NFLPA announces first-ever Players’ All-Pro team

Kansas City Chiefs v Las Vegas Raiders
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The NFL Players Association announced the first Players’ All-Pro Team on Wednesday.

Only active players were eligible to vote and players could not vote for themselves or for their teammates. They also only voted for the position group they play in as well as the players that they lined up against on the other side of the ball. All players were eligible for votes as long as they did not miss five or more games as of Week 15 of the season and two special teamers were nominated by leaders from each team.

The union also announced that they will release the top five finishers at each position in the future. The entire team appears below:

Quarterback: Patrick Mahomes (Kansas City)
Running back: Josh Jacobs (Las Vegas)
Fullback: Kyle Juszczyk (San Francisco)
Wide Receiver: Justin Jefferson (Minnesota), Davante Adams (Las Vegas)
Tight End: Travis Kelce (Kansas City)
Left Tackle: Trent Williams (San Francisco)
Left Guard: Joel Bitonio (Cleveland)
Center: Jason Kelce (Philadelphia)
Right Guard: Zack Martin (Dallas)
Right Tackle: Lane Johnson (Philadelphia)

Edge Rusher: Nick Bosa (San Francisco), Myles Garrett (Cleveland)
Interior Defensive Lineman: Chris Jones (Kansas City), Aaron Donald (LA Rams)
Nose Tackle: Dexter Lawrence (New York Giants)
Off-Ball Linebacker: Fred Warner (San Francisco), Roquan Smith (Baltimore)
Cornerback: Pat Surtain II (Denver), Darius Slay (Philadelphia)
Free Safety: Minkah Fitzpatrick (Pittsburgh)
Strong Safety: Derwin James Jr. (LA Chargers)

Kick Returner: Cordarrelle Patterson (Atlanta)
Punt Returner: KaVontae Turpin (Dallas)
Core Teamer: Jeremy Reaves (Washington), Justin Hardee (NY Jets)
Kicker: Jason Myers (Seattle)
Punter: Tommy Townsend (Kansas City)
Long snapper: Morgan Cox (Tennessee)

38 responses to “NFLPA announces first-ever Players’ All-Pro team

  1. So now NFLPA folks are experts? Not that the media talking heads can be confused with ‘experts’, but no one should ever trust a union.

  2. It’s just a popularity contest. Only a few of these picks are the best at their positions.

  3. dryzzt23 says:
    January 11, 2023 at 12:13 pm
    So now NFLPA folks are experts? Not that the media talking heads can be confused with ‘experts’, but no one should ever trust a union.

    1231Rate This
    No, the players themselves voted. I’d imagine they submitted their votes to the NFLPA, who will then release them. But the players were the ones show voted, which tbh makes a lot more sense than a bunch of random media heads

  4. Huh? The players are voting, not some Guido union guy… lol

    I like a player vote but it’s still not perfect because of rivalries and jealousy…

    dryzzt23 says:
    January 11, 2023 at 12:13 pm

    So now NFLPA folks are experts? Not that the media talking heads can be confused with ‘experts’, but no one should ever trust a union.

  5. Individual achievement is fundamentally based upon how 10 other guys on the field at the same time are performing.

  6. Eh. The probowl is a joke but the AP All-Pro team has always been legit, I rarely have more than the occasional quibble with it. Not clear what the point is in having yet another “all star” roster.

  7. mogat says: “Thats how it should be, not votes by the media.”

    NONSENSE. Players only go against 15 different teams. The majority of them DO NOT have time to watch the other teams play if it’s not their next opponent.

    For half the league, they didn’t watch Myles Garrett or the Browns all season. So they would only be voting on his reputation or just looking at stats to vote. How exactly is that better than sports media that has nothing better to do than spend hours a day just watching football as a job?

  8. The asst. coaches should vote on these…they’re the ones who watch and break down all the tape… Everyone else is watching the highlights…

  9. Ryan Burge says:
    January 11, 2023 at 12:37 pm
    Huh? The players are voting, not some Guido union guy…
    Sorry to burst your bubble, but every NFL player is a union member.

  10. Not sure how Donald made it. He has been hurt a good part of the year. Maybe the interior line play has been that bad and they had no one else?
    Have not seen Garrett play but Hutchinson in Detroit looks really good.

  11. The most credible All Pro team ever announced. Congratulations and bravo to the NFLPA for doing this.

  12. Josh Jascobs

    2022 1653
    2021 872
    2020 1065
    2019 1150
    Total Rushing the past 4 years 4740

    Nick Chubb

    2022 1525
    2021 1259
    2020 1067
    2019 1494

    Total Rushing the past 4 years 5345

    Chubb is the best Running Back in the NFL

  13. When are we going to finally stop with only 1 RB and a Fullback? There are what – 8 fullbacks left in the league Maybe? Just list the 2 best RB’s and be done with it.

  14. Just a popularity contest typically based on past results. IE Aaron Donald
    .. based on this year’s productivity…SMH

  15. Aaron Donald and Justin Jefferson also got a award for best use of helmet without getting fined or suspended

  16. Reddick got snubbed over a guy that disappeared for 4 weeks and was schemed out of games

  17. What a joke…Darius Slay not even best cb on his team. A Donald missed over a third of the season.

  18. First list I’ve seen like this that makes complete sense. Not one “eh?” On the list. If the guys that do it said it…We’ll, they would know.

  19. Players that want to be great watch tape on guys whose game they respect. A lot of it. Players know who can play. The fan boys complaining are hilarious to me.

  20. This portends to be too much of a “who do you know,” measuring stick. . I’m a big believer in the character of a player being the difference-maker when all things are equal. There’s a better chance of that happening with professional observers who study everyone for a living than a drinking buddy you may not even get a chance to see play week-to-week.

  21. “So now NFLPA folks are experts? Not that the media talking heads can be confused with ‘experts’, but no one should ever trust a union.” – Confused guy who didn’t read the article

  22. To be real, the full back shouldn’t be replaced with another rb. The full back should be replaced by a slot receiver since 11 personnel is the most common formation in the league these days.

  23. Cordarelle Patterson only had 9 Kickoff returns for 284 yards, a 31.6 yard average. 1 over 40 yards. 1 TD.

    Dallis Flowers, Indy, had 23 returns for 715 yards, a 31.1 yard average. 3 over 40 yards. he had one fumble though. No TD’s.

    Keisean Nixon, Green Bay, had 35 returns for 1007 yards for a 28.8 yd average. 5 over 40 yards, 1 TD

    Nyheim Hines, Buffalo, had 19 returns for 554 yards for a 29.2 yard average, 2 over 40 yds and 2 TD’s (both in the highly emotional final game).

    Kene Nwangwu, Minnesota, had 35 returns for 920 yards for a 26.3 average, 1 over 40, 1 TD. both had notable seasons as well.

    All of these other guys did WORK compared to Patterson’s 9 returns. Nobody had more returns for more yards and more returns over 40 yards than Kiesean Nixon of Green Bay. He should have been the choice there. Patterson got it for name recognition and longevity. That’s all. I’m not sure about the ther positionm but…. I’d take this players list with a grain of salt.

  24. Shows how biased and useless this list is. Even on common sense alone these picks are out there. Another joke list by a bunch of people trying to make or keep themselves relevant.

  25. Kiesean Nixon didn’t start returning kicks until week 8. Led the league in kick return yards. Only one player was within 286 yards of him. Didn’t start returning kicks until week 8.

  26. Kiesean Nixon didn’t start returning kicks until week 8.
    Matt LaFleur for coach of rhe year. 🤡

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