Georgia’s Jalen Carter makes it official that he’s turning pro

2023 CFP National Championship - TCU v Georgia
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Last year, Georgia’s defensive line had three first-round picks: Travon Walker went first overall to the Jaguars, Jordan Davis went 13th overall to the Eagles, and Devonte Wyatt went 28th overall to the Packers. And many people think Jalen Carter is the best defensive lineman Georgia has had, better than any of those first-round picks.

So it’s no surprise that shortly after Georgia won the national championship on Monday night, Carter confirmed that he will enter the 2023 NFL draft.

A 310-pound defensive tackle who’s a good interior pass rusher and stout against the run, Carter wasn’t eligible for last year’s draft, but he certainly would have been a first-round pick.

This year there’s talk that Carter could go as high as first overall, with the first pick more unpredictable this season than most because the Bears own it and may be looking to trade down with a team that wants to take a quarterback first.

9 responses to “Georgia’s Jalen Carter makes it official that he’s turning pro

  1. There needs to be a QB worth giving up picks to trade up for, so far in this draft there is not. The Bama kid is to small and with the current failure of other smallish/short QB’s (Baker, Kyler, Russ) why take the chance to trade up, OSU QB’s have a long track record nearly 100% bust rate for drafted QB’s definitely buyer beware especially with the current on track to fail in Chicago that ran the same system, the TCU kid doesn’t look like he has the ability, Bennet see the the Bama kid. Kind of like last year the “can’t miss generational talent” pundits are hyping delusional talent like they did last year where all the QB’s except one dropped like rocks…so far the ones that dropped looked to be picked to high.

  2. Meh. Very unimpressed with him in these last two bowl games. He’s getting a lot of help from other very talented players on that D. For a Top 5 player he should have been taking their postseason games over, and he didn’t. Conditioning seems to be an issue for him too. Pass.

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