Report: Texans request to speak with Sean Payton

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A third team looking for a new head coach has entered the pursuit of Sean Payton.

Peter Schrager of NFL Network reports that the Texans have requested permission to speak to Payton about the vacancy they created when they fired Lovie Smith. The Broncos have already spoken with Payton and the Cardinals have received permission to do the same.

Payton is not able to formally interview with any team until January 17. That is the same date that coaches currently working for teams are allowed to begin interviewing with other teams. Payton is considered an employee of the Saints since stepped down while still under contract.

The Texans have also requested interviews with Lions offensive coordinator Ben Johnson, 49ers defensive coordinator DeMeco Ryans, Eagles defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon, Broncos defensive coordinator Ejiro Evero, and Giants offensive coordinator Mike Kafka.

13 responses to “Report: Texans request to speak with Sean Payton

  1. a. at least the list of names does not include candidates such as David Culley and Lovey Smith. Both outstanding men, both could not be nicer or more classy, but both had NO business being interviewed never mind hired (as to why this happened, while there’s reasonable speculation, who knows exactly, but should point to Nick Caserio (among so many other reasons; Stingley over Gardner, 3 picks to move up to get Nico Collins, 3 picks to move up to get ACL tear Metchie, etc) being fired a long time ago)…this list seems reasonable.
    b. if it’s not DeMeco Ryans, a born leader in every category you want to list…the Texans are dumber under Cal McNair and Nick Caserio than I thought was humanly possible

  2. I don’t know Sean Payton, but I can confidentially say he has no intrest in coaching the Huston Texans.

  3. Payton responded they needed to call him on either of his cell phones: 555-5555 or 867-5309.

  4. Lol the texans think they have a shot at Payton LOL im sorry but how do they not know theyre a joke?!?

  5. Unless Sean Payton is some strange kind of masochist, there is no way he’s going to want to go to the Texans. Broncos are perfect spot for him.

  6. Blank canvas low expectations put your stamp on the team and prove you are as good as everyone says you are. Chuck Knoll took over a team that was 1-13, had never even made the playoffs in team history and built a team that won 4 Super Bowls in 6 years and probably would have won in 1976 had they not lost so many offensive players for the playoffs. That defense was probably the best ever!

  7. Texans are the only team with the high draft picks they can use to trade for Payton. Saints will want #1s and the Texans have some to spare

  8. Nick Caserio gave up 3 picks to move from the 4th to 3rd round (I repeat 3 picks, 2 4th and a 5th) to get Nico-I never play-Collins..he gave up 3 picks to move up from the 3rd to the 2nd round to get John-I just tore my ACL-Metchie…selected, Daryl-I haven’t played in 3 yrs-Stingley over Sauce Gardner…..every single Saints employee and fan should be on their knees praying (religious or not) that they get to trade with Nick-I am clueless at how to trade-Caserio. The Saints will walk away with about 3 dozen draft picks. Nick Caserio is of the same intellectual class as bozo the clown, aka, Cal McNair.

  9. I can guarantee that Sean Payton is very interested in talking to the Texans, because he can use them as leverage to drive up the price for the teams he really wants to coach.

  10. Texans have more draft capital than anybody and they do have some good young talent to build around. They also finally have cap room. A coach like Peyton could build his team with very little in terms of stuck with a player handicaps. Denver is stuck with Wilson. Arizona is stuck with Murray etc. People can say “he’d never take that job blah, blah, blah” but the reality is it’s probably the most attractive destination to build from. There’s also the fact that they have 4 first round picks the next couple years so they can give the Saints the 1 that they’re going to want without crippling the team. If anyone thinks Peyton doesn’t see that as a bonus, they’re not thinking very clearly.

  11. Houston gets made fun of for their recent activity.. and rightfully so… but it’s a much better coaching spot than people are giving it credit for.

    They have FOUR first round draft picks in the next two years… 11 picks overall this year… 10 picks next year.. and 100 million in cap room.

    The GM Caserio just said he would relinquish some control if it meant hiring the right coach… so now Peyton can do whatever he wants and has all those picks?… might not be a bad fit after all.

  12. Chuck Knoll took over a team that was 1-13

    Steelers had a good owner and nobody named Caserio in the front office. Texans have been poorly run dating back to their creation even at the times they had some talent. Nobody with options is going there.

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