Officials on the lookout for field goal holders illegally placing football on foreign objects

New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles
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NFL officials are closely scrutinizing the holders on field goals and extra points, after the league has seen evidence of some holders breaking the rules by placing the ball on a foreign object.

The league told officials to watch for the practice, according to NFL rules are clear that no object of any kind can be used in any manner to assist in holding on a field goal or extra point.

The Football Zebras report shows multiple videos where the holder on a field goal clearly picks up a small object off the ground after the ball is kicked. The video isn’t clear enough to tell what the holders are using. It’s something much smaller than a kicking tee, but even an object the size of a coin might be enough to aid a kicker.

The practice was spotlighted in a training tape distributed to league officials, and now the whole league is on notice.

10 responses to “Officials on the lookout for field goal holders illegally placing football on foreign objects

  1. Let me get this straight…Teams not named NE are cheating and nothing happens and the officiaiting in this sport is so awful and the refs are used to try to manipulate games, that the media says nothing and how hypocritical this is.

    How about we punish the teams who are openly cheating?

  2. I thought I SAW them using a $500.00 casino poker chip for Carlton. That’s why he got all those 50+ yarders!

  3. It’s only cheating if you get caught….otherwise it’s fair play. No different than grabbing a face mask to aid in a tackle or block. The problem is when it’s clear and obvious and the ref ignores it. Like the Bills on Thanksgiving to set up a game winning FG.

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