Joe Mixon fined for coin flip celebration, plans to appeal

Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals
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Bengals running back Joe Mixon‘s celebration of a touchdown in Week 18’s win over the Ravens drew the attention of the league.

Mixon pulled a quarter out of his glove and flipped it after scoring early in the game. The celebration was a reference to the league’s decision to open the door to determining home field advantage in a Wild Card game between the two AFC North teams with a coin flip had the Ravens won and the two teams gone on to a third matchup of the year.

NFL rules prohibit the use of props in touchdown celebrations and, per multiple reports, Mixon heard from his agent that he was fined while in the Bengals locker room on Thursday. Mixon said he didn’t know the amount, but plans to appeal the fine and he may have some help paying it if that doesn’t work out.

Mixon credited former Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson with the idea and Johnson said on Twitter that he would pick up any fine. Johnson made the same vow on Friday morning, adding that he has his checkbook with him as he travels to Cincinnati for the game.

29 responses to “Joe Mixon fined for coin flip celebration, plans to appeal

  1. You can’t bring props onto the field for celebrations… the NFL ended that practice with Terrell Owens and Ocho Cinco

  2. Worth it for the charitable contribution. League looks like idiots for the whole playoff shuffle, coin flip, etc., so someone had to say the obvious. Ocho behind it, that’s great.

  3. If you don’t want Nixon to use a quarter during his celebration, perhaps the league office finding a better solution that doesn’t involve negatively impacting the Bengals is needed.

  4. That would be great if they fined him 25 cents. Maybe double it to 50 cents to teach him a lesson.

  5. That’s generous of Chad Johnson, but I hope Mixon pays his own fine. He’s a grown man, right?

  6. LOL that was pretty funny and harmless. The league donates the money from fines to charity right? Pay up Chad. Let’s just move on everyone.

  7. Chad Johnson? Of all the people in the world to take a recommendation from, he chose Chad Johnson?!

  8. Why is he appealing? The rule clearly states he can’t use a prop. He pulled a quarter out of his glove, flipped it, then kicked it. No different then joe horns phone call or TOs sharpie… and that was the prime of the No Fun League

  9. What about the Steelers simulating giving cpr after a sack against the Browns? Very disrespectful and should warrant a fine and/or suspension. But that’s typical Steelers antics so that won’t happen.

  10. A prop is a prop. Why even try to appeal it? Countless other players are able to act out without using props.

  11. Tyreek Hill was hit for $12,875 this season for his cheerleader exhibition. Expect the same coin will be extracted from Joe Mixon.

  12. If the League is serious about fines they will start making them have teeth. Right now these guys treat fines like these like the jokes they are.

  13. The Bengals got gifted the division yet they are still hating on the league front office! SMH

  14. This won’t be some two bit fine. They docked him a quarter of his game check. It makes no cents, to coin a term.

    I give this appeal a 50/50 chance of winning. He’s a RB and this is a quarter back league.

    Toss a coin to your mixon…

  15. With the revelation that the decision to not make up the game came from the teams, it’s rich seeing this baby still crying about his PR stunt. If you’re refusing to make up the game, then how else could the league make it fair when one team gets the benefit of an automatic half-game advantage in the standings?..apart from removing a loss from the other team’s record which we know they weren’t going to do. Mixon has had a child-like mentality about other things since he’s entered the league so no real surprise here.

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