Derek Carr: I look forward to a new city and a new team

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Quarterback Derek Carr‘s time with the Raiders has not officially come to an end yet, but it’s clear that he’s going to be moving on before the start of the 2023 season.

Carr was benched for the final two weeks of the regular season and posted a farewell message to his Twitter account on Thursday. He told Raiders fans that it “breaks my heart I didn’t get an opportunity to say goodbye in person” and then pivoted to what’s next.

Carr referenced a past comment that he’d probably quit football if he wasn’t a member of the Raiders while saying that he is going to be continuing his career elsewhere.

“I once said that if I’m not a Raider I would rather be at home and I meant that, but I never envisioned it ending this way,” Carr wrote. “That fire burning inside of me to win a championship still rages. A fire no man can extinguish; only God. So I look forward to a new city and a new team who, no matter the circumstance, will get everything I have. Winning a championship is what I’ve always wanted and what I will continue to work towards.”

Carr’s contract calls for $40.4 million to become guaranteed three days after the Super Bowl and the Raiders are expected to try to find a team to trade for him in the coming weeks. Carr can veto a trade, however, and could push for a release if he thinks that’s the better path for him to find his next football home.

95 responses to “Derek Carr: I look forward to a new city and a new team

  1. I’d say no to any trade.
    Tannehill’s time may be over in TN. Carr is an upgrade. They are a playoff caliber team.

  2. Carr got shafted by McDaniels and the rest of the Raiders coaching staff. Good luck finding a QB in the offseason that’s as good as him Joshy. One more year of losing and you’ll be back under the protective wing of Belichick.

  3. He’s way too smart to deal with the raiders. Why agree to a trade that costs his new team draft picks especially the hand the raidealt Jim !!

  4. He will not be traded for anything with that contract.

    The raiders are a dumpster fire and have been his phone time with them.

    Wonder what he could do with a solid franchise and good coaching.

  5. Ask the residents of Las Vegas. I’m sure they wish for a new team and a new city for the Raiders. Only so much room for comedy acts on the strip, right?

  6. Carr has a lot of talent and needs a stable coaching situation. I think he will have many suitors depending on how potential trades and the draft works out.

  7. Hope the guy lands with a solid team with a good head coach like, maybe, Washington.

  8. Good for Carr. Hopefully he’ll shine as a QB for a franchise that isn’t a dumpster fire.

  9. Classy guy. Certainly did give it his all. Wish him luck on his next journey. Not sure that Super Bowl will ever come as a starter, but Nick Foles has one so you never know.

  10. Carr is a good guy but he’s the worst kind of QB in a way. He has all the physical tools, he’s very tough and he has the right attitude, but he is a poor decision maker. Once he’s on a team he will garner major support from his teammates, coaches and the fans. The problem is the team will win only enough games that he remains the starter, but the team will have no shot at a Super Bowl.

    Cousins is like that too. So was Romo.

    Teams get stuck in that mode for a decade with players like this.

  11. I wish Carr all the best. He’s a good man and a decent QB. If he can find the right situation, I believe he’ll do well. The Raiders are a dumpster fire, so it’s good that he can move on and find a better team.

  12. Sad day but it was inevitable.
    Hopefully we get a good draft pick for him as many teams will want his services. Those teams cannot wait until Feb 15

  13. Some people can’t self scout … he might be one of these people. Like if you didn’t run and hide you could’ve said goodbye.

  14. How old does the “I want to win a championship” line get??? I mean crawl, walk…walk, run…. Carr try to make the playoffs first. Then worry about winning 3-4 must win games.

  15. I still think a good coach and right situation can with with this guy. This franchise is just one questionable decision to another. They will be hitting the reset button again in 2 years.

  16. The only way he is tradable if the Raiders are willing to pick-up a good part of his salary or they find a really inept owner and GM (ie yes-person) in pure desperation mode…cough, cough Indy and whatever garbage rises to the surface in Houston.

  17. Derek Carr will only win a championship if his team doesn’t need to rely on him to win games.

  18. Mark Davis better have a plan. The Athletic reported that this was his decision. 20 years of losing and it’s getting tired. Watching the opposing teams dominate attendance is pathetic. Why would you retain McDaniels after this season? Is it because you can’t afford to pay three coaches at once? If you are unable or unwilling to do the best thing for performance m, you should sell. Choosing a poor coach over a average quarterback is a idiotic decision.

  19. I think Derek would be a good fit with the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Then maybe he could win that championship he wants so badly

  20. Good luck to Derek but no one else wants to pay him $40 million. High twenties low thirties probably, but not 40.

  21. Did the organization do him dirty, yes indeed. Was it time for Carr to move on from the organization…probably about two or three seasons ago, yes it was time. NFL business isn’t a pretty one, but he’ll catch on somewhere else.

  22. Derek Carr: I look forward to working out a deal with Green Bay and competing for the starting position with Jordan Love.
    Aaron Rodgers: I look forward to working out a deal with Las Vegas and reuniting with Davante Adams, whether he likes it or not.

  23. My personal opinion is he will flop anywhere he goes, but it would be a great story and fun to see watching him prove me wrong.

  24. Derek should have no trouble finding a new home. After all, moving from city to city is a Raiders tradition.

  25. He should absolutely veto ANY trade. Why help the Raiders get compensation that would only hurt his new team? They already gave up on him so he should force his way out and pick his new team without losing players or draft picks. Especially since a trade couldn`t be official until early March anyway. Make them cut you 3 days after the Super Bowl and you can pick your new team before other players even become free agents. Carr isn`t a great QB but he`s better than what a lot of teams have and there is a better than 50/50 chance the Raiders end up with a worse one next season.

  26. The Chiefs will miss him. I think he was 2-15 against them over the years. How’d that guy get that contract?

  27. Bucs or Ravens would be good homes for him. Hard to recall a team being more unjustifiably harsh with a player in recent memory.

    It’s still stupefying that the Raiders are in Vegas and that the Chargers are in LA. The Rams at least belong in LA but none of those three teams can fill their home stadiums with their own fans (the Rams not even the season after winning the Super Bowl).

  28. Hahahahha, the reason davante Adams goes to the Raiders is gone within a year 🤣🤣 I see Rodgers and carr swapping paint for sure..

  29. Carr has been and is a franchise quarterback. Wish him luck – go to the NFC and he could lead a team to consistent playoffs!

  30. Not a fan, but sneaky destination—Atlanta. Good offense outside of QB,Arthur Smith has a history of resurrecting re-tread QB’s (Tannehill) & in a division where every team is viable next year.

  31. Carr last year passed for 4,800 yards, and was a pass away from potentially beating the Bengals on their turf. Add McDaniels? He regressed drastically. While far from perfect, he was solid considering the circus that is the coach and owner

  32. Apparently, Carr has a NO TRADE clause in his contract – if so, he holds all the cards. He can pick his team … then use his No Trade power to simply force the Raiders to cut him. His new team – the team of his choice – gets him for free, and strengthens their roster by not having to give up any draft picks or players. It’s the ultimate revenge!

  33. Derek Carr is that co-worker we all have that looks ultra busy all day long…but never really gets anything done.

  34. How desperate does a team have to be to trade for this guy?

    Furthermore, what does that tell you about the Raiders the past nine years. Everyone but like 1 or 2 delusional Raider’s knew they would miss the playoffs this year…

  35. It would be hilarious to see the Colts work out a deal for a trade before Carr’s big money kicks in with the Raiders, then back out when it’s time to make the trade. Then send an edible arrangement with a card that reads “We still remember Josh”.

  36. Carr lost too many games for the raiders. We have leads with five minutes left, and here comes the Carr interception. Happens three times a year. Any QB can give the raiders what Carr has given them, even Stidham. But, my preference is Carr and a 1st for Lamar Jackson. Then maybe Devante wont want out.

  37. robert831 says:
    January 12, 2023 at 11:19 am
    Good for him. He deserves a starting job.


    He already had a starting job and didn’t excel with it.

  38. The irony in all of this is had Denver waited just one more year they’d have a chance to steal a QB away from a division rival. In this case, one driven with spite to destroy his former club, no draft picks given away at all. But nope. Saddled up to Wilson for what will seem like an eternity.

    Either way, he’d be a good fit in Tennessee or Washington. I could even see Green Bay if Rodgers finally decides to mail it in.

  39. Carr got played by McDaniels and ownership. He’ll get the last laugh though with that nice fat guarantee on his contract.

  40. Raiders have had nothing but bad karma since leaving Oakland. Gee, who could’ve seen that coming?

  41. What’s the plan for the Raiders? The offensive play calling was horrendous. Whether that be Lombardi or McDaniels the team took a 90% turn on imagination and consistency. That’s on McDaniels. Will the Raiders go after a FA (and sign them for bigger money then what Carr has coming – because Carr is rather cheap for 3 years) or will they draft one of the over rated QBs coming out to reduce costs? Or make a trade? They seem to want to sign Jacobs to big contract, but he is an RB?

  42. bullcharger says:
    January 12, 2023 at 11:15 am

    Carr is a good guy but he’s the worst kind of QB in a way. He has all the physical tools, he’s very tough and he has the right attitude, but he is a poor decision maker.

    Cousins is like that too. So was Romo.


    Nah. Romo was running for his life his entire time in Dallas. Even Tom Brady gets scrambled when the pressure is too much. Give Romo the OL that Dak got and he wins a Super Bowl for sure.

  43. raiderbri100 says:
    January 12, 2023 at 12:12 pm
    Carr last year passed for 4,800 yards, and was a pass away from potentially beating the Bengals on their turf. Add McDaniels? He regressed drastically. While far from perfect, he was solid considering the circus that is the coach and owner


    He was a pass away from tying the game, not winning it. And in true Carr fashion, that need pass to tie a playoff game? It was intercepted.

  44. Unless Davis is behind getting rid of him, just take a pay cut and stay with the team. Stidham may never be the answer. He could come to the Titans but he has better playmakers with the Raiders and Tannehill has better mobility if HE is willing to take a paycut …

  45. I think much like Matt Stafford, Derek Carr is a very good quarterback who’s been stuck with a perennially bad franchise. If Carr were to end up in San Francisco it would dramatically change people’s view of him. Someone mentioned Atlant as well, who does have alot of talent on the offensive side as a possible destination.

  46. Tenn should be lining up to sign him. Tannehill is done, and Willis will have a great career…in the CFL. Better do it now before D Henry falls off the cliff.

  47. Jesus, was he sobbing when he wrote his speech? Did his mascara run? This dude is one emotionally unstable cat.

  48. Josh McDaniels completed the “alienate and blame the incumbent QB” phase of his team building strategy. Now he needs to find the next Tebow to overdraft.

  49. I love Carr and had high hopes for him but after he broke his leg and took a few hits that led to some back injuries in the following season he is often timid in the pocket when it breaks down and goes down like a house of cards. I loved his loyalty but he is not a playmaker and relies too much on everything going right in all facets of the offensive game to be successful. He has a high floor but a low ceiling by today’s NFL’s standards. I think Mark Davis is a complete moron too but we needed a change at QB. It was like being in a bad relationship, feeling stuck, no one’s needs are met, etc. We’ll see what happens. I would sell my soul for Caleb Williams in 2024.

  50. Sooooo Garbage Time Stats King Derek Carr has trade value after a decade of failure on the hapless Raiders????

    Man, some teams are more pathetic than the Raiders!

  51. Just glad he no longer is a Raider good riddance. He will never sniff a SB trophy he is a coward that throws into the dirt at the first sign of trouble. Ever since he broke his ankle he stands in 1 place checks down or throws a horrible forced interception. Bye bye don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  52. The defense was bottom quarter of the league. His best bet is the Panthers or the Washington team. He could win the division with either team. But cap space is a problem for them as well as a number of other QB needy teams. Seattle is another destination and frankly, with him being a west coast kid, he’ll be able to easily have family around for both home and road games in the division. Toss in the occasional games against the Chargers and Raiders, it’s kind of a no brainer. They may have enough cap space to do it as well, unless they are enamored with Jimmy G. The wild cards are the Patriots and Ravens. They have the cap space, and while they have QB’s, but the Ravens situation is getting a bit weird with the contract impasse and Lamar’s extended absences from practice and games. The Patriots have Jones, but are they confident going forward? They messed up his year two and Jones was demonstrably unhappy. Is the relationship frayed? Will be want to move on or bring in a veteran QB for competition? What if Jones won the competition? Would they then have a very expensive backup? How do they really feel about Zappe? Would Carr be Jones with experience? I think his arm is better though. Still, he’s only thrown for over 30 TD’s once in his career. 2018-2022 was a good run for him statistically, but last season was not that great. I think someone will come up with more money than NE would pay though. With Belichick’s acknowledgement that changes need to be made, it should be noted that he can be very aggressive with roster moves in times like this. He’s let go of bigger fish before. Interesting situation. More will be revealed.

  53. This was Carr’s make or break year and he was bad. Really bad. No excuses, but good luck on the next team, you’ll need a lot of it.

  54. Okay…for years all we have heard from Raiders fans is that Carr is NOT the problem. Assuming this is true, then why get rid of him? If this is true, then they will suck again next year. Actually that last one is true because Mickey D still has no idea how to be a head coach.

  55. $40M will bring in a lot of defensive talent, paired with a run-heavy offense by re-signing Josh Jacobs, plus Waller, Renfrow and Davante for playmakers and the Raiders could be a good football team for a year before they trade away the future for Caleb Williams in 2024. Stidham has looked more decisive than Carr and hasn’t seemed to stay with his first read too long. He’s likely not as accurate, but he can get it done at Carr’s level at least. I’m a DC fan, but he is what he’s always been—smart, accurate, mediocre pocket awareness, so-so long ball, straight-line fast but no wiggle or physicality when he runs or is under pressure and fumble-prone. If the Raiders had fielded a top-15 defense consistently (ever!) during his tenure, they may have sniffed a SB appearance or two, but the best they had was 20th overall when Khalil Mack was in his prime and the unemployed Ken Norton Jr. was the coordinator (and the Raiders didn’t tackle anyone for the most part). I wish him all the best. It was always entertaining, and he does have a knack for coming from behind late (before the porous defense lets it slip away into another loss).

  56. ward0thetard0 says:
    January 12, 2023 at 2:31 pm

    Sooooo Garbage Time Stats King Derek Carr has trade value after a decade of failure on the hapless Raiders????

    Man, some teams are more pathetic than the Raiders!


    You’re right, there are teams worse. Bears could use Derek as a backup to Fields.

  57. As a Chiefs fan, I really want Carr to stay with the Raiders. It was fun beating up on him for so many years. Oh how we will enjoy the memories.

  58. biggs13 says:
    January 12, 2023 at 6:38 pm

    One thing about Derek Carr is he’s durable. Teams with fragile QBs may want to explore.


    Exploring anything about Derek Carr reveals that he still sucks.

  59. it would be interesting to see Carr compete against Geno Smith for the starting spot in Seattle. But, Carr’s contract is going to prevent that. So many teams will be looking for upgrades at QB this season. Going to be another interesting year.

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