Chris Ballard: I failed, the criticism is warranted

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The Colts fired head coach Frank Reich after a disappointing start to the regular season, but they held onto General Manager Chris Ballard and team owner Jim Irsay has said that the team will not be parting ways with him this offseason either.

Irsay’s decision has drawn some negative reactions from those who feel Ballard’s work has had a lot to do with the team falling short of its goals in recent years. Ballard met with the media on Tuesday for the first time since the end of the 2022 season and opened by saying that he’s “failed” and that his critic are justified in their opinion of his work.

Ballard also said that he believes there’s an opportunity to learn from what’s happened and do a better job in the future.

“I know there’s doubt,” Ballard said, via Stephen Holder of “The criticism, it’s warranted . . . But we live in a world where failure is not allowed. And we’re doing it on the biggest stage. Everybody wants your head. But if you’re able to go through it and learn from it, you can reach your greatest heights.”

Ballard said he will lead the search process for a new head coach, but that Irsay will make the final call on who is hired. That’s what happened with interim head coach Jeff Saturday, who Ballard confirmed will be a candidate for the permanent position. He would not do the same with Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh and the Colts have made several other interview requests since the end of the regular season.

12 responses to “Chris Ballard: I failed, the criticism is warranted

  1. And you should be fired for horrendous management. The Colts will be years and years away from competing. They have very little talent.

  2. How can you even remotely justify considering Jeff Saturday? Seriously this dude is beyond a complete joke of a coach. He is the only interim coach in NFL history that had a worse record than the guy he replaced. He has zero clue what’s going on. All he says is “we’ll do better”. When exactly Jeff? This whole thing is beyond a joke.

  3. In today’s NFL, the HC + GM either have to be on the same page or the team usually loses more than they win. Ballard hasn’t done much at all and yet Irsay keeps him as the GM. Doesn’t make much sense.

  4. Ballard’s finally not wrong for once. Now show us Colts fans this year you have the cahones to finally pull the trigger on a QB that’s actually good and isn’t a retread. Or be gone.

  5. Let’s see, Head Coach gets blame for having winning seasons but missing the playoffs or early eliminations and the few bad seasons still being at or near 500. Coach gets fired and replacement couldn’t even get more than 1 win with the same roster that averaged 9 with the other guy and beat a super bowl contender handedly earlier in the season.

    Sounds like coaching wasn’t and hasn’t been the problem. If I was a coaching candidate I’m not going within 50 feet of the team that has now fired their third straight coach with a winning record. Caldwell got thrown under the bus for Mannings injury, Pagano go thrown under the bus for Andrew Luck’s injury and Reich got thrown under the bus because the owners friend wanted to try coaching because he thought it looked easy.

  6. At least he admits his failings, which is more than can be said for too many GMs.
    But if he doesn’t properly address the shortcomings at QB and WR, he’s going to be fired before 2023 ends.

  7. kohila says:
    January 10, 2023 at 11:21 am
    He is the only interim coach in NFL history that had a worse record than the guy he replaced.
    Check your facts.

  8. In todays NFL the last person blamed is the GM .WHEN they do get canned ,they just have to sit out one year and then pop up again and ruin another franchise. It’s a sorry state of affairs. We need newer younger GMs for the future of the NFL

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