Brian Flores has interview with Browns Thursday

Pittsburgh Steelers v Miami Dolphins
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The Browns interviewed Jim Schwartz for their defensive coordinator vacancy on Wednesday and they’ll meet with another candidate on Thursday.

The team announced that they are interviewing Steelers linebackers coach and senior defensive assistant Brian Flores. They’ve also requested interviews with Jerod Mayo and Sean Desai since firing Joe Woods earlier this week.

Flores just finished his first season with the Steelers. He spent the previous three seasons as the head coach of the Dolphins and his dismissal was followed by a lawsuit against the league, the Dolphins and other teams alleging racial discrimination in hiring practices.

Prior to his Miami stint, Flores spent more than decade as a defensive assistant with the Patriots.

15 responses to “Brian Flores has interview with Browns Thursday

  1. He probably knows he should get back into the mainstream coaching pipeline and that with the Browns almost certainly sliding back into indefinite mediocrity (sure, the deviant QB who couldn’t get it done with Hopkins and Watt on his team will magically get it done on this poor team in a tough division), there will likely be a HC opening there in the next few years.

  2. Wow. The Steelers have got to be absolutely incensed to give this guy a job after all of that and then interview with a division rival?

  3. This could be the perfect situation for this guy, and the team. Kick butt on the defense then wait for Stefanski to get canned after 2023 if the team does not make the playoffs…

  4. So is the lawsuit still on? I mean he’s working. Is he going to interview then say he was discriminated against?

  5. I hope the Steelers elevate him to Assistant Head Coach or even if need be, demote their current DC. Not sure what kind of influence Flores had on their D that led the NFL on INTs. But they got better as the year went along.

    Getting real, though, if you see what they did to Burrow and the Bengals the first game of the season with TJ Watt, you then realized just what one player can mean. It took Watt several games when he did come back to close to his real form.

  6. Flores has never technically been a defensive coordinator he did call the defensive plays for the Patriots when they beat the Rams in the SB.

    I always struck me as interesting how soon after Flores lawsuit against the Dolphins and claims they were tanking on purpose, they get docked a #1 pick for tampering.

  7. The Steelers would be fine if Flores were to get hired by any team as the head coach. They have had the benefit of learning how he thinks and approaches the job for the last year. His leaving would also stop all the calls for him to replace Tomlin by the delusional fans who think Tomlin is the only reason the Steelers are not perennial Super Bowl champs. And they would get a third-round compensatory pick.
    If called, they will give a glowing recommendation of Flores to the Browns.

  8. Why would ANY team give Flores the time of day? Who in their right mind thinks “It’s a GREAT idea to hire a guy who, will sue if he gets hired and at some point fired, or will sue if we interview him and DON’T hire him! ” What could go wrong!!!

  9. This is the second time that Flores only spent 1 year as DC on a staff looking to use it as an immediate springboard into being a head coach. Not a good look, IMO.

    Mangini did this like a sneak with the Jets because Woody Johnson overpaid him. He wasn’t qualified.

    And, why does Flores think he can build a fresh, brand new staff so fast anyway?

    What’s he going to do, steal some Pittsburgh staff out from under them?

  10. Everyone is trying to abandon that Steelers’ sinking ship. After Highsmith’s horrible, disrespectful move, who can blame them?

  11. It may be too risky going to Cleveland. If Watson is bad they may blow up the whole thing again.

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