Tom Brady shrugs at reports linking him to other teams

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Atlanta Falcons
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The Buccaneers play the Cowboys in the wild-card round on Monday night. If they lose, it will potentially be quarterback Tom Brady‘s final game with the team, given that he’s due to become a free agent.

There has been much speculation regarding Brady’s future. Will he retire? Will he play for the Buccaneers? Will he play for another team?

Former teammate Rodney Harrison recently interviewed Brady before a Christmas game on NBC. After the interview was televised, Harrison opined that Brady will play in 2023, but for a different team.

Reports and opinions have linked Brady to other teams. At the end of his Friday media availability, he was asked about it.

“What do you make of some of these reports now that are linking you to the Dolphins or the Raiders? You’re trying to lock in and focus on a football game,” the reporter said.

“What’s the question?” Brady replied.

“What do make of those reports, when you’re trying to lock in?”

“I don’t know,” Brady said. “You guys gotta write something new every day, so just wake up, try to show up and do my job.”

It’s not a denial. It’s not really anything. And that’s fine. Brady will be able to do whatever he wants in 2023. He can pick his next team. It can be any team. And it will be one of the biggest stories of the offseason.

14 responses to “Tom Brady shrugs at reports linking him to other teams

  1. Most of the teams that just need a QB for one year aren’t good enough to get past those with a franchise QB. He’s going to become a joke like Favre, trying to hold on to the glory days… they’re over

  2. One things for certain, the patriots were completely exposed as the disgraced irrelevant cheating joke franchise they are the second Brady got rid of that credit stealing parasite belicheat.

    No amount of serial cheating and endless propping up by Kraft’s fluffer Goodell can change that their pathetic seasons always end in humiliating blowout losses.

    All the fat ungrateful losers in boston who need to live vicariously through other men that turned on Brady immediately deserve the decades of nothing but losing and irrelevance that have begun.

  3. Unless they win the SB, he’s not retiring. I’m not sure he would even if they won to be honest. From an outside perspective, it looks like Brady just loves to play, it’s not about money, accomplishments or records. He just wants to play. I respect that. At this point, I think he retires when he physically can’t do it and that’s the only thing that stops him.

  4. Brady lost half his fortune to Gisele and the other half to FTX, so he’ll be playing for another 7-8 years

  5. He’ll retire then break up with his girlfriend and sign with Miami. Or some other team.

  6. Brady lost most of his offensive line and that’s the main reason the team struggled this year. Get Jensen healthy and plug a couple of holes there, which team (that needs a QB) is going to surround him with more talent than the Bucs next season? Also which of those teams has a better defense? Not saying he’s coming back but that’s an honest question. I can’t think of one. He might want to go home and play for the Niners but why would they sign him when they have a promising young QB? I don’t see any better options out there, also the Bucs organization has treated him like gold. It’s also a great place to reside. I just don’t get the whole “Brady wants to escape Tampa” narrative.

  7. “Brady lost half his fortune to Gisele and the other half to FTX, so he’ll be playing for another 7-8 years”


    They had a prenup and she made more than him…

  8. If you begin with the premise that the only thing that matters to Brady is Lombardi trophies, then the conclusion is that he will want to contintue his career in the NFC, where the path to the Super Bowl is decidedly easier. Three possibilities: (1) The Niners. Pro Bowl-studded roster on both sides of the ball. It’s his boyhood team — his parents still live nearby — so to finish his career there has a life symmetry aspect to it; (2) The Saints. Another excellent roster in need of a QB and Sean Payton might be back; (3) The Buccaneers. Aging but still excellent roster, plus the benefit of playing in a pitiful division that virtually guarantees a trip to the playoffs. I think he stays in Tampa.

  9. I don’t expect Brady to retire at this point, with no one nagging him to hang it up, and I don’t expect him to stay in Tampa. Miami? Not at this point. San Fran? They don’t need him.

    It would be awesome for Kraft to get Belichick to swallow his pride and bring Brady back for one last run as a Patriot, but I have a better chance of marrying Gisele, and she’s not taking my phone calls these days.

  10. Hahahahahaha why would Brady who made the patriots everything they ever were, or any good player go back to that pathetic loser team?

    So he can do all the work and have that parasite steal all the the credit?

    The patriots are a joke and will be for the rest of your lifetime. Karma for the serial cheating.

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