Weather or not, Kyle Shanahan expects a close game against the Seahawks

San Francisco 49ers v Chicago Bears
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When the Seahawks and 49ers get together for the third time this season, weather could be an issue. On Thursday, San Francisco coach Kyle Shanahan was asked whether the conditions can be an equalizer.

“I always think bad weather slows the game down and equalizes stuff, but when it’s one game, three and a half hours in the playoffs, I look at all games as equal,” Shanahan told reporters. “I know we’re favored, I know what people say, but this is the NFL and this is the playoffs and last time we played them, it came down to last possession, I expect it to be the same.”

In other words, take the Seahawks and the points.

Shanahan also was asked whether he has a Plan B game plan, in the event that the conditions become a real issue.

“You have everything in the game plan for it to go any way, not just because of weather, but whether you’re struggling in any aspect too, so you always got that planned and you we know it’s a big possibility,” Shanahan said. “We’ll see how it affects both sides and we’ll adjust accordingly.”

One question obviously becomes whether quarterback Brock Purdy will thrive in difficult weather conditions. Shanahan was impressed by Purdy’s performance in a rainy practice on Wednesday.

“He did a good job,” Shanahan said of the rookie who has won each of his five starts. “I did group install with the defense before and he definitely did a lot better than me. I couldn’t function at all, so it was definitely cool to watch him after, which it should be that way, but no I think he’s got some familiarity with it just being where he played college football and he had a good practice yesterday.”

It remains to be seen whether the conditions are an issue. The 49ers began their season in heavy rain against the Bears in Chicago, and it didn’t go well. This time around, it will be interesting to see whether the weather gives the Seahawks a better chance to become the first No. 7 seed to beat a No. 2 seed since the postseason expanded to 14 teams in 2020.

13 responses to “Weather or not, Kyle Shanahan expects a close game against the Seahawks

  1. He is right. I know some people get all nostalgic with weather and elements as part of the game, but the reality is that it IS an equalizer for teams that may not be near as fast, or athletic. The “both teams have to play in the same elements” is a false premise as it greatly benefits the less talented team. It’s also not aesthetically pleasing. I hate sloppy play, I hate turnovers and slog fests.

  2. The 49ers are a dominant team. They were dominating with Garoppolo, and now with Purdy. They are hitting their best strides, for sure. The Seahawks will need a lot more than one or two lucky breaks. The 49ers have a ton of explosive offensive weapons, and Shanahan is a true master. Everyone’s healthy. In sync. The defense is dominant. Everyone’s healthy. Seattle just doesn’t have the horses. Kyle’s expecting a blow out. Don’t let him kid you.

  3. Lots of playoff teams would like to see a repeat of what happened to the 49ers week one, including every team in the NFC for sure.

  4. Ya… I don’t. Not at all. SEA doesn’t belong there and is going to get blown off the field. KS is just being professional and complimentary.

  5. Shanahan should resign if they don’t win this game by 2+ scores. They have the best team in the NFC.

  6. Expectations? Hm.. Expect to get beat up. Expect to get run over. Expect Pete Carroll to do what Pete coached teams do—end the football season for Santa Clara. Expect to get bounced out of the playoffs.

  7. I appreciate how well Purdy has played, but no starting rookie QB has ever won the SB and nothing tells me it’s going to be any different this season. 49ers should beat Seattle and possibly by a good margin, but imho I don’t think winning the SB is feasible this year.

  8. There’s nothing about the Seahawks that instills fear other than a good, experienced coaching staff. They have a few difference making players, but they are basically generic mediocre NFL team. The reason for anxiety is primarily having a rookie QB who has played less than half a season. If somehow the 49ers flop and lose, Seahawks have no real shot to get to or win the Super Bowl. It’s an average roster with an average QB.

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