PFT’s NFL 2022 executive of the year: Howie Roseman

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After the 2021 season, the Eagles were in an interesting spot.

The club had gone 9-8 in Nick Sirianni’s first year as head coach, falling in the first round of the playoffs to the Buccaneers. Jalen Hurts was solid in his first full season as a starter, tossing 16 touchdown passes while also rushing for 10 scores.

But Philadelphia needed some clear improvements to get to the top of the NFC.

General Manager Howie Roseman made some very effective moves and now the Eagles are the conference’s top seed at 14-3. That’s why Roseman is PFT’s 2022 executive of the year.

Philadelphia brought back veterans like center Jason Kelce and defensive tackle Fletcher Cox. But the club also signed free agent edge rusher Haason Reddick, who finished with a team-high 16.0 sacks, five forced fumbles, and 26 quarterback hits.

But the biggest move came on draft night, when the Eagles sent the No. 18 overall pick in the first round and a third-round pick to the Titans for receiver A.J. Brown.

Brown — who agreed to a four-year, $100 million contract with Philadelphia upon the trade — was everything the team needed to improve its passing game. He finished the regular season with 88 catches for 1,496 yards with 11 touchdowns. He was the perfect complement to second-year receiver DeVonta Smith, who caught 95 passes for 1,196 yards with seven TDs.

While the Brown trade was plenty impactful, the Eagles never stopped trying to improve. They also acquired safety C.J. Gardner-Johnson in late August for a pair of draft picks. They traded for edge rusher Robert Quinn in late October. And they signed defensive tackles Linval Joseph and Ndamukong Suh in mid-November to beef up the middle of the defense.

The Eagles still have work to do to win their second Super Bowl of Roseman’s tenure. But he has set the team up very well to do so this season.

There were other executives who had a strong 2022. Chiefs General Manager Brett Veach traded away Tyreek Hill but still put in place skill players around quarterback Patrick Mahomes that allowed Kansas City to finish No. 1 in both total yards and points scored. Lions General Manager Brad Holmes selected Aidan Hutchinson and Jameson Williams in the first round of the 2022 draft and traded away T.J. Hockenson to a division rival and still had the Lions on the verge of a postseason berth. Minnesota first-year G.M. Kwesi Adofo-Mensah had the foresight to not tear down the Vikings’ roster and the club finished 13-4. 49ers G.M. John Lynch helped bring in seventh-round pick Brock Purdy and running back Christian McCaffrey. And Seahawks G.M. John Schneider traded quarterback Russell Wilson for a bounty of picks and re-signed Geno Smith, who then set several franchise single-season passing records.

33 responses to “PFT’s NFL 2022 executive of the year: Howie Roseman

  1. Howie Roseman easily deserves this award.
    With Jalen Hurts being good, they are in great shape for next year.

  2. Where is Belichick on this list? He’s the greatest GM by far. His genius will never be matched. This smells of Roger Goodell.

  3. As an Eagles fan who still hasn’t fully forgiven Howie for the Justin Jefferson debacle, he sure has made up for it ever since. He’s your winner this year.

  4. So he won because he can’t draft?

    Everything he did was trades and free agents.

    Why they needed the free agents was because he can’t draft worth a squat. So I need to remind you his first from a few back he got a 7th for.

    The record has more to do with the schedule than anything really.

    That whole division win totals are inflated because they played both the NFC and AFC south.

    Now the lions built a team from scratch with castoffs

  5. Howie has done a remarkable job building this team. He built alot of the 2017 Super Bowl champs but following that season there was a love/hate relationship between him and Eagles fans. That decision to take Hurts in the 2nd round was a massive risk. Hurts was protected as a 3rd or 4th rd pick. Many mock drafts had him behind Jordan Love and Jacob Eason. As the 4-6th best QB. He had many questions with accuracy. He was heavily compared to QB like Tim Tebow and Tyrod Taylor. Not considered a franchise QB and if he wanted to be a starter, he needed the right coaching. Well….he has the right coaching, is and should be the MVP. Howie hasn’t always been perfect at drafting (Jalen Reagor over Justin Jefferson) but his decision making prior to this season was huge, has resulted in this team being the #1 seed.

  6. Veach hands down is the the Executive of the Year. He traded away Tyreek and reshuffled the roster with younger players and ton of the rookies have made key contributions to the team success.

  7. In 2-3 years, you are going to look foolish when you see just how good the Seahawks 2022 draft class turns out and how much the Seahawks end up getting out of the Wilson trade. Hard to argue with Roseman right now and if he wins the Super Bowl your choice will be justfied, but the Eagles aren’t going to win a Super Bowl and you will see how misguided this pick was in a few years.

  8. John Schneider should get award for highway robbery with off loading a rapidly declining in talent QB for 5 Picks and 3 players, along with keeping at this moment the much better talented QB.

  9. Only a honorable mention for John Schneider is negligence on your part. Was the beneficiary of one of the most lopsided trades in the history of the league and had one of the best drafts of the past decade. All this helped lead a team – picked to be at the bottom of the league by all of you so-called “experts” – to the playoffs. Slipping him in at the end is either negligence or ignorance, or some combination of both. Ridiculous!

  10. I’m an Eagles fan and had grown extremely frustrated with Howie prior to this season. He gave out a bunch of terrible contracts and restructures for declining vets in his desperation to keep the 2017 Super Bowl band together. He made the wrong decision on Wentz. He made ill-advised trades (Golden Tate) and a bunch of draft mistakes reaching for players in an apparent effort to find carbon-copy replacements for some recent stars (Reagor/Desean Jackson; JJAW/Alshon Jeffery) who aren’t the types you can just replace with a similar-profile player in any draft – that’s why they were so unique.

    But there’s no denying he had the Midas touch this offseason. Everything he did worked. This team was elevated from fringe playoff contender to Super Bowl caliber roster (we’ll see if the coaching staff is also championship caliber, but that’s another issue). Howie absolutely deserves it this year.

  11. Yes it was a good trade offloading Wilson, but the Seahawks wouldn’t even be in the playoffs though had the Packers taken care of business and beaten the Lions, so although Schneider deserves alot of consideration for what he/they did this year – we’re still talking about a team that only made it in as the 7 seed because they got help from a non-playoff team in week 18. Meanwhile, the Eagles are the 1 seed and have been the best team in the NFC all year… that difference gives the edge to Roseman.

  12. He is certainly worthy. However, the skills of GM are put to the test when they have an albatross QB contract on the books. I thought of whoever the lions GM—Goff’s contract, loaded offense, with talented ascending defensive line. However, I go with jerry Jones— dak’s contract with talented players all over. Got crushed during for WR moves, but they looked strong at WR and were talented enough to go 4-1 with Dak out.

  13. Agreed. Howie somehow covered everything and then some in building this thang. Lynch a close 2nd

  14. Is it weird that as soon as Joe Douglas left, they started digging themselves out of the hole? Howie still made the decisions, but I’m wondering if Douglas wasn’t the one advising on some bad selections and contracts? Seems that as soon as Howie has someone whispering in his ear (Chip Kelly, Joe Douglas, Doug Pederson) his decision making takes a huge plummet.

  15. The Seahawks drafted two starting tackles (Cross & Lucas), a starting cornerback (Wollen) and Offensive ROTY candidate Kenneth Walker III… plus a couple quality backups with potential. Then there was the Wilson trade accompanied by the decision to roll with Geno Smith.

    I can’t be upset about giving it to Howie but John Schneider is right there with him.

  16. Pederson was a HC that won a SB.

    It has more to do with Lurie correcting him and giving him support, and hiring a completely subservient HC and coaching staff.

    Just don’t talk bad about Howie in front of his scouts.

  17. So … no consideration for Jerry Jones? After all, he’s the GM … and has the duties of an owner. A lot more on his plate than Howie! LOL. #FlyEaglesFly

  18. Schneider should get it for Russell Wilson haul + having the best draft class this year

  19. Roseman is certainly worthy of the award. But I think Schneider accomplished something more difficult, which was a successful transformation of the team and moving away from the face of the franchise without missing a beat (or even better than that).

    What Roseman did this season turned out great, but I don’t think any of the individual choices were that adventurous. Pulling the plug on your franchise QB is a big risk that could have gone badly. But Schneider did it at just the right time with just the right trade partner to hugely benefit his team. And now the team is viable, sustainable, and in great position for the draft.

    Holmes has done great as well. The Lions’ success is in development, but it looks like his choices will pay off big time.

  20. blowncallssuck says:
    January 11, 2023 at 11:31 am
    So he won because he can’t draft?

    Everything he did was trades and free agents.


    DeVonta Smith, Landon Dickerson, Milton Williams, Kenneth Gainwell. All contributors drafted in 2021.

    Jordan Davis, Cam Jurgens, Grant Calcaterra, Nakobe Dean. All contributors drafted in 2022.

    He also drafted Hurts, so…there’s that.

  21. Brian gutekunst had the foresight to bind the packers to a fading, self centered, disinterested Rodgers for years to come. Oh wait this is for the BEST executive. Nevermind

  22. blowncallssuck says:
    January 11, 2023 at 11:31 am

    That whole division win totals are inflated because they played both the NFC and AFC south.


    False. The NFC East played the NFC North and the AFC South this season.

  23. As a Chiefs fan, we are pretty happy with Veatch, but Roseman is the man this year. Complete turnaround. I think having great coaches works, but that is a GMs job to keep them supplied with great talent and resources.

    On a side note, it’s interesting that the Kelce brothers are on each of the #1 seeds this year. would be an interesting story to see if both teams made it to the SB. The New heights podcast is great, and it would make for some entertaining episodes during that 2 week runup.

    If you have not checked out that podcast, you should, its very good. I find both the Kelce’s very likeable and not just because I am a Chiefs fan. Both guys are pretty down to earth dudes from ohio. I think they should add Kittle and it would be even better. Some entertaining guys right there. Regardless of who you root for, they seem like great guys.

  24. Definitely deserving…and they didn’t even mention the Eagles having two first round draft picks again this year. That said, the heist that John Schneider pulled off makes him a close second. That might be the best trade since the Herschel Walker trade.

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