Jared Goff has suddenly become perhaps too good of a bargain for the Lions

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Two years ago this month, the Lions got two first-round picks and a third-round pick, both for sending quarterback Matthew Stafford to the Rams and taking on the ill-advised contract that L.A. had given to quarterback Jared Goff after the 2018 season. It felt like a two-year arrangement in Detroit, with Goff holding the spot until the guarantees disappeared and the contract could be ripped to shreds and Goff replaced with the team’s next quarterback.

Along the way, something happened. Goff improved. Goff played like the guy who had earned his contract, not like the guy who had made that agreement an albatross for the Rams.

Now, two seasons later, the Lions plan to keep Goff. But it’s suddenly not that simple.

Goff has two years left on his contract. His performance this year actually makes the deal very friendly to the team.

Goff is due to make $25.65 million in 2023. For 2024, the final year of this deal, Goff will make $26.65 million.

At a time when the top of the market has shot north of $50 million, that’s a bargain for the Lions.

And, yes, it’s easy to say that Goff already has received the bulk of his money. But that doesn’t matter. What matters is that he has two years, at a total payout of $52.3 million.

It’s a bargain. Enough of a bargain to get Goff clamoring for a raise, if he wants.

Maybe the team will persuade him to wait a year. Regardless, getting paid in the NFL is all about striking while the iron is hot, and the skittle has quickly begun to sizzle for a player whom the Rams couldn’t wait to get rid of after the 2020 season.

18 responses to “Jared Goff has suddenly become perhaps too good of a bargain for the Lions

  1. Sign a young to a top of market deal today because it’s tomorrow’s bargain. It’s not rocket science. Some fans and GMs (Ravens GM Eric Decosta) do not seem to understand this simple concept.

  2. Goff doesn’t seem like the type to demand a raise. I think he and the Lions front office are fine with things just the way they are for the next two years .

  3. It’s always taken 3-4 years for QBs to develop. Teams and owners seem to have forgotten this. That’s why the Rams learned from this blunder and grabbed Baker Mayfield in the hopes that the same thing happens. [ Mediocre becomes good ]

  4. 25 million per, isnt a bargain until the Lions get into the playoffs. If the draft can bring more defensive help and the team gets more studs on the offensive line, Detroit can get there and hopefully roar …

  5. He’s happy to have his rams contract still in effect, and the lions have saved face and then some with their fanbase by keeping them in the hunt. It’s a definite win-win, with a chance of another contract ahead; rather have volunteers over hostages

  6. LOL. This is silly. Last I saw his contract was somewhere in the range of 5th-10th for QBs, about where he played. There’s no way he’s getting a new contract yet.

  7. Goff has the right to seek more money and the Rams have the right to give him more or decide not to give him more. Goff has some contractual rights to hold out but he is also subject to being fined.

    It’s not my money, I have no connection to the Lions or Goff. If I was Goff, I might ask for more money but I might decide not to. If I ran the Lions or owned the team, I wouldn’t renegotiate now. Goff has had one good season for the Lions. Who in their right mind would renegotiate a contract with two seasons remaining after a QB has one good but not great season? And that’s before considering that more teams that have given out a huge QB contract in the past few years have regretted it than been happy. Happy teams: Chiefs, Bills, both with QBs who have had multiple great seasons compared with Goff’s one good season. Unhappy teams: Browns, Broncos, Cardinals, Raiders, Colts, Commanders. Packers are probably sort of happy with Aaron Rodgers performance but probably regret the massive pay he gets in 2023. I’m sure the Rams are happy with having won a Super Bowl with Matthew Stafford, but I’m sure they’d love to be able to get rid of him now if they could.

  8. He isn’t a bargain because if you pay him market price your team will be looking for another QB. This is what most QBs should be making if the team wants any chance at winning. How often do we see a QB get the big bucks and the team doesn’t win anymore? Goff was one of those guys.

  9. Goff has it great. He has grand kids money. The whole place must love him. I bet he eats for free and gets a wave and a smile every other minute. You don’t think he heard a few comments about how he was dumped? Loser QB with albatross contract. Now he’s a hero. Why on earth would you upset the apple cart?
    I’d be stunned if he even mentions it. He’d be back to Loserville. Play it out and see where it goes. Most of us barely get by. This guy went from being some overpaid goofy west coast guy to an underpaid we love you goofy west coast guy who is OUR QB. Sure, mess that up with money you don’t need.

  10. Maybe Goff will go to Miami, he has the acumen to absorb the technicalities of the offense they run with McDaniel.

  11. Wish that hadn’t been put into the universe. He’s doing well in the system but because some dudes are getting 50 doesn’t mean Goff should now..this now gives me nightmares of Ben leaving and Goff regressing whilst getting paid 40 million and locked up for longer and becoming an albatross around our neck this time. Nooooo!

  12. To get a better contract, you have to have leverage. Who else is gonna pay Goff and where is he gonna go where he has similar offensive weapons. He should chase a championship by doing a very team friendly deal. I like Goff, but let’s be real about his skills.

  13. What does Ben Johnson staying or going have to do with Jared Goffs contract??… Lions will still need a qb and a different OC… Maybe McVay wasnt so smart?
    Hes won a SB .Lions still havent made playoffs

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