Daniel Carlson set new NFL record with 11 field goals 50 yards or longer this season

San Francisco 49ers v Las Vegas Raiders
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Raiders kicker Daniel Carlson broke an impressive NFL record in the 2022 season.

Carlson made 11 field goals of 50 yards or longer during the regular season, setting a new NFL record.

The previous record of 10 50-yard field goals was shared by three kickers: Blair Walsh, who did it in 2012, Justin Tucker, who did it in 2016, and Brandon McManus, who did it in 2020.

Carlson made his 11 field goals on 13 attempts from beyond 50 yards and is now 24-for-29 in his NFL career on field goals from that range.

16 responses to “Daniel Carlson set new NFL record with 11 field goals 50 yards or longer this season

  1. Drafting Daniel Carlson and then cutting him two games into his rookie season after one bad game was one of the stupidest moves Mike Zimmer/Rick Spielman made in Minnesota. When reporters asked why they did it, Zimmer said “Did you see the game?” Glad it didn’t affect Carlson negatively, though – glad to see he’s doing so great. Just wish it was still with the Vikings.

  2. And a kicker who nearly kicked his team out of the playoffs this year got 1st Team All Proz

  3. That’s pretty impressive since I grew up watching Morton Anderson booming um non stop in the day.

  4. So record kicker,RB,WR,QB etc and still we just keep regressing. These guys all broke records from some legit former Raiders players. Can we get some coaching here?

  5. Zimmer cut Carlson and the guy went on to be a fine, consistent kicker. Meanwhile, the Vikings are stuck with a guy (Greg Joseph) who regularly misses extra point kicks. It’s maddening.

  6. Zimmer cutting this guy was a regrettable, knee-jerk reaction brought on by mind-blowing frustration. I’ve been there. You win some, you lose some. I’ve been there too.

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