Eagles donate more than $400,000 to combat gun violence in Philadelphia

New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles
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The Eagles have a bye in the wild-card round, but they’re not taking the week off.

The team has announced that it has donated more than $410,000 to various local nonprofits, with the goal of helping end gun violence in Philadelphia.

“In Philadelphia, gun violence continues to be a major concern and has disproportionately affected underserved communities of color,” the team explained in its announcement. “In 2022, Philadelphia experienced 516 homicides, surpassing a city record for annual homicides for the second year in a row dating back to at least 1960.”

Poverty and unemployment, as explained by the team’s press release, are two key factors that contribute to gun violence. The team’s goal, then, is to help break the cycles of poverty and violence.

The Eagles’ Social Justice Fund will donate to nine local nonprofit organizations, with $300,000 going toward “violence prevention programs that give well-paying jobs to people affected by violence so they can use their lived experience to create positive change,” and $110,350 will be devoted to “programs that give children and adults the knowledge they need to increase their financial literacy and grow their personal wealth.”

It’s an important way to deal with the root causes of gun violence. Guns aren’t going anywhere. The far better approach will be to address, and limit, those situations in which guns would be used in violent interactions

“In Philadelphia, a lot of the violence that we are seeing starts with being in poverty,” Eagles running back Miles Sanders said. “We’re in a time in this country where a lot of our youth, especially, are at risk. This issue hits home for me because I came from a similar type of environment, and I know what it takes to get out of those situations. A lot of these kids look up to guys like us, and it’s our responsibility to provide a source of inspiration for them and show them there is a way out. We can do this by investing in programs and initiatives that address the root causes of poverty and provide opportunities for those who have been trapped in it for far too long.”

Amen to that, and it’s great to see the Eagles embracing the challenge. It won’t be easy, but it could make a real difference — beyond the problem of gun violence.

24 responses to “Eagles donate more than $400,000 to combat gun violence in Philadelphia

  1. Ending gun violence starts with banning guns. But keep trying to mask problems with money, that always works.

  2. Good for them for trying but it never ceases to amaze me at what people think solves crime, Money! Sure its important but how about local leadership, prosecuting violent criminals off the street, Fathers stay in your kids lives, be a mentor, do not tolerate bad behavior stop making excuses, actions have consequences.
    Have better education so many things can be done but throwing money seems to be the easiest thing to do and almost inevitably nothing changes, people take the money with no change. Good luck!

  3. Money is not going to do anything. Track the stats, there will be no change. Banning guns is not the answer. The problem is not the legal gun owners, it is the criminals that possess firearms illegally. What do you do to get those guns?

  4. Ending Gun violence starts with not putting up with the gangs crap. Banning gun you’re asking for trouble from your government. Don’t blanket Responsible law bidding gun owners as killers. Gangs are the problem!

  5. Good for them. It would have been even better if they did it anonymously with no PR

  6. $400k down the drain. If you release the clowns who use guns to commit violence, then expect the violence to increase.

  7. An inescapable fact is that one political party keeps guns cheap and available and weaken laws around background checks, licensing, making it easier to conceal carry and going all of the way to the Supreme Court to overrule states rights to ban guns. It’s hypocritical for them to then turn around and blame everyone else for rampant gun violence when the real answer is to keep them, particularly military weapons, out of the wrong hands. You can’t have it both ways!

  8. Every city in the country who has halted “stop and frisk” policing has seen a huge rise in gun crimes. But hey, at least the criminals will not be inconvenienced.

  9. Guns aren’t the problem. It’s the people that are using them, they are stealing them, they are buying them off the streets, they are committing crimes and being released right back out on the streets in same cases the same night. Until they start getting serious about holding criminals responsible no amount of money will change anything.
    Start holding people accountable for their crimes and actions. That is the first and only step to stop gun violence

  10. Last time I checked murder is illegal. So why is it the guns fault? My guns don’t shoot any one all day long while left alone. It’s a culture problem. Illinois, New York, California, Massachusetts all have high gun violence, yet have the strictest gun laws. The second amendment is not for shooting animals or for sport. It’s for defending one’s self and property from others and the government.

  11. until they start enforcing the laws on the books now, things will not change. They just don’t want to lock law breakers up

  12. Very magnanimous of the Eagles to do this. However, that may take care of one neighborhood in Philly.

  13. If you want to end gun violence, use that money toward self defense and shooting classes. If more people were armed and trained in self defense, and the criminals knew that, there would be a lot less violence. Criminals prey on people who cannot defend themselves.

  14. A bold and impressive move like this is bound to bring out the morons. Kudos to Jeffrey Lurie and the Eagles organization. 99.99999% of those who pooh-pooh something like and this aren’t doing ANYTHING at all to help. Thanks, Eagles, for stepping up and helping make your community a better place for kids to grow up.

  15. Americans are a violent lot. Guns just makes them more deadly efficient with their violence.
    Countries with high rates of gun ownership don’t have this problem. An imaginary line between Canada and the USA sees a shocking drop in all types of violence.
    Good luck with some chump change altering that reality.

  16. Ain’t gonna matter unless they change the DA who let’s criminals walk free after being arrested. The eagles just gave money away for no reason.

  17. Ain’t gonna matter unless they change the DA who let’s criminals walk free after being arrested. The eagles just gave money away for no reason.

    Oh no there is a reason, its called virtue signaling, that’s what you have to do these days is give some money and say you care and our virtuous. And if you disagree you are a bigot and about seven others names they use consitently.

  18. Ending gun violence starts with holding those accountable who use guns to victimize innocent people. You could give 10 billion to the non-profits in Philly and it won’t do anything to stop this problem.

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