Dolphins confirm Skylar Thompson will start

NFL: JAN 08 Jets at Dolphins
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Dolphins coach Mike McDaniel confirmed Friday that rookie Skylar Thompson will start at quarterback in Sunday’s wild card playoff game against the Bills.

The team ruled out Tua Tagovailoa (concussion) for a third consecutive week.

Backup quarterback Teddy Bridgewater (knee/right finger) is questionable after limited practices all week.

McDaniel said Bridgewater still is dealing with a dislocated pinkie on his throwing hand, but the Dolphins expect him to dress as Thompson’s backup. Mike Glennon also is available.

Thompson, a 2022 seventh-round pick, will make his third start and seventh appearance of this season.

“The good thing for me, I feel like I got a pretty good feel for what a playoff game kind of would look like just last week,” Thompson said of the Week 18 win over the Jets, via Marcel Louis-Jacques of ESPN. “It was a win-or-go-home type of situation for us, so getting to experience kind of what that felt like last week I think was helpful. This week is just going to be like any other week for me this entire season.”

33 responses to “Dolphins confirm Skylar Thompson will start

  1. ******dolphins confirm they don’t care enough to attempt to compete or win

    I corrected the headline..

  2. I feel bad for him, he’s going to wet his pants again. If he doesn’t and plays well, I will wet mine. The Dolphins defense MUST play well to have any chance of winning. I don’t see that happening.

  3. How embarrassing for the Patriots to lose a playoff spot to a team trotting out their 4th string QB. Pathetic.

  4. The offense will need to score more than the 0 points they scored last week and the defense will need to allow less than the 30 points they averaged all season!

  5. Dolphins GM Grier has once again constructed a roster of injury prone
    draft picks and free agent signings, will he ever be held accountable?

    Case in point…Bridgewater is more fragile than Tua.

  6. Just go out there and sling it kid, you have two of the best WR’s in the league and nobody expects you to win. Don’t make stupid mistakes, let things roll off your back and remember you have playmakers.

  7. Can’t wait to watch. Thompson is more mobile than Tua and tougher than Teddy.
    He’ll give it his all.
    Every given Sunday Miami plays hard and they’ll be the team playing loose on Sunday. Bills have ALL the pressure to win it all. We are just in Year One of the McDaniel era and showed PLENTY of promise; even beaten this bunch before.

    Go Dolphins.

  8. Thompson is horrible. I don’t know what Miami seen in this guy with better quarterbacks being available.

  9. It’s a division rivalry, and Miami still has some of the most talented players in the league – especially at wide receiver.

    I’m certainly not chalking it up as a win. Bills should be favored, but I expect both teams to give their best effort. This is the playoffs.

  10. So we get to watch the Bills embarrass the Dolphins instead of the Pats. I can live with that

  11. I picture Josh Allen getting pulled in the 3rd …. only chance the Fins have of keeping this one within 20 too

  12. Thompson is a raw rookie & starting a playoff game on the road in frigid Buffalo is certainly one way to either make or break him – being a Bills fan I’ll go the latter. He didn’t look very good against the Jest’s but that’s not saying much because of their good Defense…so maybe he’ll play with a bit more confidence against Buffalo.

  13. Tyreek now confirms Thompson is the most accurate passer in the league. Enjoy one & done Tyreek. You’ll have a lot more time this off season to spend your money!

  14. Miami is by far one of the most unluckiest franchises in professional sports!They deserve to beat the bills!

  15. We’ve seen crazier things happen in this league. I know the odds are stacked against Miami but here’s a few things to remember. They were supposed to be blown out the first meeting yet they won, they were supposed to be blown out bigger in the second game and they were only a few plays away from stealing it. Allen can get a little loose with the football as far as TOs go. If Miami can get 2 they have a chance. On top of that all the pressure in the world is on the Bills. According to the fans and talking heads Miami has nothing to play for. Usually teams with nothing to play for are dangerous. Thompson can’t turn it over and Sanders can’t miss kicks in this one. The Bills are beatable. It’s all going to come down to Miami’s defense. If they can get home and make Allen uncomfortable we’ll have ourselves a game.

  16. This weekend, and particularly next weekend, are my favorite times of the year for sports. Skylar Thompson? No Lamar Jackson? No thank you. I’ll tune in to see the Bills, and I’ll tune in to see the Bengals. But truth be told, I’m only eager for the Chargers @ Jaguars, and I think that Giants @ Vikings will be a good game.

  17. Chris Grier will always be remembered in Dolphin lore as the Gm who picked Tua over Herbert. That he still has a job is a reflection on the total incompetence of Stephen Ross as an Owner. Grier became GM in 2016. Since then he has had 16 picks in the first two rounds of the NFK draft ( probably more than any other team in that span) yet there is ONLY ONE Pro Bowler from these 16 picks that still plays for the Dolphins. As long as Grier is the Dolphins GM 9-8 or 8-9 will be the Dolphins record.

  18. I’m so tired of seeing the Tua bashing comments and the comparison to Herbert nonsense.
    What has Herbert done that Tua hasn’t???? I will wait…

  19. I think the Bills are legit superbowl contenders, but they are not some unbeatable juggernaut. I expect them to beat an injury depleted Miami team, but let’s not act like it’s a forgone conclusion. Good teams lay eggs all the time against teams they should beat, even in the playoffs.

  20. Its not looking good for my fins but any given sunday right?

    If they can move the ball on the ground and keep Allen on the sidelines there’s a chance

  21. Mean while Teddy will sprain a finger while holding the clipboard on the sidelines.

  22. Tigershark makes a killing on these boards recycling the phrase “Tua Glass”. Lol. Must be lonely.

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