Steelers get 32nd overall pick from Bears in Chase Claypool trade

Chicago Bears v Detroit Lions
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The Steelers committed highway robbery when they sent wide receiver Chase Claypool to the Bears before the NFL trade deadline.

Pittsburgh got Chicago’s second-round pick in the deal, and that proves to be the 32nd overall pick in the 2023 NFL draft. The Bears have the first pick in every round of the draft, and this year there are only 31 first-round picks because the Dolphins were stripped of theirs for tampering.

And what did the Bears get out of Claypool? Next to nothing. Claypool managed just 14 catches for 140 yards and no touchdowns after the trade.

Claypool still has one year left on his rookie contract and the Bears get him for the cheap price of $1.5 million in 2023, and it’s still possible that he could become a solid contributor for them next year. But it’s safe to say that if the Bears had known their second-round pick would be No. 32 overall, and that Claypool would only catch 14 passes for them, they wouldn’t have made the trade.

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  1. It was objectively stupid at the time. At no point during the season were the Bears not in position to get a high draft pick.

    This was an “oh crap we spent all our money and draft picks on defense and our offense looks like it came from Goodwill, we need to look like we care about offense” move.

    I know people like to crap on Fields but what support has he had on offense? Worst oline in pass protection in the league.

  2. Yeah I remember when the trade went down I was really hoping it was the 2nd from the Bolts for Mack. Once I heard it was the Bears 2nd I was nervous.

  3. Not bad. Steelers get 3 picks in the top 50. At least one needs to be an OL with the skills to start in 2023.

  4. Had the Bears won two or three of the one score losses (and be picking out of the top 10) the trade wouldn’t look so bad. Now it looks like it was terrible and unnecessary.

  5. I’d say the Steelers won that trade. Claypool believed his own hype after his rookie season, became a diva and has never been the same.

  6. Steelers have 3 picks in the top 50
    Hope they go for the biggest, nastiest OL and DL then can get

  7. They can trade that first pick for a bevvy of picks or potentially a player and picks, and it looks like WR will be pretty deep in this draft. That being said, the bears need ALOT on this team.

  8. A solid heist, depending on what the Steelers do with the pick. Needs to stop dancing on logos and work on routes.

  9. It’s not due to bad luck that the Bears stink.
    They just suck at everything that involves football operations. Good luck to the first overall pick next year, you’re in for a rocky start to your career.

  10. Between that deal and the Minka trade a few years ago, it seems like the steelers know what they’re doing with trades

  11. It was a horrible trade for Chicago at the time and looks even worse now. Justin Fields is going to be running for his life again next year.

  12. Poles has been a disaster so far in Chicago. This trade makes no sense when Fields is your QB. He can’t throw a football.

  13. He wasn’t picked up to do anything this year. He’ll be fine in this offense next year once they get the necessary protection for the QB. Maybe not first round fine, but sometimes you have to give something to get something you really need. Bears still need more depth at WR. That’s how bad it really was this year.

  14. When you’re trading away your good players to tank, you shouldn’t be trading away draft picks as well…

  15. Claypool has gotten worse every yr. Never saw a softer 6’4 230 lb WR in my life. 5’9 corners constantly pushed him around on combat catches. Plus his buffoonery in Minnesota, when he was dancing after a catch & ate up 15 sec of click, is legendary. Good luck w/ this Canadian bust, Bears.

  16. Nice move by Pitt. Chicago is still run by dumb people. Why do teams throw away picks during a rebuild and then overpay with no leverage? Why?

  17. The Bears must have the worst GM and front office in the league. Traded for N’Keal Harry and giving a first round pick Claypool.

  18. Just as the defense was starting to tick over, play well, the bears traded away two of their best players for peanuts, and were still on the hook for their salaries. The bears have always done stupid things like that so ownership are most likely to blame. Claypool is just another example in a long line of idiot decision making.

  19. Steelers came out golden for sure. For the Bears, Claypool is a good receiver. I don’t think they have a receiver problem, they have QB problem. Claypool doesn’t have anyone throwing him the ball. Justin Fields is not a long-term answer at QB and it doesn’t matter how many good WR’s the Bears get.

  20. It’s time to correct the mistake that was Devin bush. He’s got speed and he’s got a lot of skill but he is not big enough to take on blocks is downfield 10 yards on every play, kind of like how the Steelers gave it to the bears on this trade

  21. The Bears have cap money to spend, and there will be a LOT of WRs in the free-agent market with equal or better skills. Imagine if the Bears would have saved the pick for the best O-lineman available and then spent some $$$ for a first class WR.

  22. Ryan Poles is on blast for this trade and rightfully so. I’m not sure what their plan was for Claypool knowing Fields was still a work in progress as a passer and that their OL was the worst in the league for pass protection. If that’s the case why didn’t he just hold on to that 2nd round pick and take a WR in April? Feels like Poles not only wasted what turned out to be a very high-value pick but also a year of Claypool’s career — whatever that winds up being.

  23. A poised young QB, arguably the biggest defensive difference-maker in the league, a seasoned coach who never loses a team, two first-round picks… looks like we are about to have a new #2 team in the AFC North, at the least.

  24. Im not sure that using Claypool’s stats is all that relevant to the point you’re trying to make. Probably doesn’t help Chicago feel any better, they should’ve known retrospectively the likelihood of the value of the pick they traded given their record though.

    This turned out similarly to the Saints trade with the eagles where the saints got 2 1st rounders last year that was like picks 16 & 19 I believe and the eagles got pick 18 last year, some later round swaps, a 2024 2nd round pick and a 2023 1st that turned into 10 overall. The eagles swapped 2 1s, a 3rd & some change for what turned into Jordan Davis, AJ Brown and this years 10th overall…you wanna talk about getting fleeced? Howie didn’t even leave the saints GM with his socks. He snatched everything he could see of value, including CJ Gardner-Johnson. But hey, at least Olave is legit. May not have anyone to throw him the ball but he is good

  25. As a Steeler fan, I couldn’t believe this trade when it happened, and it is more unbelievable now. Claypool has poor body control at the catch point. He jumps when it isn’t necessary, and he is on his back way too often. There’s a reason Pittsburgh Dad said “Claypool must think there’s a fire, because all he does is stop, drop, and roll.”

    Thank you Chicago!!

  26. Terrible trade at the time and even worse now. The bad part is the Bears will be forced to give Claypool an extension or let him walk for nothing. Awful lot to give a player who is the definition of mediocre.

  27. Will the agent for that pick demand a first round deal?
    He’d have an argument.
    32nd player chosen.

  28. Shortly after the trade it was leaked that the Packers actually offered their 2nd and a 7th rounder. When asked about this Tomlin responded, “We value the Bears’ pick.”
    Now we all see why they valued the Bears pick more than the extra 7th round of the Packers.

  29. How sad. The post season hasn’t even started and poor Steelers’ fans are fighting about draft picks. Relax. It’s a long off-season for you guys.

  30. Great steal for the Steelers, but they screwed up what could have been a transformative draft by winning too many games. Team needed to be drafting inside the top ten and had it made until the second half surge.
    Imagine the upgrade coming from drafting at say #8 then #32 then #40.

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