Cardinals get permission to speak to Sean Payton

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PFT reported over the weekend that the Saints expected to hear from the Cardinals about speaking with Sean Payton and that call has been made.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that the Cardinals have received permission to speak to Payton. Payton stepped down last year, but permission is needed because he is still considered an employee of the Saints.

That distinction also limits his ability to have a formal interview with any team until January 17th because that is when coaches employed by other teams are permitted to have interviews with potential employers.

The Broncos are also expected to interview Payton once he’s eligible for an official meeting. No other teams are known to have contacted the Saints about speaking with Payton at this point.

39 responses to “Cardinals get permission to speak to Sean Payton

  1. Who is your quarterback again? I forget. It’s Kyler Murray, Sean. (((Click))). Hello? Sean? Hello?

  2. The Cards have more potential as a team – but I doubt they cant match the Broncos contract size.

  3. The Cards need to get permission from the Broncos. Their owner could buy that organization 5 times over and still crush you with his wallet. If the Broncos want Payton then he’s theirs.

  4. Between Cards or Broncos having more to offer, it’s like trying to pick a winner of one legged dog race. Not going real fast either way.

    He’ll be GM/Coach either way, full control of roster. Might just be a matter of which owner he likes more. QB situation, kinda screwed either way. Old qb who isn’t that effective any more. Or younger qb who comes up small and gets hurt more. Both make stupid money. Both long term.

    I think if Broncos can fix run game/o line and stiffen up the D some more, that they can win more, sooner. Not sure if Kyler can come up when it counts. They’re also trying to unload Hopkins as well.

  5. I think Russell Wilson has shown an ability to be coached up. Many have now taken to complimenting Pete Carroll for being able to hide Russ’s faults. But, it shows Russ can play well-enough in the right system. Sean Payton can probably develop a system in which Wilson plays at a high level. Kyler Murray on the other hand has shown he’d rather play video games off the field and pout when on the field. Patrick Peterson – who played 2 years with Murray in AZ – said it best: “Kyler Murray don’t care about nobody but Kyler Murray. That’s just the matter of the fact,” said Peterson. Russ is willing to do the work. Kyler admitted to not studying film. Both players have huge egos. So, go with the guy who will put in the effort.

  6. Good move. Wasted the last couple years with Klingsbury.

    In Kingsbury’s defense, they hired him strictly because that offense was familiar to Murray and Murray did enjoy some success in it. Fair to wonder if he’ll have as much success in the more NFL style offense that their next coach is likely to bring. They’re in an odd spot in that they’re tied to Murray for a few more years but he’s not overly likely to embrace learning a new offense. That’s why somebody like Sean Payton is unlikely to take the job.

  7. Unless the Cards give him complete control (make him GM/HC) with a boatload of guaranteed cash in compensation, going with the Cards would be like Sean picking up a covid mask off the sidewalk. He seems like an intelligent guy but everyone has their price.

  8. The Cardinals are potentially a good landing spot for Payton. #3 pick in the draft, good skill position players, and a chance to make Kyler elite. Payton can also impact who is in the GM position so it’s someone he is comfortable working with

  9. Cardinals trade the 3rd overall pick to the Saints for Sean Payton. Texans take a QB. Saints take a QB. Colts take a QB. Seahawks actually get to draft one of the top-2 Defensive Studs that we all got our hopes up for during the Broncos collapse. This is the ultimate timeline.

  10. Yeah…can’t really see him being too interested in Murray, with whom he’d be stuck for several more years. He either goes somewhere with a GOOD young or semi-seasoned QB with a lot of upside, or he returns to NOLA with a nice raise and Brady joins him there. Neither Murray nor Wilson has enough upside, plus he wants to bring Fangio as his DC and there’s bad recent history between Fangio and Denver.

  11. What coach worth their salt is going to want to take over a team with a running QB that just tore his ACL late in the season?

  12. Exactly zero chance he goes to the Cards. He knows who the QB is and I dont think he wants the headache of this kid who doesnt like homework and would rather play games on his I-pad.

  13. Payton/Wilson is a much better fit than Payton/Murray. Murray would be better matched with someone that runs a less complicated offense.

  14. Agree with the 3rd comment above….why would you want to go from a pro like Brees to a child like Murray

  15. Denver has very little to offer in picks to NO and QB. They are probably looking at a Harbaugh type that is itching to get back. Payton probably doesn’t want a washed up QB and aging defense with no picks for his comeback

  16. The Cards and Broncos have dead-weight QBs who are being pandered to disproportionately by their organizations. The Texans have no QB and just gave up their #1 pick (good for Lovie). The Panthers and Colts are a mess at QB and don’t really have any good prospects. And all of these teams have ownership that is bad or untested.

    Unless he simply wants a ton of money and someone offers it to him, it’s hard to see Payton going to any of those terribly-run teams.

    The Cowboys at least have a lot more skill talent, a big stage, no GM to compete with, and an owner who will do whatever he thinks it will take to win. Payton would make a mint, have a team that is already a conference contender, and not have to reinvent any wheels. Hard to see them passing up one another. Jerry must know it’s probably his last good chance.

  17. I can’t imagine this happens. I don’t know what is worse, Denver with Russ or Zona with Kyler, but at least Denver has unlimited $$$. The only thing Arizona has going for it is proximity to Payton’s family in LA and he could bring in his own GM.

  18. Looks like Arizona and Denver will really try to acquire Payton. And rightfully so with his track record of working miracles with the height impaired.

  19. If the Cards hire Payton, maybe the Saints can get back that first round pick they traded to Philly.

  20. The only person who would think they could win with Kyler is Bienemy. He is also the only one dumb enough to take the job….Unfortunately this means 3 more years of winter which is what this org must endure no matter what. So might as well deal with it and start The March for Arch….

  21. I’m a Seam Payton fan and I actually think he’d love to coach Kyler Murray. That’s the type of QB he hoped Taysom Hill would be for the Saints after Brees.

  22. If Payton wants to take Pete Carmichael with him, he’s welcome to him. No compensation necessary. And I was one who thought there wouldn’t be much drop off with Carmichael taking over after all those years learning from Payton. Not any more. What an awful job Carmichael did with a lot of talent.

  23. Why are people overreacting? Speaking to Peyton is not equal to hiring Peyton. He’s also speaking to the Broncos,Texans and probably a couple other teams. Let’s save the major reactions to the actual team that he winds up with. Ditto Jim Harbaugh.

  24. Payton has an aversion to knuckleheads, (whether it be owners or players) which is why he won’t go to to AZ and Murray. He’s not afraid of a rebuild, having done an all timer in a city gutted by a natural disaster that left over 1,000 dead, and taking over a 3-13 team with a QB that could barely throw 10 yards in his first preseason game. My guess is LA – or maybe a return to the Saints (Mickey Loomis has been noticeably quiet about Dennis Allen’s future). The wildcard in this is his wife – it is rumored that one of the reasons he resigned was that his wife was concerned about the crime in New Orleans

  25. Tell me honestly. Do you really believe Payton can do what Belichick can’t do. Win without his HOF QB. Please tell me you’ve learned something from watching football all these years. No. You haven’t? OK. Hire Payton. But seriously you don’t actually believe he’s going to win, do you? No, seriously. You’re joking, right? There’s only been one coach over the last 60 years or so who’s consistently won championships without an elite QB. Joe Gibbs. He won three super bowls with three different QB’s, and none of the three are HOFers. Most of what we consider the greatest coaches of all time never won as much as a single playoff game without a first ballot HOF QB. Sean Payton might be a great coach. I’m sure he is. But he hasn’t done anything a bad coach could do. He won one super bowl, yet he had Drew Brees for almost 20 seasons. If Joe Gibbs isn’t considered the GOAT, we’re not the sharpest bunch out here.

  26. Payton has public ally gushed over Murray and believes he is a generational type talent wanting to draft him back in 2019 when he was the Saints, Murray’s skill set fits his offense like a glove. Those two would make for one of the most dangerous QB / HC duos in the league for a long time to come.

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