Chargers list Mike Williams as questionable

Los Angeles Chargers v Indianapolis Colts
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The Chargers only have one player with an injury designation for Saturday night’s game against the Jaguars, but it is a significant one.

Wide receiver Mike Williams is listed as questionable because of a back injury. Williams missed practice all week and head coach Brandon Staley said that’s because the belief is that he needed time off more than practice work.

“The reps aren’t what matter, the rest is,” Staley said, via Bridget Condon of NFL Media.

Williams was injured in the Week 18 loss to the Broncos, which led to criticism of Staley for having him and other starters on the field in a game that had no bearing on the team’s playoff position.

21 responses to “Chargers list Mike Williams as questionable

  1. Truly comical response by Coach Staley. If rest is what mattered, not reps, why. the. hell. was he playing starters at all last week.


  2. buffoonery like this is one more reason why Sean Payton will be coaching this crowd next year.

  3. Plain ignorance + lack of accountability by Staley, who is obviously so much smarter than the rest of us. Pure class.

  4. Being on a short week traveling across the country doesn’t help either. Staley will be gone next week. Payton the new coach

  5. I hate that he was injured, absolutely not ideal. Think Staley’s intent was genuine, and smart. He wanted to keep his team, which just got good, sharp. After the team put up 14 it was time to rest EVERYONE. Any injury is avoidable at that point, you’ve accomplished what you needed. If/when injury occurs, that’s entirely on the head coach. Your only goal at that point was to get these players to the playoffs healthy.

    All this being said, Mike Williams will absolutely play on Saturday.

  6. What a disaster. Lose your WR1 with absolutely nothing to play for. Fireable offense for Staley. Unacceptable.

  7. They should have spent that entire meaningless game against Denver working on their running game using their under-utilized backup running backs, which would have resulted in the Chargers helping to protect the health of wide receiver Williams. Williams should have never been on the field. Eckler shouldn’t have been on the field either.

    The Chargers’ run defensive is horrible. One of the best ways to combat that would be control, which would require the Chargers to have at least a decent running game of their own, which they do not have.

  8. Staley says he had no choice to play the starters last week. Afterall, there are only 48 active players to choose from. And yet, teams have been resting starters for the last 50 years. How is it that this guy can’t figure that out?

  9. Staley is an excuse machine and ownership there is dumb enough to keep him around. These is the same team that fired Marty Schottenheimer after he finished 14-2

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