Daniel Jones: We’re not satisfied just making the playoffs

New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles
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The Giants are preparing to play the Vikings on Sunday in a playoff game that few people expected them to be playing this season.

After changing coaches and General Managers in the wake of a fifth straight season with at least 10 losses, the perception was that the Giants would spend this year cleaning up the roster and salary cap while building toward the future. They went 9-7-1 to become one of the league’s most surprising stories.

That’s led some to feel the team is playing with house money and that they’ve already accomplished enough to see this year as a success. Quarterback Daniel Jones said at his Wednesday press conference that the team does not view things that way.

“I think we’re definitely not satisfied just to have made the playoffs,” Jones said. “That’s not how we see it as a group. We were confident in our team dating back to training camp and knew what we were able to accomplish. We’re by no means satisfied just to be in the playoffs. We expect to play well and to win. And that’s our expectation every week; that doesn’t change this week.”

The Giants lost a close game in Minnesota a few weeks ago and that should give them plenty of reason to think that they can pull out a win that would keep this unexpected run going at least a little longer.

18 responses to “Daniel Jones: We’re not satisfied just making the playoffs

  1. Sorry to say this but the Vikings don’t seem like an aggressive team. On defense especially. They are not in your face aggressive with a chip on there shoulder style. This is where the Giants have the edge. When you let Daniel Jones throw for over three hundred yards with an bunch of no name receivers you know your soft.

  2. Wishing both teams well but never underestimate the Giants. Just being pragmatic. They’ve always been a dark horse in the playoffs and that comes as a compliment.

  3. It should be noted the Vikings have a new coaching staff and GM as well this year was supposed to be a rebuilding year but somehow they are 13-4 and instead of earning respect they are called frauds. Time to put some respect on the Vikings name

  4. How many fumbles will Danny will cough up Sunday??? You know he’s going to put it on the ground at least once. Could be the difference in the game.

  5. Win or lose the year has been a success, but they have more than a puncher’s chance in this game.

  6. The Giants have a chance of beating the Vikings and Tampa, that’s it. They’ll never see Tampa though.
    Be satisfied, and I’m a Giants fan.

  7. The nfc north off-season champion green bay packers would covet any matchup this week. Too bad they have the worst WR group in the nfl and a goon squad for a defense. They’ll be watching the vikings-fiants from home

  8. I respect the Giants, but I still think if the Vikings hadn’t gone for long throws on several 3rd and 4th down plays rather than go for the 2 yards to get a first down, I don’t think the first game would have been close. Then again, I’m a hopeless homer. . . .

  9. You can say what you want about the Vikings but their fans have my respect. Even though Cousins has no rings they still stick by their team. Question is, will they stay loyal if the Vikes lose, or will they jump off the bandwagon as soon as the wheels start to fall off like fans like mine did after my choke loss against the Lions.

  10. The Giants are simply not as good as the Vikings. I looked at their schedule and we are the frauds???? The Vikings will win because they are better. As they did 2 weeks ago

  11. The Vikings are the better team and playing at home. The giants are going to blitz and Kirk Will continually beat it like the last game.

  12. Giants are as healthy as they’ve been this year and the Vikings have a couple injuries on the Oline. Could be the difference.

  13. Giants are getting back 4 starters that didn’t play the Vikes on Defense, 2 in the secondary and 2 on the D line.

  14. What the giants thought was a crazy game last time was 1-11 games like that for the Vikings. Quite honestly it was one of the more boring games .

  15. The giants are going to blitz and Kirk Will continually beat it like the last game.
    So he “continually beat the blitz” and won the game 27-24? Sounds like a toss-up to me.

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