Todd Bowles isn’t thinking about the possibility that Tom Brady may be retiring

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The last playoff game of 2022 wild-card weekend will be Tom Brady‘s 48th and, in theory, his last.

First-year head coach Todd Bowles isn’t thinking of it that way.

“I didn’t think about that in 2020, I didn’t think about that in 2021 and I’m not thinking about that this year,” Bowles told reporters on Wednesday. “I’m trying to stay focused – we’re trying to stay focused and make the main thing the main thing. Right now, we have a really good football team that we’ve got to play Monday night that we’ve got to get ready for. We’ll worry about that when we need to worry about that – right now, we need to worry about the Cowboys. It’s a good football team that we’re about to play [so] we’ve got to get ready.”

Bowles is right; there’s nothing else to do. Besides, Brady is facing two very different questions. One, whether to keep playing. Two, whether to keep playing for the Buccaneers.

There’s a chance that the answers to those questions will be: (1) yes; and (2) no.

Regardless, Bowles is properly focused on the task at hand. That’s all any coach can ever do, or should ever do.

15 responses to “Todd Bowles isn’t thinking about the possibility that Tom Brady may be retiring

  1. I don’t think Tom Brady essentially gave up his marriage just to play the 2022 season. I’d bet he’s planning to play for at least a few more years.

  2. Todd Bowles should be praying Brady wins him one playoff game so he can keep his job otherwise Bucs should move on and find a competent HC.

  3. I’m going to the game on Monday night. Paid good money just in case it’s Tom’s last game

  4. Think of what you were doing at 22. Now think of what you’re doing now. If you’re 45 or older, you can’t help but be amazed how much Brady enjoys doing the same exact job decades later. And he’s spending most of his working hours with guys who are one to nearly two generations younger. It’s admirable but at the same time borderline odd!

  5. Well, he won’t have to worry about it at least until next weekend. Cowboys are cooked.

  6. Would anyone at all be surprised if the Bucs do damage in the playoffs? When you have Tom Brady on your side—25, 35, or even 45—anything is possible.

  7. sb37bj14 says:

    I’m going to the game on Monday night. Paid good money just in case it’s Tom’s last game


    Have fun but if the opportunity presents itself to buy Brady’s last TD ball on Monday night, I suggest you pass.

  8. It won’t matter to Bowles either way IF the owners do the right thing and run Bowles out of Tampa!

  9. A reporter once asked basketball legend Julius Erving why he was still playing at his advanced age and he answered – “Because I’m still better at basketball than anything else in life, and as long as this is what I do best, I’m going to keep doing it”.
    And this was when his skills had diminished and he was no longer starting. Brady is still competing at a high level, leading a franchise and winning games. He’s amazing.

  10. Todd doesn’t need to worry about Tom retiring ….but Todd should start thinking he may be retired.

  11. Brady will retire when no team wants him. For a QB, he is affordable. Even at his age one could argue he is an upgrade for Miami, SF, Tenn and other teams who view themselves as contenders.

  12. …Mostly because Brady isnt retiring, hes just leaving the Bucs after they turned into a dumpster fire. He has become LeBron James, jumping from super team to super team, when he drives them into the ground he ditches. And THAT is the brilliance of Belichick for those who like to say things like “it was all Brady”, and “he has a losing record without Brady” and all the other stuff. The 20 years of sustained success was Belichick. Brady took the NFCs most talented team to a title, and in 3 years they went from SB Champs to 8-9 in the regular season. No chance he sticks around to continue the downward spiral, he is looking for the next juggernaut that is “one competent QB away…”.

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