Jadeveon Clowney apologizes for saying the Browns showcase Myles Garrett

Arizona Cardinals v Cleveland Browns
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Browns defensive end Jadeveon Clowney released some steam last week, with critical comments about how the team uses him. Along the way, Clowney suggested that the Browns call defenses with an eye toward helping defensive end Myles Garrett get to the Hall of Fame.

Clowney is now trying to clean up his mess.

“As a son and a parent I want to fully apologize to anyone I offended, specifically Myles Garrett and his family,” Clowney said in a statement. “My words in the locker room were not only taken out of context, but completely misrepresented. As a man I have reached out to Myles specifically to apologize. I will continue to learn and grow as I move forward.”

Ah yes, the time-honored, “I never said that thing I actually said” defense. But here’s the thing. Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plainer Dealer, who initially posted Clowney’s comments, says the a teammate who overheard the remarks “asked Clowney if he was sure he wanted to say what he was saying.”

Really, what would Clowney have to apologize for or learn from if his words were “taken out of context” and “completely misrepresented”? All he had to say was, “I never said it.”

21 responses to “Jadeveon Clowney apologizes for saying the Browns showcase Myles Garrett

  1. Why does he have to apologize as a son and as a parent? He offended his teammate; he should just apologize as a teammate.

  2. Can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube. You just made life hell for your Agent. Best of luck in the USFL.

  3. Bill O’Brien got excoriated for trading Clowney to Seattle. This was at the time when Clowney was coming off his rookie contract (as 1st pick in draft) and wanting a massive $100M+ deal. O’Brien got a 3rd round pick (effectively the compensatory pick value) and a couple of young players from Seattle. The Seahawks had him for one year, and once they let him go, they didn’t get a compensatory pick. Bill O’Brien stole from Seattle in that deal. Bill O’Brien also stole from Miami in the Tunsil deal. Bill O’Brien was doing things right in Houston but they (ownership and Houston sports media, the dumbest in nation) didn’t want him in Htown because he didn’t play their silly games (in a city where last conference title was 1980). Proof in the pudding, Nick Saban immediately hires Bill O’Brien…no one interviews Rick Smith, and no one will ever hire again Lovie Smith and David Culley. Clowney is a great example of the incompetence of Houston under the McNairs…Bob to a large extent…Cal in every way imaginable, perhaps the dumbest owner in the history of American sport (which is a low bar indeed).

  4. How were his words taken out of context and completely misrepresented?

    They seemed to be perfectly clear, taken in context, and represented as they actually were.

    But that’s just me.

  5. That ship has sailed, you idiot. Just move on, and be happy you were able to fleece a few NFL teams for millions of dollars.

  6. Any day now that we DONT hear from this Clowney will be too soon. Go ahead and leave kid and dont let the door hit you. I think this might be it for the young man

  7. Clowney gonna clown…..3 guarantees in life are death, taxes and Jadeveon Clowney injuries.

  8. He wasn’t completely wrong.. Garrett is a one trick pony. He gets burned on run defense all the time because all he does is go after sacks! He belongs on a team with watson. 40% of browns cap next year?

  9. What does being a “son and a parent” have to do with anything he said… other than his parents and children being embarrassed by him.

  10. He was apologizing for the misinterpretation by some that he was dogging Myles. He wasn’t. He was venting his frustration with the scheme which overplayed Myles at the expense of the d-line. He was right about the scheme which is why Woods lost his job. He was apologizing for how the words were twisted – which of course they were – sports media is the equivalent of a grade school playground. He shoulda just kept his mouth shut.

  11. This guy is the face of over hyped under producer i wailed against this move when they made it . I have seen the flaws in our GM by his drafts and his FA signings this is not rocket science his job is just as much to use common sense as it is to spot talent.

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