It’s probably to late to start tinkering with the offense, but that being said, this offense is not nearly as dynamic as last two seasons with Daboll calling plays…the dude has skills but this might be a next season situation for him.

  6. The bills offensive line is not very good, so the best fit are smaller more elusive RBs like singletary and cook. No change needed.

  7. I remember when the trade happened and McAfee said that Buffalo fans were going to love this guy. He said we had no clue how good this guy was. Dude was a complete stud yesterday and created so much needed positive emotion. Thanks for what you did sir.

  8. Fair warning: Don’t try to run him up the gut. Somehow, Reich never figured out that that was one thing Hines is NOT good at.

  9. The Bills dont give starting roles to players, the players earn them. Motor and Cook are playing incredible down the stretch, i would be reluctant to see anything change. That being said, I believe Beane traded for Hines in an attenpt to lock down the kick return and to install him slowly into the offense, but with Josh getting John Smoke Brown and Cole 3rd-And-Beasley back, Hines has had a much more limited role than was initially envisioned up until now, but his value is indispensable and i hope he’s back next season! Hines looks like Barry Sanders with or without the #20, i love that he wears it, even though he would prefer #23, both are certainly fitting on him

  10. I was definitely surprised to see the Bills trade for Hines and then barely use him, while Moss ended the season fairly well in Indy. Not sure why a guy with his speed and receiving skills wouldn’t be useful, especially if some dump-odds could save Allen from taking a few hits while running.

    With that said, am I the only one that felt like with the constant media coverage over the last week, it was just a little too serendipitous that Buffalo returned the opening kickoff for a TD? Maybe I’m just a bit too cynical in feeling that it seems the tragic events of last Monday are getting squeezed for all they’re worth.

  11. I would like to see him in the slot, instead of Beasley or McKenzie. And Davis haws been dropping way too many passes per game, all season.

  12. Adding a few wrinkles to the offense isn’t tinkering. Maybe they will break out a few things in the playoffs that the opposing team hasn’t seen before and doesn’t know how to defend. So far, the Bills didn’t have to go to their trick plays, but I‘m almost sure they‘ll open magic treasure box if they need it.
    K.C. gave everyone something to think about with their snowglobe huddle, but when push comes to shove and the stakes are raised the Bills will also have some cards up their sleeve. One of this set of cards may include some plays that are featuring Hines.

  13. The problem with Hines is his cap hit is $5.5mm next year. No one can pay that just for a PR/KR. So I expect we will see him leave Buffalo for greener pastures elsewhere.

  14. The Bills traded running back Zack Moss for running back Nyheim Hines with an eye toward boosting their kick returner position. It worked.

    *fixed it

  15. @ rockpiler

    Ok, Vince Lombardi. Bills have given snaps to JP Losman and EJ Manuel in my lifetime. Relax.

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