Michigan president claims to have “positive and constructive conversations” with Jim Harbaugh

Texas Christian University vs University of Michigan, 2022 CFP National Semifinal
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Employees who have options that readily can be exercised typically end up with better situations. Wherever Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh ends up in 2023, his situation will be better than it currently is.

Harbaugh has drawn very real interest from the Broncos. That has drawn very real interest from Michigan in keeping Harbaugh.

“I pleased to share that I have been having very positive and constructive conversations with our Athletic Director and Football Coach,” Michigan president Santa Ono said on Twitter. “Warde Manuel and I both want to see Jim Harbaugh stay as the head football coach of the University of Michigan Wolverines.”

The truth may be that they don’t want to be blamed for not trying hard enough to keep Harbaugh, if he leaves. Regardless, Harbaugh has option that he’s exploring. Which means that he definitely will have a better situation, wherever he ends up and however it happens.

8 responses to “Michigan president claims to have “positive and constructive conversations” with Jim Harbaugh

  1. Thank God Michigan and Ohio State play each other once a year…to get out that pent-up frustration for that inevitable playoff/bowl loss they always have.

  2. Two years of this in a row of this game and with the sanctions coming, hate to say it but it’s time to move on from Harbaugh. Enough is enough.

  3. JH has been a winning coach everywhere he’s been. Most impressive was getting Colin Kaepernick to one pass on the last play of the game from winning the SB. This with a guy who’s not even good enough to start on any NFL team. Says it all. They say BB is the GOAT of coaches when as a head coach he has a losing record sans Brady. JH wins in College and Pros with different teams and QBs… speaks for itself.

  4. If he’s talking to NFL teams now after flirting with the Vikings last year, he’s pretty much gone.

  5. this Bronco fan thinks it odd that a guy who has had so much success , keeps moving around. sounds unstable to me.

  6. Don’t think Jim is going to let them forget that they forced him to take a pay cut.

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