Rain and wind are in the forecast for Seahawks-49ers

NFL: OCT 24 Colts at 49ers
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When Taft and Bakersfield got together in California to cap the underrated ’80s classic The Best of Times, the underdogs came to life once the weather took a turn for the worse.

When the Seahawks and 49ers meet for round three in Santa Clara on Saturday, Mother Nature could be putting a thumb on the scale for Seattle.

The folks at FieldGulls.com take a look at the forecast for the wild-card game, with an inch or more of rain throughout the day and possible wind gusts of up to 29 miles per hour.

The Apple weather app, which apparently has become the successor to the Dark Sky app I’d used for years, predicts gusts of up to 32 mph, and total rainfall for the day of 0.8 inches.

It should be raining throughout the game, but the rainfall should be under 0.1 inches, total.

Forecasts are, as always, subject to change. It’s something to keep an eye on when Saturday rolls around. The worse the weather, the more level the playing field for these division rivals.

8 responses to “Rain and wind are in the forecast for Seahawks-49ers

  1. Seems like conditions that favor quick short passes and YAC. Either way adds a level of unpredictability to the game.

  2. “Mother Nature could be putting a thumb on the scale for Seattle” what a silly backward statement. Rain helps the 49ers just as much if not more. Pretty sure the 49ers are widely considered to have a better running back and better running game as a whole.

  3. Saturday will be the 49ers fifth rain game of the year on real grass, and they’ve been practicing in it for a month. Unless it looks like week one at Chicago (which it won’t), it’s hard to see it as the “equalizer” Seattle needs.

  4. This gives SEA the advantage. I expect lost fumbles by the Niners. I doubt they’ll be airing it out much due to the wind. I think this is gonna be a low scoring game – field goal battle.

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