Micah Parsons on the playoffs: These are going to be my best games

Dallas Cowboys v Washington Commanders
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Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons was one of the best defensive players in the league in the regular season, but he says he’s about to step up his game.

Parsons told reporters today that he’s expecting to play his best football in the postseason.

“Honestly, I feel like as far as we go, these are going to be my best games. That’s just because I want it. Regular season is cool. You guys get all hyped up. But this is where legends are made,” Parsons said, via Michael Gehlken of the Dallas Morning News.

Parsons says he feels better this week than he felt late in the regular season, and that he thinks he’s hit his second wind just in time for Monday night’s game against Tom Brady and the Buccaneers.

21 responses to “Micah Parsons on the playoffs: These are going to be my best games

  1. don’t agree with this article….his production decreased at mid season as offensive coaches ran the plays directly at him…I know this as I had him in a fantasy league…

  2. Talk is cheap … Kinda like that new Women Talking film … guys dont take your girl to it, not worth it.

  3. Whatever. Guy was crying on Twitter about not getting an award the other day. Cowboys players care about personal stats first and foremost and that’s why they make a first round exit every year.

  4. 1 sack over the last 7 games. 1 tackle for loss. Seems like he’s just saying something stupid every week to get the focus off the fact that he flamed out hard over the last half of the season.

  5. Just play ball. Every game should be your best game. Shouldn’t have an on/ off switch. The great ones play the same in the pre-season as they would in the super bowl.

  6. Parsons isn’t the problem.

    Dak Picksixcott, Kellen Moore and his play calling, and the Secondary that is beat up by injuries is the problem

  7. This guy sure does like to run his mouth for someone who disappears in big games

  8. You have set the bar…we will be here on Tuesday to either give you props or roast you.

  9. From a dude who really hasn’t done jack except get some flashy stats against some inferior opponents over the first year and a half of his career…and who the last half of this year has disappeared into the witness protection program.

  10. In the playoffs, the O-lines and QBs are usually better, so it may be hard to have games comparable to his best ones this year.

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