PFT’s NFL 2022 MVP: Patrick Mahomes

Denver Broncos v Kansas City Chiefs
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Throughout every given season, the question of who will or could be the MVP becomes a rollercoaster. Candidates emerge. Some remain viable, others come and go. By the time all 17 games are played, the answer becomes obvious.

This year, the obvious answer is Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

It’s easy to take his wizardry for granted, to expect greatness rather than be awed by it. After a closer-than-expected December win over the Texans, which featured a hook-shot throw that not many quarterbacks in the history of the sport could have made, Mahomes explained that some of his best work happens when he slips into “panic mode.”

For most, panic mode never ends well. For Mahomes, it unlocks a combination of skill and instinct that leads to memorable moments, whether it’s throwing a cross-body laser while running away from pressure or flipping a sudden knuckleball to running back Jerick McKinnon.

And when Mahomes decides to run the ball, he has an uncanny knack for weaving through bodies that lunge and flail hopelessly in an effort to bring him down.

The end result for Mahomes was a single-season record for total offensive output, with 5,250 passing yards, 385 rushing yards, and six receiving yards. That’s 5,614 total yards of offense from Mahomes, who in his fifth year as a starter already has cemented his Hall of Fame credentials.

The next step is trying to get another Super Bowl victory. He said in December that he’d rather win a championship than an MVP award, that he’s won each prize and strongly prefers the one that’s determined in February. No player has managed to do both since Rams quarterback Kurt Warner in 1999.

Others merit consideration as the most valuable in the sport. Bills quarterback Josh Allen, the preseason favorite, had another special season. A tendency to turn the ball over in the red zone dragged him down in the end, however. Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow, after a slow start caused in large part by an appendectomy, showed that he’s not afraid of anything, as proven by three wins over Mahomes in calendar year 2022.

Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts may have won the prize but for a shoulder injury that caused him to miss multiple late-season games. He can run, he can throw, and above all else he can lead. He explained after a win over the Steelers that he has sensed that the rest of the team has adopted his obsessive focus and determination to win game after game after game.

A couple of non-quarterbacks showed their value as well. The Vikings would have been ordinary at best without receiver Justin Jefferson. And 49ers defensive end Nick Bosa caused folks to stop and think whether it’s time for a defensive player to win the award, for the first time since Lawrence Taylor in 1986.

Still, at the end of the day, it’s Mahomes. The best player at the most important position in the sport. A player who will likely keep doing what he’s been doing at the highest level for another decade, maybe longer.

68 responses to “PFT’s NFL 2022 MVP: Patrick Mahomes

  1. It’s time they made a brady or manning award for the best qb and a Maddon award for the best non qb player for the season…

  2. Mahomes is the best, he’s in his own class. No Allen, Burrow, Herbert , Rodgers etc.

    Just his own tier of awesomeness.

  3. While Patrick Mahomes ’22 doesn’t have a story (already won SB, already won MVP, team not overcoming anything, no big roster differences from last year, no personal stories), his performance was simply the most consistent and the best and I agree, you have to give it to Mahomes.

  4. When they traded Tyreek, a lot of people writ him off. And he balled out. I’m going to keep enjoying watching Mahomes. Other then my Steelers, I find myself regularly watching the Chiefs. A fantastic head coach and QB combo is must watch tv

  5. Yes. Patrick Mahomes is the best QB in the NFL. Earlier in the year I said Josh Allen was. I’m very happy for the Bills QB situation going forward. However I would have to give the vote to Mahomes for this years MVP. He deserves it. Josh will get his.

  6. What has Mahomes done to be Public Enemy #1? He’s a helluva player and from all appearances is a great person.

  7. Justin Jefferson was doing pretty well until he ran into Jaire Alexander in week 17. Completely shut down. 1 catch for 15 yards. Exposed as a complete fraud.

  8. Great generational player. Nothing against the guy, but already beyond sick of him and the Chiefs. They’re basically the Patriots Part II. Glad they won one, seen enough. Go away.

  9. As always, the MVP award is treated as “The Player Who Had The Best Season Award”, and, that being the case, Mahomes is the obvious winner. But if this were a determination of the Most Valuable Player, there’s no doubt that’s Jalen Hurts. He didn’t have a single bad game the entire season, as his team went “wire-to-wire” with the best record in the league. Then, he misses two games late in which the Eagles can clinch the #1 seed — and they lose both. He returns, and they lock-up the division and #1 seed. He only lost 1-game (in which teammates lost three fumbles and he still had them in position to win late). Hurts was clearly more valuable to the success of his team than any other player in the league.

  10. As an eagles fan..yup, this is right. Jalen Hurts totally deserved this too, it’s a shame he got hurt & I hate to look at it like this but this could save them a few bucks on the contract that’s coming. There’s still a lot of football left though so a lot can happen from now & serious contract discussions

  11. It hasn’t been an exactly glorious year for any player or team. But Mahomes seems like the best single player in the sport. Take away his best receiver and he doesn’t miss a beat. I hope he keeps doing this for a long time because he’s remarkable.

    All the attention has been elsewhere this year, but he has as good a chance as anyone, and better than most, to win it all again.

  12. Derrick Henry? Are you kidding? He had a 4 game stretch that coincided with their nose dive where he averaged under 2.5/carry. MVPs can’t have 1/4 season long slumps & miss the playoffs. I doubt anyone would blame Henry for that team struggling but even if we throw out the QB position, there are probably 20 guys that would finish above him in the voting. You’re a PERFECT example of people that need their internet card revoked.

  13. “The Vikings would have been ordinary at best without receiver Justin Jefferson.”

    Ummm, oh nevermind.

  14. Awesome football player no doubt. We are in to some special viewing over the next decade but more importantly he is a class individual. When the Chiefs lose, it’s his fault. When they win, everyone gets credit but himself. MVP is well deserved after all the negative comments about him when Hill was traded

  15. Mahomes is good but Burrow, Allen, Brady , Herbert and a couple others are right there with him. Great bunch of players.

  16. Congrats Mahomes. Well deserved honor to a player who is not only an outstanding player, but who also comes across as a great person and team mate, the way it should be.

  17. Mahomes led a loaded Chiefs roster against a total of 2 equally talented teams this year. He lost to both of them. His team was then gifted the #1 seed through the most bizarre circumstance in NFL history. Keep your stats. The MVP should win big games.

  18. Mahomes led a loaded Chiefs roster against a total of 2 equally talented teams this year. He lost to both of them. His team was then gifted the #1 seed through the most bizarre circumstance in NFL history. Keep your stats. The MVP should win big games.

  19. The question is it ever going to be possible to have a non-QB win the MVP?

    Let’s say a player gets 25 sacks. There’s still going to be a QB with 5000+ passing yards, a running back with a lot of touchdowns, a QB from a surprise team.

    With the way we love quarterbacks and how angry people on Twitter get about wanting them to get paid, I don’t know how someone else wins.

  20. sweetness says:
    January 13, 2023 at 8:11 pm

    Mahomes is the best, he’s in his own class. No Allen, Burrow, Herbert , Rodgers etc.

    Just his own tier of awesomeness.

    That’s all fine and dandy, but I want my team to be the best, couldn’t care less where the QB ranks.

  21. As a lowly Broncos fan, I can say without hesitation he’s the best in the game. He reminds me of a combo between Elway and Favre.

  22. cheeseisfattening says:
    January 13, 2023 at 8:16 pm

    Justin Jefferson, when he’s not angrily assaulting officials with his helmet, is definitely the MVP of the Vikings.
    Without him, they are a 3 win team.
    We all saw that when a very average Packer team curb stomped the Vikings after taking Jefferson out of the game.
    Actually 3 wins might even be too generous. 🤣

  23. If Patrick Mahomes keeps winning SBs/MVPs, does Josh Allen turn into one of those names that you remember used to be really good, but forgot when/what team he played for? I think so

  24. Alot of Hurts TD passes were because AJ Brown caught impossible balls. Alot of Mahomes FD passes were because he made them happen. Big difference.

  25. dalewolf68 says:
    January 13, 2023 at 8:32 pm
    Another MVQB award … Derrick Henry was the MVP …
    Henry had the most rushing attempts and still didn’t win the rushing leader title, nor have the most rushing TDs.

  26. Is a guy that continually has to climb out of his own hole really MVP? I don’t think so.

  27. This year’s MVP choice will be easy for virtually everyone to accept, if not fully agree. Mahomes is elite in a great group. Moreover, this group of tremendously skilled young quarterbacks has renewed my interest in the entire NFL. Each one mentioned has outstanding leadership and character to match their on-field performance. That has not always been the case.

  28. Too bad he is absolutely handcuffed with the most overrated coach in the history of the sport. How many near miss / choke jobs does the world need to see to admit that everyone is wrong in assessing this head coach. He wasted 9 years with in his prime Donovan McNab and for only THREE of those years did Reid get him a decent WR. He has an otherworldly talent in Mahomes and has ONE super bowl only. Back with the Eagles they were always close in a very bad conference and now with the Chiefs they are always close in a much better conference. But close = one ring and not the 4 or 5 or even 6 that he should have. I don’t get why he gets a pass on the national stage. Great father too…

  29. The combination of QB Patrick Mahomes and HC Andy Reid might be the best in NFL history. Consider John Elway’s tenure with the Denver Broncos–he was essentially shackled by Dan Reves for years, but was ultimately unleashed by Mike Shanahan who was able to put Elway’s unique skills to best use and win two Super Bowls.

  30. Reading the article it sounds like Mahomes won offensive player of the year, not mvp. Opoy, yes he wins in a landslide, nobody can touch his stats. But everyone forgets the V in mvp. Eagles were 14-1 with Hurts playing, 0-2 and inept without him. Personally I’d give it to him based on that. All the close games the Vikings won, they’d be sub .500 without Jefferson. I’m not saying Mahomes isn’t mvp, it’s a subjective award and deserves consideration. But it shouldn’t be a unanimous landslide.

  31. MVP is a popularity contest. The real MVP on the Chiefs is the play caller. Scheming 5 yard outs for RAC and puffing stats for Mahomes.

    Football is a team game – but the stats always favour QB. We need to advance and use next gen stats as the norm. This would show the true difference makers.

  32. Not buying it…the statement in this piece says it all: ‘Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts may have won the prize but for a shoulder injury…’ So this award in your mind is all about who put up the best stats, not who was the most important to the success of the team. MOST VALUABLE PLAYER it’s called, not stats leader. Would the Eagles be 16-1 if he didn’t hurt his shoulder? Maybe…without him the Eagles are not what they are…one of the best teams in the NFL. That’s the definition of a Most Valuable Player…not someone who puts up the best stats.

  33. Pat Mahomes is simply sensational. I’ve seen him play enough times to know he’s the best quarterback in the game today. As an eagles fan I can live with that. Hurts is only in his 3rd season and second as a starter…there’s still lots of time for him to get on Mahomes level.
    All the naysayers are the same people who still try and argue that Tom Brady and his 7 rings (more than any franchise) isn’t the greatest of all time. Deep down they know it’s true, but they grasp at silly straws trying to argue it out of existence.
    Congrats to Mahomes on a terrific season.

  34. eaglesfanalways says:
    January 14, 2023 at 8:37 am
    Not buying it…the statement in this piece says it all:
    You simply cannot be the MVP of the nfl season, if you didn’t play the nfl season. The award isn’t, “MVP for the games he actually played in”. There are plenty of teams that cannot win without their starting QB. That doesn’t make their QB the league MVP.

  35. “The Vikings would have been ordinary at best without receiver Justin Jefferson.”

    Try looking under the hood a little, not just the record. This team is ordinary.

  36. Congrats – well deserved.

    Mahomes is always fun to watch. Great for the league to have such a talented player.

  37. There is no dispute, Patrick gives 110% regardless of who he has playing. What is remarkable is that with new pieces this year, you are getting as good results – maybe not as long a pass, but still results.

  38. If Hurts plays 17 gms, it’s a dead heat between him and Mahomes. He missed a couple but Mahomes did not. Case closed.

  39. I thought the MVP award should be named in honor of Ewwin Wawgers. You get it even if you don’t earn it.

  40. Mahomes is the defacto choice. As long as he’s near the top of some league in some stat he’ll be in consideration. Media darling. The other guys gotta do something really special borderline insane to unseat that on a yearly basis.

  41. Henry did have a slump during the season but what do you expect when all 11 defenders are focused on you?
    Downing had an offensive line that wasnt good on pass blocking, a QB with no weapons at wide receiver with the #1 draft choice underachieving. Injuries to Tannehill with a backup who wasnt ready for the pros in his rookie year. All the Titans had was Henry …

  42. If you take mahomes off this team, they maybe dont even make the playoffs, he is the clear cut MVP, its not much of an argument, Hurts definitely 2nd place. Mahomes makes up for alot of problems this team has an Defense. Also he elevates the entire offense, which is a hodgepodge assortment of skill position (except Kelce).

  43. I can’t argue with the Mahomes pick. He seems healthier than he’s been in a couple years, and he’s much wiser than he was the last time he was this physically healthy. As good as Mahomes has been since day 1, he’s playing better than ever right now. We don’t all see the same games every week, so I understand if someone else thinks Bosa or Burrow or Hurts deserves the award. There are a handful of ultra-valuable players.

  44. While technically correct, ‘multiple games’ makes it seem like Hurts missed a good chunk of the season. 14-1 in games he played. 0-2 in games he didn’t. And it seemed most had him as the favorite before he got hurt.

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