Ron Rivera: We’re going into this offseason’s QB search in a much better place

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The Commanders went into the 2022 offseason looking for the right answer at quarterback and they didn’t find it.

A trade for Carson Wentz didn’t spark a rebound in the quarterback’s play and Taylor Heinicke‘s run of wins after Wentz’ finger injury ran into a brick wall in the final week of the season. That led to a move back to Wentz for Week 17 and rookie Sam Howell made his NFL debut in Week 18.

Howell figures to be back, but the Commanders need to find a surer thing at starter than they’ve had in head coach Ron Rivera’s three seasons with the team. At a Tuesday press conference, Rivera shared why he’s confident that this search for a quarterback will play out more successfully.

“I think going into it, we’re in a much better place,” Rivera said.

Rivera and General Manager Martin Mayhew said the team will evaluate all routes of adding a quarterback as the offseason unfolds. With the sale of the team looming, making the right choice will probably be necessary for everyone to keep their jobs in Washington beyond 2023.

15 responses to “Ron Rivera: We’re going into this offseason’s QB search in a much better place

  1. No quarterback with other options is coming to Washington this season. Ron Rivera is most like a lame duck this season and our stadium and training facilities are among the worst in the league. We are going to end up with another low end journeyman just like last years.

  2. The NFL shouldn’t allow Snyder and his lackeys to continue damage to this franchise. They should be 100% clear NOW if Snyder is selling the team or not. If he is, Rivera shouldn’t be able to draft a punter, let alone sign a free agent QB to a huge contract or draft one! Snyder won’t fire Rivera and staff if he sells because he’ll be stuck paying their severance. He’ll leave that to the new owner. So, you can’t allow a lame duck Rivera to make these decisions. This is an opportunity for Goodell to actually lead and protect the city, the fans and “the shield”!

  3. Not sure what that even means. Like being lost in the forest but saying you’re in a better place than you were yesterday. How do you even know that?

  4. The knock on Ron is that he isn’t a good evaluator or developer of player talent, and he stands passively on the sidelines with his arms folded, as his OC calls bad plays, so it doesn’t matter who he drafts or signs or trades for, because he isn’t able to evaluate or coach them successfully. We’ll be stuck with him for at least another season, so now is the time to lower expectations and look elsewhere in the NFL for uplifting games and narratives. That’s how I’ve been able to survive this town for the last twenty-something years.

  5. We’re good at QB Howell has NFL talent , what we need to draft is Oline and LB get a solid TE in free agency for a comfort blanket and by all means get a Offensive Cordinator that knows or wants to use a QBs mobility Scott Turner has got to go ! 👍

  6. It’s so obvious, they should use Carson Wech money to re-sign Daron Payne and beef up the offensive line. Try Howell for a year, see what the kid has got. If he flops, then you ready to draft a QB under new ownership.

    But what will happen is Rivera will panic and mortgage the team’s future to save his hide…just terrible.

  7. If they go after Derek Carr, I’m officially giving up on the franchise after 40+ years.

  8. Might as well just roll with Howell. At 8-8-1 they’d have to give up immense draft capital to get up and get one of the potential difference makers at QB. Keep the salary down. Invest everywhere else, O line, double down on D. See if you can win that way.

  9. How is that coaches preach fundamentals w/r/t teaching players technique, but ignore it when building a team? I know teams need outstanding skill players to win consistently, esp’y at QB. But ask yourself (Ron), why is the defense good? The D-Line is excellent, the foundation of the unit, touted as 1 of the best in the NFL. The O-Line, not so much. Why not invest in stud O-Linemen in this draft (pick #16), let Wentz go & develop Howell & Heinicke? If a cap friendly, solid, quality QB finds his way to WSH via free agency, that works too.

  10. jarbag says:
    January 10, 2023 at 1:21 pm
    The knock on Ron is that he isn’t a good evaluator or developer of player talent

    – he may not be the best coach, but the last draft they had was far and away the best draft, I’m not sure I agree with you that he isn’t a good evaluator of talent. The crew they got in there now has drafted pretty well with few exceptions

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