Chargers downgrade Mike Williams to out

NFL: DEC 26 Chargers at Colts
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The Chargers will not have receiver Mike Williams for Saturday’s playoff matchup against the Jaguars.

Los Angeles has downgraded Williams to out after initially listing him as questionable on Thursday’s injury report.

Williams did not practice all week after suffering a back injury late in the second quarter of last Sunday’s loss to the Broncos. Head coach Brandon Staley had initially said on Monday that he expected Williams to practice, but that did not end up happening. Staley said on Thursday that Williams receiving rest and treatment was more important than his practice reps.

But by ruling him out on Friday, Williams won’t even travel to Florida for this weekend’s game.

Staley also said on Thursday that he stands behind what the Chargers did with playing time in last week’s game. Despite being locked into the AFC’s No. 5 seed at the 4:25 p.m. ET kickoff, quarterback Justin Herbert wasn’t pulled until 11:15 in the fourth quarter. Keenan Allen caught a touchdown pass from Chase Daniel with 6:02 left in the game.

Los Angeles also announced that they’ve elevated defensive lineman David Moa and running back Larry Rountree from the practice squad to the active roster.

Kickoff for the Chargers and Jaguars is slated for 8:15 p.m. ET on Saturday.

44 responses to “Chargers downgrade Mike Williams to out

  1. How can you stand behind the decision when he got hurt? NFL coaches make too much money to not understand that growth and humility are an integral part of leadership.

  2. After this weekend, Sean Payton will get his wish to both stay in SoCal and have a QB he can rely on for years to come.

  3. Hearing Staley defend his egregious decision to play his starters in a meaningless game is an insult to fans of the sport nationwide.

  4. 2 years in a row this guy does something stupid to cost his team. Downgrade the psyche of this team going in and Staley just gave Jacksonville a huge boost. Staley will be gone Sunday morning

  5. Florio predicted this on PFT Live this AM. Said he thought the questionable label was a face-saving move

  6. This makes it an easy choice to fire Staley. Why the hell was Williams playing in a meaninless game? Easy, coaches decision. You’re fired Brandon.

  7. In fairness to Staley, who made a dumb decision, if a guy can’t stay healthy, he can’t stay healthy. If it wasn’t last week it would have been the first quarter of this week.

  8. Staley is an idiot! He knows he has two receivers that get injured a lot. So let’s play them in a game that means nothing! If they lose to the Jags and he gets fired, Staley will have plenty of time to contemplate all the ridiculous decisions he’s made the past two years

  9. The Charger should also downgrade Brandon Staley to out — as head coach. Why wait for his next bone-head decision?

  10. Everyone knows mike Williams will make 1 amazing catch then get injured while making it or immediately afterwards. They should have saved him to make that play when it matters, ie tomorrow.

  11. Staley = clown. Would love to see this talented roster coached by someone with a clue.

  12. >>Brandon Staley coach of the year.

    The Charger’s 18 yard line nods vigorously in approval…

  13. It’s a fracture according to Popper of the Athletic. The idiot coach just could not concede he made a mistake in playing key starters in a meaningless game. Staley is just a joke of a coach. He might be a good DC bit as far as coaching goes he’s pathetic but Telesco won’t get rid of him because it’s his third hire and he probably won’t get snot chance or else he’s gone also. Get rid of them both, one for playing the starters and Telesco for letting him.

  14. The season is too long with 17 games and it’s eroding the quality of the playoffs. Staley is still an idiot and should be fired at the conclusion of the season – I hate when coaches double-down on bad decisions and defend themselves. Just own it. You should not have played your starters in a meaningless game.

  15. Just saw this on ESPN.
    “Los Angeles Chargers wide receiver Mike Williams has a small, nonsurgical fracture in his back that is expected to sideline him two to three weeks, sources told ESPN’s Lindsey Thiry on Friday.”

    The coach is toast now! Bye!

  16. Another unnecessary risk by Staley…what else is new? This one could cost him and the Chargers everything. These aren’t the same old Jags.

  17. How could you possibly justify playing Williams who is injury prone (missed 26 games in career) in a meaningless game. The only thing more stupid is doubling down and standing behind the decision. If Chargers lose, Staley could be on a slippery slope with Sean Payton waiting to pounce.

  18. Can’t believe they played him in a meaningless game. I know they were thin at WR but the game meant nothing. Line up two tight ends and pound the rock. He is a huge part of their offensive machine and their likelihood of beating the Jags just took a hit. Dumb.

  19. Coach Staley can you come see me and bring your building keys and everything in your desk with you. Sean Payton needs your office by next Monday.

  20. What a farce…playing his starters extensively in a meaningless game…then the examination that showed nothing wrong because they didn’t want to see anything wrong…then defending his clearly indefensible position…to finding out it’s a FRACTURE. If there was ever a playoff coach who needed to be fired BEFORE a playoff game it’s Staley. What a stooge.

  21. In the last season game of 2021, Staley cost the Chargers the playoffs by calling a timeout when the Raiders were content to have a tie and both teams make the playoffs. In the last season game of this year, he decides to play his injury prone frontline players who have just started getting healthy and looses Williams for the playoffs. In fact, Herbert was hit pretty hard as well as our star running back in that game. The starters were given the gift of a bye by the Bengals win, to get more healthy, instead, Staley will have none of that. With Staley, every time we get to the final game of the regular season, I’m always fearful of what bonehead plan he has to cost the Chargers the playoffs.

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