Video footage of OBJ airplane incident emerges

Pictures of "cheese board" for restaurant review at The Press Room, 108 Hollywood Road, Central. 06 February 2007
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We struggled with whether to post this one. But the story was a big deal at the time, so it makes sense to add the last piece of the puzzle.

Body camera footage from the November 27 incident involving free-agent receiver Odell Beckham Jr. has emerged. It shows first responders concluding that Beckham was fine, followed by a debate between flight attendants and officers as to whether Beckham truly was fine.

Then came the effort to remove everyone from the plane, because Beckham refused to leave.

The six-minute, 44-second video, as posted at, ends with Beckham and another passenger exchanging words during the deplaning process.

You’re everything that’s wrong with the world,” Beckham said to the other passenger. “Looking at me to get off a plane, for you. I would never, ever in my life get off the plane for you. Specifically you. Maybe everybody else, I would get off the plane. . . . You’re gonna wait 40 minutes, and I’m gonaa be on a private plane home. Yeah, with your fat ass. Get your ass off the plane for a second. . . . Enjoy the cheeseboard on the way home with your ugly ass.”

It was indeed an ugly incident, one that preceded a multi-city free-agency tour from Beckham. After visiting the Bills, Giants, and Cowboys, however, Beckham did not sign a contract for the balance of 2022.

If/when he makes more visits in the offseason, we hope that on the table in the meeting room there will be a cheeseboard.

23 responses to “Video footage of OBJ airplane incident emerges

  1. I do not understand the love for this guy. He’s been overrated for years, is a true diva(me, me, me), and a distraction to every team he was on a full season that didn’t win the SB. He wants to be in the spotlight like a B grade movie star, not a football player. Just stay away from my team.

  2. Entitled, spoiled brat. As a Giants fan, loved what he could do on the field but he is an absolute diva headcase… glad he’s no longer a Giant.

  3. Odell Beckham Kardashian. Dude is nothing more than a celebrity diva at this point. I no longer consider him a football player.

  4. As a Bills fan, my only interest in him was for the value (if healthy) he’d bring this season with limited other options available in season and post trade deadline. Seeing as that didn’t happen, I can’t say I have much interest in bringing him aboard for next year and beyond. I’d much rather just draft a high round rookie or bring in a comparable talent vet at a better cap number and less drama. This season/playoff run was crucial for the risk/reward package he brings…without that, there are much better options.

  5. Just another entitled, soulless, multimillionaire husk of a human being. All surface and only ugliness underneath.

    This is the future of pro sports. NIL and ballooning money in pro sports is going to turn the whole thing into a sea of monsters.

  6. OBJ… thinks he is better than everyone else. Try getting a job in the real world, OBJ. Good luck.

  7. What a disgrace for the ages. He says “you’re all that’s wrong with the world”, yet he’s talking about himself.

    I can’t believe teams were actually considering signing this guy and it’s disgusting he actually owns a SB ring.

    What an absolute disgrace of a human.

  8. It was also reported that OBJ had taken his pants off, and was refusing to not only buckle his seatbelt, but to put his pants back on. Must be nice to be a Diva.

  9. This guy is the offensive equivalent to Clowney. Each of them made one spectacularly memorable play in their entire lives.

  10. OBJ was a jerk for staying on the plane so long. But the security diffused the situation and he stood up to leave, and then some entitled civilian who probably hates all Black athletes because of Colin Kapernick, just HAD to say something because they felt empowered. And OBJ who was already on the edge went off. Yes, he shouldn’t have done it, but people need to know when to mind their own business and not feel so protected to just say whatever they want to people.

  11. You know what is sad about this? What if people were flying to see a sick or dying loved one?

    He intentionally was being a jerk and faked not being able to be woken up.

    What an absolutely horrible and sick man he is.

  12. As an LSU fan I used to really like this guy. But that all changed after the LSU championship game after the 2019 season. Still can’t get over that clown handing all of those players money to try and make it about him in some way.

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