Doug Pederson: Week 3 victory over Chargers was a long time ago


Way back in Week Three, the Jaguars traveled to the West Coast and dismantled the Chargers 38-10 at SoFi Stadium.

That made the Jaguars 2-1 and they looked like a team on the rise.

Then they lost five games in a row to fall to 2-6 and that victory over L.A. looked like a fluke.

But now the two teams will meet again in the postseason on Saturday night, this time in Jacksonville. The Jags finished the season 9-8 with the Chargers going 10-7. Both teams played well down the stretch, with the exception of Los Angeles’ 31-28 loss to Denver in Week 18.

Jacksonville head coach Doug Pederson acknowledged on Monday that the previous matchup was “a long time ago.”

“There’s some new faces on their side,” Pederson said in his press conference. “There’s some new faces on our side. Schematically, probably both the same with us and with them. Again, we’ve talked about it a lot, you’re not going to trick anybody. It just comes down to execution, both sides, them and us.

“I’m looking forward to it, watching our guys on this type of stage. We haven’t been there, this team, and obviously, it’ll be a great atmosphere, home game for us and really looking forward to watching our guys perform.”

Pederson said he’ll study the tape of that first game to recognize how both teams went after one another in all three phases.

“Then you kind of look at the whole body of work since, and if there’s anything that’s changed and why it’s changed, and then you put your game plan together that way and according to that,” Pederson said. “It’s a good football team. They’ve got a great young quarterback as well, and I know they’ll be ready to go. They’re looking forward to this opportunity just like we are.”

5 responses to “Doug Pederson: Week 3 victory over Chargers was a long time ago

  1. Herbert was playing injured after suffering fractured rib cartilage. Joey Bosa went down in this game. Rashawn Slater was lost for the season. Keenan Allen was out. It was the most difficult time of the season for the Chargers. But the Chargers have recovered and are on a roll. They should be able to beat the Jaguars by a touchdown or two. Herbert is much better than Lawrence.

  2. Hats off to Doug Pederson and the job he’s done in Jacksonville. Second time he’s successfully taken over for an ego driven college coach who was out of his element in the NFL. This is also the second time Pederson turned around a team with a young highly drafted QB. Do not sit on this head coach. He knows what he’s doing.

  3. Pederson has the Jags going in the right direction & both Offense and Defense look sound – they might be the “Cinderella” team in the AFC this year.

  4. But the Chargers have recovered and are on a roll.

    Half empty vs half full, I guess. 5-2 over their last 7 but 3 of those wins were the Rams, Cardinals and Colts. Dolphins were the only playoff team they beat over that span. And they’re coming off losing to the Broncos where it was tied at half and they were trailing by the time Herbert was pulled for the day.

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