Colts will “do whatever it takes” if they determine there’s a franchise QB in this draft

Indianapolis Colts (3) Vs. New England Patriots (26) At Gillette Stadium
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Colts General Manager Chris Ballard isn’t being coy about his willingness to trade up in the 2023 NFL draft — if the team decides that there’s a franchise-changing quarterback available first overall.

Ballard was asked today if he would trade up if he decides there’s a quarterback who could lead the Colts for years to come, and he said he absolutely would.

“Yes, I’d do whatever it takes,” Ballard said.

That’s good news for Bears General Manager Ryan Poles, who owns the first overall pick in the draft and may decide his best course of action is to stick with Justin Fields at quarterback and trade down with a quarterback-needy team. The Colts own the fourth overall pick, and if they fall in love with a quarterback like Alabama’s Bryce Young, they may be willing to give up multiple first-round picks to move up from No. 4 to No. 1.

Ballard has been the Colts’ GM since 2017, and he still hasn’t figured out the quarterback position, going through Andrew Luck, Jacoby Brissett, Brian Hoyer, Philip Rivers, Carson Wentz, Matt Ryan, Sam Ehlinger and Nick Foles and never finding a quarterback who can stand the test of time as the Colts’ unquestioned starter. He’d like to find one in the draft this year.

11 responses to “Colts will “do whatever it takes” if they determine there’s a franchise QB in this draft

  1. Sounds like he’ll sacrifice the Colts future to do anything that might allow him to keep his job.

  2. The Colts’ problems began when Luck retired and they had the heir apparent, Luck endorsed, Jacoby Brissette, in house. The pieces were in place as far as personnel. But they decided to chase after the next Peyton Manning. The rest is history.

  3. IF the Bears think there is a sure fire gonna be great QB in this draft they’d be fools to trade out of the #1 spot.

    They have Fields for a relatively reasonable amount and they’d add a second #1 guy for the total annual cost of top flight QB. I’m not sure they are sold on Fields yet but if they become convinced next year Fields is the guy, then the new guy becomes trade material. If Fields falls down then he becomes tradable and the new guy is already immersed in the system and ready to go.

    If they ARE sold on Fields and feel there isn’t another sure thing QB worth the #1 spot then they trade the spot and go get their guy.

  4. He’s not done as bad of a job as people are saying. They are in a healthy cap situation and with a few cuts & restructures will have a ton of money to spend this offseason. He’s drafted some very good players and hasn’t had major misses like Jon Robinson in Tennessee or Mike Mayock did in Oakland during the same period. And they’ve tried like hell to fix the QB situation after Andrew Luck flipped the franchise on its head, but it just hasn’t worked out. I imagine they will make a huge move for a QB this offseason and work to add a WR1, an Edge, and more. And they have picks #4 and #35. They’ll be a bounce-back team next year with stability at QB and coaching.

  5. Give the Colts Fields thereby weakening them and strengthening your own team along with mutiple picks.

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