Will the Broncos call other teams about possibly hiring their current coaches?

Denver Broncos v Carolina Panthers
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The Broncos will interview former Saints coach Sean Payton, on or after January 17. Although the two teams have not yet officially agreed on compensation in the event Payton is hired, the Broncos and Saints have a loose understanding as to what it will take to do a deal, per source.

Here’s the broader question. If the Broncos will be busting open the compensation coffers to get a crack at Payton, why not call around for the potential chance to talk to other coaches currently employed by other teams?

What would it hurt to ask the question? Whether it’s the Rams (owned by extended family member Stan Kroenke) for Sean McVay or the Ravens for John Harbaugh or the Steelers for Mike Tomlin or the Patriots for Bill Belichick or the Titans for Mike Vrabel or any other established coach who may be looking for a change of scenery and/or a big raise, why not ask? It’s free to ask.

As one team executive recently observed, whenever considering trading a first-round pick for a player, it’s prudent to see which player can be gotten. The same thing is true for a coach.

So pick up the phone. Make a call. You can’t get a yes without risking a no.

16 responses to “Will the Broncos call other teams about possibly hiring their current coaches?

  1. The ole Wayne Gretzky “you miss 💯 of the shots you don’t take” ploy- I like it. Why not- could use some spice- a lil BB aim Denver. Why not :).

  2. Good luck with the Broncos and there accompanying dumpster fire. Little Russ will get the next coach & GM fired. That was fools gold preseason action the last two weeks from the self anointed horse rider and chief cook.
    Buyer beware.

  3. I’d give them Tomlin for a first. Who cares if he always goes 9-8 but seldom makes the playoffs and never wins a playoff game. I’d take the risk on a new head coach who might win a super bowl.

  4. If the Broncos called Foxboro for Bill Belichick Kraft would pull a muscle from laughing so hard.

  5. You’re definitely digging here.. your picks for the next Broncos coach gets more exotic by the day. Not creative, exotic.

  6. Any coach that doesn’t have the status of a Payton will be scapegoat fodder while the celeb QB is protected. And even someone like Payton would still be stuck with a declining Wilson in a division with two of the best young QBs in ages.

    Not a lot of upside, so my guess is they either overpay hugely for a name or have to get a newbie or also-ran.

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