Brian Daboll: I really think playoff experience is an overrated thing

New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles
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Giants head coach Brian Daboll was part of five Super Bowl champions during two stints as an assistant with the Patriots and he coached in several playoff games with the Bills in recent years, but his team doesn’t have the same kind of playoff experience.

The Giants haven’t been to the playoffs since 2016 and the roster is short on players who have taken part in the postseason. During his Monday press conference, Daboll was asked about the value of playoff experience and said he’s been in enough different situations to feel that having it is not a major advantage over the opposition.

“I think really what you make out of it is the experience is probably overrated to be honest with you,” Daboll said. “It’s how you prepare, how you practice and ultimately how you play the game and coach the game on whatever day it is. I’ve been around a lot of different teams that have had varying levels of experience — some a lot, some a little, some not much. I know someone mentioned Malcolm Butler. I think really what matters is taking advantage of your opportunities when they come and playing a good football game and coaching a good football game. So, I don’t know if that answers your question. But I really think it’s an overrated thing.”

Giants offensive coordinator Mike Kafka and defensive coordinator Wink Martindale join Daboll in having a lot of playoff experience under their belts and that should help the team’s preparation during the week. They also played in Minnesota in Week 16, which should help them feel a little more comfortable than they might in other surroundings come Sunday.

13 responses to “Brian Daboll: I really think playoff experience is an overrated thing

  1. No, it’s not. It’s vert rated. This is like saying never playing in a SB is no big deal.

  2. What is he supposed to say? The truth is that having experience is better than not having experience… any endeavor.

  3. Talking about being overrated. Lot of you don’t remember but Dabol was the Chiefs Offensive coordinator during the 2012 season and he stunk, I mean he was absolutely horrible. Now everyone thinks he’s a QB guru because he had the opportunity to coach Jared Allen. News flash Allen was going to be good no matter who coached him, he just had way to much expected from him his rookie year. The Giants had an incredibly easy schedule and now they are the trendy pick to upset the Vikings. I got news for you the Vikings will beat the Giants by 2 touchdowns.

  4. He’s basically saying you’re getting a participation trophy to be in the playoffs, which is nothing great. Sure, it’s good accomplishment to make it to the Wild Card but doesn’t mean anything if you lose and no one will remember you for it.

  5. Daboll is the coach of the year.
    Giants won 4 games last season with pretty much the exact same team and this year made the playoffs.
    Experience is nice, competency is much better.

  6. So the Giants went from 4 wins to 8…. or 8½ wins which makes him coach of the year?

    The Vikings went from 8 wins to 13 wins, including beating the Giants. As essentially the same roster, they got zero contributions from the first two draft picks and not much from free agency either. However this is’t as big a percentage increase….

  7. Been a fun year, exciting and stressful games, more wins than expected, and finally got to relax the final game of the season and watch other teams choke away their opportunities. While the Vikes should win this weekend, its hardly a sure thing — just grateful to actually have a vested interest in the playoffs. No real expectations after Sunday though.

  8. “I think really what you make out of it is the experience is probably overrated to be honest with you,”
    I think you’re wrong. But since neither team has much, it shouldn’t matter.

  9. I believe the postseason experience is not on the field. That part is easy, once the game has started. It’s how to absorb and process the constant media attention, family schedules, commitments, the ramped up expectations placed on coaches, the never-ending attention from friends and acquaintances, specific and new itineraries……it’s huge. The young players become unrested because they have no sense of mortality and find no reason to not continuing their very active lifestyles, girlfriends, parties, etc.. It takes a toll. If you’ve been there once or twice, you figure it out.

  10. philmccracken says:
    January 10, 2023 at 11:20 am
    The Giants should be helped somewhat by being pitted against complete frauds.

    Nope, not frauds, no way, not at 13-4. It’s the choking Packers who proved to be the real fraudsters.

  11. Prior experience in any activity is usually helpful, but often not necessary for success. The 2017 Eagles went from last to first in one season. They had no playoff experience among their key players. They beat a Patriots team with many key players with Super Bowl experience. Two years later, the Niners went to the Super Bowl and lost a close game with a roster that had no key players with playoff experience.

    The Giants aren’t a great team this year. They’re not even “very” good. They’re just good enough to make the playoffs. If they lose, that’s probably why they’ll lose: They’re not even “very” good. Even if they had a couple of key players with playoff experience, that wouldn’t make them much more likely to win against the Vikings. Not many 9-7-1 teams go far in the playoffs. Heck, the only 9-7 team to win a Super Bowl were the 2011 Giants, but that team was a lot better than their won-loss record in the regular season.

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