Panthers request interview with Jerod Mayo

New England Patriots v Las Vegas Raiders
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Patriots linebackers coach Jerod Mayo’s name has come up as part of the Browns’ search for a defensive coordinator, but that’s not the only team interested in speaking with him this offseason.

According to multiple reports, the Panthers have requested permission to interview Mayo. This interview would be for the Panthers’ head coaching vacancy rather than a defensive coordinator role.

Mayo’s name came up when the Broncos and Raiders were looking for new coaches last offseason. He’s been on the Patriots staff since 2019 and has shared many defensive coordinator responsibilities with Steve Belichick despite neither of them having that title.

The Panthers have interviewed Jim Caldwell, Frank Reich, and interim head coach Steve Wilks already. They’ve also asked to interview Bills offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey, Lions offensive coordinator Ben Johnson, Giants offensive coordinator Mike Kafka and Eagles offensive coordinator Shane Steichen.

7 responses to “Panthers request interview with Jerod Mayo

  1. Panthers are at least being thorough in their search…. Don’t see him as head coaching material yet but he’d be one heck of a Defensive Coordinator, something that Bill should have given him in title, he’s earned that.

  2. Umm, he is partially the Def Coordinator in NE. BB doesn’t give out titles, because he doesn’t want his staff raided more than it already has been.

    Any Pats fan should know that. Look at the destruction of his staff in recent years.

    It’s a big reason why 2022 was a big disappointment and about 5 games were lost, where 3 of them were easily winnable.

  3. Not naming individuals for the titles they truly hold is unfair to those individuals & NOT naming them has done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in deterring other teams from poaching the Patriots coaching staff or any other part of the franchise’s un-named behind the scenes personnel.

  4. Not being named OC is exactly why Mayo will leave. Even if it’s for a DC job. And because BB didn’t give him the title, he can’t stop it. Heaven forbid Stevie gets upset.

  5. >> Umm, he is partially the Def Coordinator in NE. BB doesn’t give out titles, because he doesn’t want his staff raided more than it already has been.


    Not sure I agree with that. If he gives out the Defensive Coordinator role to Mayo, other teams can’t poach him for that same position. By not naming him as such, it allows other teams to scoop him for that role. I would guess it is more that he has both Steve and Mayo and doesn’t want to choose one or the other (if mayo leaves Steve will likely become the DC).

  6. So, if he was named DC then other teams can’t try to hire him for a DC position on their team. At the same time not naming him DC means he won’t get a fair shake at a HC job?

    This is a double edged sword….seems like By not naming him, it allows Mayo to take a DC job elsewhere if he wanted , so that’s a good thing for him

    By not naming him, does that really damage his ability to get a HC position if the other team actually knows what he does outside the title? I mean look at Jeff Saturday- no title at all…or hires who weren’t in a coordinated role before becoming HC, there are some out there

  7. With all of 3 years as a position coach only, Tepper thinks Jerod Mayo has more to offer than Wilks? instead of the proven results Wilks got after taking over a 1-5 team and his experience.
    If I were Wilks and Tepper circles back to him to offer the job, I wouldn’t give an answer other than I’ll think about it.

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