Report: Rams won’t block assistant coaches from seeking other jobs

Rams vs Cardinals
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Rams head coach Sean McVay’s future is in flux as he contemplates stepping away from the franchise, and so is the status of the team’s assistant coaches.

With that in mind, ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler reports that Los Angeles will not block assistant coaches from seeking other jobs.

Teams can’t prevent position coaches from pursuing coordinator positions but can block lateral moves. Per Fowler, McVay said in a staff meeting that he’s unsure of what he’ll do next season and so he won’t stop anyone who wants to pursue a different opportunity.

Los Angeles has already had offensive coordinator Liam Coen leave the franchise to become the offensive coordinator at Kentucky.

The Broncos have requested to interview defensive coordinator Raheem Morris for their head coaching vacancy.

There’s currently no clear timeline for when McVay will decide whether or not to come back. But he is expected to take at least a week or two away to make the choice.

16 responses to “Report: Rams won’t block assistant coaches from seeking other jobs

  1. BUH BYE LA Rams relevance!!

    MCvay Gone, Morris Gone, Stafford (maaaybe gone) No draft picks. 1 WR worth a damn.

    Aaron Donald?? Gone?

    Trade rumors for Ramsey…”F” them picks was a good 1yr strategy, dont know if Les Snead will admit that in the next 3-5 yrs.

  2. McVay is leaving and the timing is perfect. They are on the down swing. He’s Newly married. This is a good time to “spend more time with family” while making the same amount of money on TV with an easier schedule. The sad part is that this team is top heavy. Some HOF players at a couple key positions but absolutely NO quality depth. This will be a bad team for several years.

  3. This team feels like a hedge-fund acquisition. Buy it, turn everything into a short-term gain, blow it up and sell it for parts, move on.

    Presumably this was briefly exciting for someone, but what is it really worth to the fans or the culture of the game? This isn’t what the great lore of the league was built on and I doubt it does much of anything for the future of the sport.

  4. Wow.
    I don’t think there’s ever been a collapse as complete as this in NFL history. Fortunately the legion of loyal Rams fans will be able to tolerate the coming dark days…
    It’s funny, I always thought that the Chargers would be the most likely franchise to leave LA first.

  5. How empty will that stadium be if all this happens…LA does not like losing teams, barely supports the home teams now. Good move putter 2 teams back in LA.

  6. Don’t know why all the comments are making fun of the rams, their plan worked to perfection last year and now they can trade all their stars to regain draft capital

  7. After the Rams become completely unwatchable and unfixable with no draft picks and in salary cap hell, LA will show its true colors as a poor NFL market. Maybe we’ll get the double whammy and Chargers move back to San Diego.

  8. Rams usually don’t block their assistants from leaving anyway.

    10 of McVay’s former assistants are coordinators or head coaches on other teams in the NFL.

  9. There is no longer any such thing as a dynasty in the NFL. The Rams saw their window of opportunity and seized the moment. The goal was to win the SB and they accomplished the mission. Anyone happy with second place and being an also ran is a loser, much like most of the commenters on this story.

  10. The “F Them Picks” strategy created this mess & coach/management who decided this are bailing out of the ship they created…

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