Report: Commanders reached out to Jim Caldwell about OC job, he turned them down

NFL: DEC 31 Packers at Lions
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The Commanders need a new offensive coordinator and it will reportedly not be Jim Caldwell.

NFL Media reports that the Commanders reached out to Caldwell about the vacancy they created when they fired Scott Turner after the end of the regular season. Caldwell told them that he was not interested in interviewing for the position because he’s only interested in pursuing head coaching jobs.

Caldwell has interviewed with the Panthers and Broncos about their head coaching vacancies. Caldwell was 62-50 over seven years as the head coach of the Colts and Lions.

The Commanders fired Turner after three seasons filled with quarterback changes, including three different starters this year. Settling that position will make life easier for anyone the Commanders hire as their coordinator.

23 responses to “Report: Commanders reached out to Jim Caldwell about OC job, he turned them down

  1. It was very nice (and smart) of Caldwell to tell the Commanders a valid reason to reject that interview, and not mention the primary reason of ownership and management being a dumpster fire.

  2. Good for him. The Commanders are a dumpster fire and they will be lucky to hire anybody until Danny Boy sells the team. I always liked him, the Lions NEVERshould have got rid of him.

  3. I don’t blame him. Washington is a mess, and besides, he deserves a head coaching job somewhere.

  4. I would say Ron would should just take the role as the GM since he already has it and give up head coaching. But then again, who wants a GM that doesn’t know the playoff implications of each game. That would be baffling

  5. Caldwell is a nice guy, but he gets way too much credit for that Lions run that included Prime Stafford, Prime Calvin and Prime Suh. You could hand a clipboard to an armadillo in a top hat and win 10 games with those guys.

  6. Jim Caldwell!? That’s the best who Bozo Ron and crew thought would turn around the offense? lol

    Luckily he said no.

  7. This Bronco fan is not impressed by a record of 62/50.

    but on the other hand, we haven’t had a winning season in 6 years.

    Woe is us.

  8. Not surprising, but it does provide some insight as to what Rivera is looking for. At his end of season presser, Coach Rivera said he wants to control the tempo. Caldwell, best know for his work with Peyton Manning and Matthew Stafford, ran no huddle offenses. And, yes you can run no huddle with a two back approach.

  9. Turning down a gig with Snyder’s Commanders automatically makes him one of the smartest men in football.

  10. If you can get to over .500 with that edition of the Lions, you should get another shot as HC somewhere. I’d have to imagine being fired in favor of that boob Matt Patricia would frustrate him to no end.

  11. Caldwell’s been out of the league for a while now. I don’t think he’s getting another head coaching job.

  12. The main takeaway here is that Rivera is looking for an old school fossil like himself for OC. Not a good sign for next year. The new owner needs to blow this whole crew out as soon as he or she is able to do so.

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