2022 NFL All-Pro first team includes four Chiefs, four 49ers

Kansas City Chiefs v Las Vegas Raiders
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The Associated Press has unveiled its 2022 All-Pro team.

The roster comes from votes cast by 50 media members. Expanded voting this year, with all voters selecting a first team and a second team.

The first team consists of four Chiefs and four 49ers, three Raiders, two Eagles, two Vikings, two Cowboys, and two Jets. The Dolphins, Browns, Ravens, Bills, Broncos, Steelers, Packers, Commanders, and Patriots each had one participant on the first team.

That’s 16 teams represented on the All-Pro roster. Omitted were the Bengals, Titans, Jaguars, Texans, Colts, Chargers, Giants, Lions, Bears, Panthers, Buccaneers, Saints, Falcons, Rams, Seahawks, and Cardinals.

Here’s the full first-team roster.


Quarterback: Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City.

Running Back: Josh Jacobs, Las Vegas.

Tight End: Travis Kelce, Kansas City.

Wide Receivers: Justin Jefferson, Minnesota; Tyreek Hill, Miami; Davante Adams, Las Vegas.

Left Tackle: Trent Williams, San Francisco.

Right Tackle: Lane Johnson, Philadelphia.

Left Guard: Joel Bitonio, Cleveland.

Right Guard: Zack Martin, Dallas.

Center: Jason Kelce, Philadelphia.


Edge Rushers: Nick Bosa, San Francisco; Micah Parsons, Dallas.

Interior Linemen: Chris Jones, Kansas City; Quinnen Williams, New York Jets.

Linebackers: Fred Warner, San Francisco; Roquan Smith, Baltimore; Matt Milano, Buffalo.

Cornerbacks: Sauce Gardner, New York Jets; Patrick Surtain II, Denver.

Safeties: Minkah Fitzpatrick, Pittsburgh; Talanoa Hufanga, San Francisco.

Placekicker: Daniel Carlson, Las Vegas.

Punter: Tommy Townsend, Kansas City.

Kick Returner: Keisean Nixon, Green Bay.

Punt Returner: Marcus Jones, New England.

Special Teamer: Jeremy Reaves, Washington.

Long Snapper: Andrew DePaola, Minnesota.

52 responses to “2022 NFL All-Pro first team includes four Chiefs, four 49ers

  1. 49er fan here. Given how his play has fallen off the last month I’m surprised Hufanga got a first team nod. Here’s hoping it doesn’t go to his head and make him start trying to play hero ball on defense this weekend

  2. Wait how can the punter for the Chiefs make All-Pro? Isn’t there some minimum reps requirement?

  3. Hufanga gradually declined over the season, whiffing on tackles and giving up TD’s. But still, Go Niners!

  4. There are literally 40 safeties that graded higher than Hufanga according to PFF. No way was he deserving.

  5. Ridiculous snubs for AJ Brown, Hassan Reddick, Darius Slay. I can’t argue with Mahomes over Hurts but man, it’s close.

  6. Though Chubb made 2nd team All-Pro, I dont understand why there cant be two first teamers? There were three wide receivers, though it is a passing league …

  7. Andrew DePaola is a great story about never giving up.
    Undrafted in 2012 signed a contract with the Bucs.
    Waived on August 27, 2012.
    Again signed by the Bucs in 2013 once again cut.
    Played 2014-2016 cut again in 2017.
    2017 was claimed off waivers by the Chicago Bears.
    March 16, 2018, signed a four-year contract with the Oakland Raiders In Week 1, suffered a torn ACL and was placed on injured reserve on September 12, 2018.
    August 25, 2019, was released by the Raiders.
    August 28, 2019, signed by the Carolina Panthers.
    Released during final roster cuts on August 30, 2019.
    After sitting out the 2019 NFL season, had a tryout with the Houston Texans on August 20, 2020.
    On November 21, 2020, signed with Minnesota Vikings’ practice squad. He was elevated to the active roster on November 21 and November 28 for the team’s weeks 11 and 12 games against the Dallas Cowboys and Carolina Panthers, and reverted to the practice squad after each game. He was promoted to the active roster on December 2, 2020.
    2022 All Pro. Perseverance to the max.

  8. Agree with the earlier comment on Hufunga. He reminds me of another USC safety, Taylor Mayes, a big hitter who would over-commit to the run. Teams have been abusing him in the pass game lately and I’m hoping the Niners can get him straightened out.

  9. Hufanga’s okay hasn’t fallen off the last month. Check your calendar. His play fell off in the middle of the season as he started parlaying his early success into risky play. Then Kyle and Ryans had a talk with him and he has returned to play quite solid of late. It only takes one big play to change the momentum of the game.

    Just ask…. uhh Hufanga… who scooped up the block punt in the snow late in Green Bay last year and returned it for their only TD of the game which punched their ticket through to the NFC Championship Game.

  10. Lots of great edge rushers this year, but you can’t argue about Nick Bosa and Micah Parsons.

  11. so this tells me the players are as clueless as the fans. SMH. Back in the olden days players seemed to be actually a fan of the games. Many of them just aren’t anymore,

  12. While I agree with everyone on the list except Hufanga, they should really update the list to include 3 CBs and only 2 LBs now. Nickel defense is way more common- and has been for years- and slot corner is probably the most difficult position to play on defense.

  13. Maxx Crosby is taking names. Being a Raider means getting looked over at times like this and especially when it comes to getting in the HOF. It’s just they way it is in the NFL.

  14. Houston Texans Nick Caserio:
    1. Took always injured Daryl Stingley over Sauce Gardner.
    2. Gave up 3 draft picks to move up 1/2 round to take ACL injured John Metchie (cancer diagnosis after draft).
    3. Gave up 3 draft picks to move up 1/2 round to take WR Nico Collins who has barely played in 2 seasons as he’s always injured.
    Not only interviewed, which no only club considered, David Culley and Lovey Smith, but hired both of them. Only to fire both of them one year later.
    How in the world, seriously how dumb is Houston’s Cal McNair…it’s almost unfathomable that Houston is still employing Nick Caserio. Only explanation is that Cal needs to buy a friend. Wow Houston, wow.

  15. I’m not a Titans fan but Ryan Stonehouse, their punter just broke an 80 year old record for punting avg and he’s not on here? What does a guy have to do ? That’s why awards are b.s, they’re opinions. Same with MVP and all that.

  16. Good to see Jacobs get his due. The guy had a patchwork offensive line and still battled every week to win the rushing title.

  17. Congratulations to Matt Milano.
    Hard working, intuitive player with the hard nosed, blue-collar
    style Bills fans love.

  18. Grumpy Santa says:
    January 13, 2023 at 12:44 pm
    How is Matt Judon not on this list? Dude had a monster year.


    because Parsons and Bosa exist

  19. Many shortsighted fans have kneejerk reactions. Especially about teams building for the future. Derek Stingley(not Daryl, he’s dead) and Metchie were drafted in 2022. I think most intelligent fans know what judging draft picks after 1 year, especially if there were injuries or extenuating circumstances is pointless. Nobody knows what these guys are gonna be. Texans traded some picks? In 2023 they have 2 high 1rst round picks, 5 picks in the top 73, 6 picks in the top 101. In 2024 they have 2 more 1rst rounders. They have the 8th most cap room in the NFL in 2023. After Caserio had to adjust on the fly from the Watson debacle. I’d say Caserio has them set up pretty well for the future in a division that’s not exactly a powerhouse.

  20. Judon did have a monster year. But can anyone really argue against Parsons or Bosa?

    Only a bunch of Patsie whiny fanboys….who else is that delusional?

  21. Judon did have a monster year. But can anyone really argue against Parsons or Bosa?

    Only a bunch of Patsie whiny fanboys….who else is that delusional?

    Sadly, reading comprehension seems to be a lost art.

  22. Not even a mention of Defensive Rookie of the Year candidate, and all-Pro Tariq Woolen who led the league in Interceptions and lowest QBR for QB’s when throwing his way. So much bias. So much snubbing.

  23. Happy to read elsewhere that Demario Davis made Second Team All Pro – fourth year in a row All Pro for Demario!! Who Dat!!

    And is this the first time that brothers have made First Team All Pro?? What the Kelce brothers have accomplished is amazing!!

  24. Storehouse boomed a lot of punts yet Tommy Townsend led the league in NET punting average. Ya know punt distance minus return distance. That’s what punters are paid for…

  25. Hufanga is overrated. Had a few picks and fumble recoveries at the beginning of the year. His play doesn’t match the rep.

  26. Burrow > Mahomes . And it will be on display after Burrow beats him for the fourth time in a row.

  27. Someone is bound to be miffed about the receivers even though both guys are deserving, there are other guys that could’ve been justifiably picked.

    The only one that I am iffy on are the corners; im good with Surtain but idk about Sauce Gardner. Kid is a stud, that’s without question, i honestly think James Bradberry deserves that spot, he more than passed the eye test & the statistics back him up as best CB in the league this year.

    I guess I should mention Hufanga as well. I haven’t seen him play enough to really say all that much but when I did, he was super inconsistent. I can remember the one game where he made play after play & either ended the game with a pick or it just took away any hope. The other game I remember he was getting worked like a cheap hooker.

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