Dak Prescott calls questions about Mike McCarthy’s job security “comical, in a sense”

Houston Texans v Dallas Cowboys
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Earlier this week, Cowboys owner and G.M. Jerry Jones shut down any talk of coach Mike McCarthy’s job status hinging on beating the Buccaneers on Monday night. On Friday, quarterback Dak Prescott added his two cents.

Via Jori Epstein of YahooSports.com, Prescott called the talk of McCarthy being in trouble “comical, in a sense.”

“Back-to-back 12 win [seasons] in y’all tell me how long and we’re talking about a guy’s job in jeopardy?” Prescott said. “That just shows you when you play for this organization what comes with it.”

He’s right. But it’s also a byproduct of Sean Payton being available. Four years ago, Jones tried to hire Payton. With Payton now drawing attention from multiple teams after a year off (Broncos, Cardinals, Texans), if Jones is ever going to hire Payton, this may be Jerry’s last and best chance.

The Cowboys are nevertheless trying to shut out all noise that would contradict the notion that McCarthy is safe.

“That’s why it’s important to create these walls around us, create this safe place in our locker room,” Prescott said. “Understanding what matters is the men that go out there and get in between the lines and put the work in throughout the week for us to go out and win.”

That’s what matters until the season ends. At that point, however, people not in the locker room have decisions to make. And the decision wouldn’t be simply to move on from McCarthy. it would be, if it happens, to upgrade from McCarthy to Payton.

Remember that. Jones wouldn’t be firing McCarthy in order to venture into a coaching search that will lead who knows where. Jones would be deliberately swapping out McCarthy for Payton.

34 responses to “Dak Prescott calls questions about Mike McCarthy’s job security “comical, in a sense”

  1. It’s a player’s league, not a coach’s league. Jerry knows that. He’s a HOF owner/G.M. who’s already won super bowls with two different coaches. He knows it’s not about the coach. But even if it was, Mike McCarthy has already proven to be capable of coaching a world championship team. Smart owners like Mr. Jones and the Rooney’s don’t hire and fire coaches every five minutes, and they win super bowls with whoever they hire. And Jerry Jones was a captain on his National Championship college team, the Arkansas Razorbacks. Jerry knows football. They don’t give away those gold jackets just for fun.

  2. The i’s aren’t dotted and the t’s aren’t crossed with this team under McCarthy. That’s the issue. So if Dak and the boys don’t button it up, people are going continue questioning the coaching.

  3. All this talk about Sean Payton They both rode an elite Qb to the Super Bowl and were mediocre afterwards With identical stats to back it up

  4. What has Sean Payton ever done that McCarthy hasn’t? How many NFC title games has Payton made with all those years with his HOF QB. It is less then what McCarthy did in Green Bay.

  5. Even McCarthy was surprised when JJ hired him! So it shouldnt be a shock when(ever) he gets fired and replaced… The biggest wave that will come of it will be the difference in the size of the contract, but that wont be for public consumption;)

  6. I’m so looking forward to when the Cowboys beat Philthy in Philthy and shut down that fraud team for good this year.

  7. As an Eagles fan there are no bad choices here. Keep McCarthy and lol yeah that works. Hire Payton and watch how great a coach he is without Brees – just like Belichick without Brady. Or, door #3 is fire McCarthy, don’t hire Payton and instead hire their D coordinator Mr. 28-3 himself. Let’s see, continue with the cat that wasted Aaron Rogers prime, hire the dude that lucked into one superbowl with stat machine Drew Brees, or finally hire the author of the greatest choke in football history. We all win in any of these scenarios. Well, everyone except the intellectually challenged cowboy fans.

  8. Who says McCarthy to Payton is an upgrade? Their resumes aren’t all that much different.

  9. There’s a chance, obviously, that this will get messy. Jones could fire McCarthy, probably unfairly, then hire Payton who goes on to a pair of nine win seasons. Jones will freak out over that and we will all enjoy it.

  10. Sean Payton is no upgrade but I can see Jerry doing something stupid like swapping coaches, we all remember the Jimmy Johnson debacle. Did Jerry learn anything from that or will history repeat itself.

  11. The only thing comical is the players seem to fold up in the playoffs. Sure the coach will be the fall guy but at some point the players need to look into the mirror and start holding each other accountable.

  12. Sean Payton had 3 straight 7-9 seasons with Drew Brees as his quarterback. Mike McCarthy never had a stretch that bad in Green Bay with Aaron Rodgers. In fact he had exactly one losing season with Rodgers starting more than half their games, in his first year when he was replacing Brett Favre.
    The mystique around Payton is completely unjustified.

  13. Sean know that it has to be near perfect or on its way to it to be worth it. Dallas with Jerruh at the helm is far from that. Also what are teams going to have to give up to get Sean in the first place? Draft pics? Money?

  14. McCarthy’s Cowboys teams have been remarkably undisciplined, and every year they fail to meet expectations. Part of that is a PR problem – Dallas does a good job of overinflating the talent on their roster to the media. But a bigger part is a performance problem. How many interceptions did Prescott throw this year? How badly did they stink up the place last weekend?

  15. Coaches are like players. There are a handful of elites, a lot of mediocres, and a handful of lucky to have a job types. McCarthy is mediocre and none of the elites are going anywhere. If Jones gets rid of McCarthy, he should look at the Andy Reid tree.

  16. I know Sean Payton seems to be the sports media’s fair-haired golden boy these days, but what makes him so special? Payton has the exact same number of head coach Super Bowl wins as Mike McCarthy – and New Orleans wasn’t exactly making regular appearances at the big dance during his time there – plus, he was suspended for a year. Not sure why he’s all that highly regarded.

  17. “I’m so looking forward to when the Cowboys beat Philthy in Philthy and shut down that fraud team for good this year”
    Did you think of that all by yourself? As a Cowboy fan I guess you got help…

  18. McCarthy has always been overrated but so has Dak. How many interceptions will he throw Monday night?

  19. What is comical is to think that the Dallas coach has been a great example of how to coach a team to consistent winning. I think the last game Dallas proved he’s got reason to be questioned. And this is not the first time his team with supposed superior talent has phoned it in.

  20. The only thing comical will be your part in getting him canned with your sub par performances.

  21. If Prescott spent less time in “safe places” and played fewer games like his awful one from last week, McCarty’s job would be a lot safer.

    Nobody cares about your 12-win seasons, Dak. They want you to stop coming up small when it counts. If you get 12 wins but keep flaming out before getting anywhere in the playoffs, then who cares?

  22. I always liked MM. The negatives are lack of offensive adaption/flexibility in WI, which he seems to have cured, and also game management, which he has not. That will be his downfall if there is one in TX.

  23. I was upset when McCarthy moved on from Farve. But from what I know now, how much was pressure was Rodgers putting on McCarthy behind the scenes. A bigger danger for McCarthy if he wins the Super Bowl and the media gives him to much credit.

  24. Dak should worry about his own job. Can’t read defenses throws to the other team and can’t throw.

  25. It’s comical until the Cowboys do Cowboys things ducking out early from the playoffs, coach McCheeseburger gets fired, and Payton or Harbaugh end up being your new head coach. It would be comical, but chances are it’s true.

  26. McCarthy has been a very solid regular season coach. However, he makes 2-3 head-scratching, bonehead calls in every playoff game! Coupled with Dak and his penchant for doing the same, it’s a recipe for post-season failure.

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