Clint Hurtt praises Quandre Diggs for saving Seattle’s season


On Sunday night, the Lions delivered Seattle to the playoffs by beating the Packers. It wouldn’t have mattered if the Seahawks hadn’t beaten the Rams earlier in the day.

And that wouldn’t have happened if Seattle safety Quandre Diggs hadn’t intercepted a pass meant for a wide-ass open Rams receiver Van Jefferson.

On Tuesday, Seahawks defensive coordinator Clint Hurtt discussed the effort that kept the Rams from winning the game in overtime.

“As I saw the play develop,” Hurtt said, “I was sitting there looking and was like, ‘Oh God. There are eight people in protection and it’s a two-man route. He’s going to be back there cooking steaks.’ My eyes transitioned back there, and I saw [Jefferson]. I was like, ‘Oh no,’ but then I saw Diggs. Obviously, I am keeping it the PG version, but Diggs made a heck of a play. It was incredible to see him come out of centerfield like that. It was a good scheme by them.”

It would have worked even better, if Rams quarterback Baker Mayfield hadn’t overcooked the meat. Jefferson had to wait for the ball, which gave Diggs a chance to go snatch it.

It also underscores the fact that Diggs, as a defensive player, has the ball skills of a great offensive player.

“It was phenomenal,” Hurtt said. “Ball skills is a unique trait that I think doesn’t get talked about enough on the backend and Quandre’s ball skills are through the roof. He’s unbelievable with that. That’s a lot of space. It’s like playing center field in baseball. The ball is up in the air and everybody in the world is looking at you to see if you are going to catch the gosh darn thing and that was a heck of a grab. It’s impressive.”

Yes it is. And 49ers rookie quarterback Brock Purdy had better be aware of wherever Diggs is before letting it rip on Saturday.

5 responses to “Clint Hurtt praises Quandre Diggs for saving Seattle’s season

  1. He should thank the Referee who made the bogus running into the kicker call to save Seattle’s season. Why does the corporate sports media pretend these things didn’t happen after the fact?

  2. It was one of those great plays that really wasnt…

    Diggs was absolutely torched… but the ball fluttered and was under thrown.

    I also thought Diggs could have actually stopped and returned the ball but he looked more interested in showboating to do that.

  3. They should thank Baker Mayfield for thinking that he has more arm strength than he actually does.

  4. He’s not very bright. First, he could/should have been penalized for taunting and second, he ran out of bounds intentionally instead of running the ball back so the team would be in better field position. Remember the game wasn’t over at that point. Lucky for Seattle on both counts.

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