Pete Carroll says Seahawks have a tall order against “loaded” 49ers

Seattle Seahawks v San Francisco 49ers
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Seahawks coach Pete Carroll talked on Tuesday about how happy he was to watch the Lions eliminate the Packers on Sunday night to put Seattle in the playoffs. And then Carroll immediately shifted to the task ahead of his team.

“Unfortunately, we’re playing the Niners, and they’re loaded,” Carroll said. “And they’re loaded and healthy and on a roll, and about as hot as you can possibly get, and doing it in a really commanding fashion with a young quarterback who’s doing it so well. They’ve kind of bucked the odds — nobody thought you could do that, nobody in the media anyway.”

Caroll said the 49ers have “a lot of respect for who we’re playing” and view the 49ers as perhaps the most impressive defense in the NFL.

“It starts with their defense. It has for a number of years. They’ve got a great, great group over there,” Carroll said.

The Seahawks are currently 9.5-point underdogs against a 49ers team that everyone knows is loaded.

32 responses to “Pete Carroll says Seahawks have a tall order against “loaded” 49ers

  1. They may as well just forfeit. Niners are going to roll the Hawks.

    The Eagles will stop the Niners provided that Hurts is healthy.

  2. I hate to admit it, but the amount of respect I have for Carroll almost can’t be topped. Not for complimenting my team but for looking like a genius with Wilson. I am not just talking about the trade and still making the playoff – for a decade they made you think Wilson was all-pro at a minimum. Come to find out he’s a cleverly disguised system guy.

  3. Seattle has to find a way to get Walker going and the ground game. They have a shot if they can do that. That, and have someone permanently glued to CMC so he doesn’t shred them out of the backfield in the passing game.

  4. Even the Raiders can probably beat the seahawks. This should be a breeze for the 49’ers.

  5. Love this division rivalry matchup to start out the playoffs. Hawks-Niners is always some of the most fun football to watch. Rookie quarterbacks tend to struggle in the playoffs, going 9-18 since 1983. Going to be a tough, tough game against a strong opponent. That’s what we love about the playoffs. I’m ready for some football!

  6. “Seattle has to find a way to get Walker going.”

    In the two prior games Walker had 57 yds on 16 carries for a paltry 3.5 yds/rush. He’ll have to do better than that against the league’s best run defense.

  7. There is about a half inch of rain coming down Saturday. The last time this happened we were in the Harbaugh era and the offense was completely nullified in the swimming pool out on the field. The field itself should be much better since it’s not below sea level like Candlestick was. However, the weather will nullify some of San Francisco’s speed on both sides of the ball and turn this into a classic San Fran/Seattle bruisefest. Whomever holds onto the ball wins.

  8. Nice psych try Pete but this is a deep, playoff-tested 49er team with, frankly, more talent and better overall coaching.

    No amount of gushing and praising the 49ers will get them to be overconfident (fans, yes, but not the team)

    PS: I do love Pete other than 49er-Seahawks games!!!

  9. Based on their history no way 49ers take Seattle lightly, Carroll can blow smoke up their backsides as much as he wants.

  10. Brock mania continues in earnest this weekend. Will he rise to the occasion? Or will the moment(s) be too big for him? He has done very well, but now comes a real test – do or die, even if it is against one of the worst run defenses in the league.
    Formula is – hand the ball off to Cmac and Mitchell and get out of the way.

  11. #Nineroutsider…

    Ok, you may be right, BUT, when plays break down (which happened often) and Russ was left to scramble and create, he was highly proficient at it in his prime. None of which was part of the “system” or gameplan.

  12. The Hawks logistics sideline guys should get Pete a wholesale box of gums. He will eat 3-4 pieces at a time running back and forth. Medical team also should watch out for signs of choking.

  13. cjmcfootball ,

    Somebody else noticed. Feasted on very terrible teams, mostly with no QBs. Meanwhile, that Raider backup started his first game and dropped 34 on them, which should have been even more. But yep, they’re an elite defense, lol. They’re going to lose Saturday.

  14. Seahawks playing fast and loose with nothing to lose. If weather conditions are adverse, levels out the team even further.

    As in a lot of games it will come down to one or two plays which make the difference. Probably still a SF win but likely Seattle covers.

  15. The weather will only help the Niners in this one. Pretty predictable. Ward locked up all day on DK, load the box and pressure Geno all day. Seattle will be fortunate to get to 13 points. Niners roll in this one and will dominate the NFC West for years to come.

  16. I’d just save the airline fuel cost and stay home.
    Snowballs chance in hell isn’t doesn’t even cover it

  17. Watch the Seahawks beat Fran San Cisco (Ha Ha) and the Dolphins take down the Bills. Upset wild card weekend he we come.

  18. No way that the niners take this lightly. Seahawks have good pieces. Both WR, the RB are good. Geno is playing well. I think the niners will win but it won’t be easy.

  19. “Seahawks playing fast and loose with nothing to lose.”

    It’s the playoffs. Both teams have a lot to lose. Winner goes on.Loser watches the playoffs from their couch.

  20. It’s a long shot for Seattle, but as Chris Berman says, that’s why they play the games! Go Seahawks!

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