49ers outscore Seahawks 25-6 in second half, advance to divisional round with 41-23 win

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Seattle Seahawks v San Francisco 49ers
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The Seahawks hung tough with the 49ers in the first half of Saturday’s postseason opener.

But the cream rose to the top in the game’s last 30 minutes.

San Francisco dismantled Seattle in the second half, outscoring its division rival 25-6 to give the club a 41-23 victory.

The game turned midway through the third quarter. Though the Seahawks had taken a 17-16 lead with a last-second field goal in the first half, the 49ers had the ball to start the third period and went 75 yards in 13 plays to take a 23-17 lead with quarterback Brock Purdy’s 1-yard touchdown on a QB sneak.

The Seahawks had a shot to answer on the ensuing drive. But on third-and-14 deep in San Francisco territory, defensive lineman Charles Omenihu strip-sacked quarterback Geno Smith. Edge rusher Nick Bosa picked up the loose ball to give San Francisco an extra possession and keep Seattle off the scoreboard.

The 49ers turned that opportunity into a touchdown, with Elijah Mitchell catching a 7-yard score to go up 31-17. And after Seattle’s next punt, Deebo Samuel essentially removed all doubt when he went 74 yards down the left sideline for a touchdown that made the score 38-17.

Smith threw an interception on the first play of his next drive that kept San Francisco in control and set up a Robbie Gould 31-yard field goal.

The Seahawks put up a cosmetic score with D.K. Metcalf’s 3-yard touchdown with 1:48 left in the contest. It was Metcalf’s second score of the day, as he caught a 50-yard touchdown midway through the second quarter.

Metcalf had 10 catches for 136 yards. Smith finished 25-of-35 for 253 yards with two TDs and an interception.

Purdy got off to a shaky start, but the seventh-round rookie finished 18-of-30 for 332 yards with three touchdowns — the first time he’s gone over 300 yards as a pro. He also had three carries for 17 yards.

Samuel and Christian McCaffrey were both monsters, with McCaffrey taking 15 carries for 119 yards. He also caught two passes for 17 yards with a 3-yard touchdown in the first quarter.

Samuel finished with six receptions for 133 yards with a TD and three carries for 32 yards.

Overall, San Francisco had 505 yards — a season-high — averaging 7.9 yards per play.

Seattle finished with 332 yards and averaged 5.3 yards per play.

With the loss, the Seahawks will now turn their attention to the offseason and who they might select with the No. 5 overall pick of this year’s draft, which they acquired from the Broncos in the Russell Wilson trade.

The 49ers will stay home next weekend to play the highest-remaining seed in the NFC, whether it’s the Vikings, Buccaneers, or Cowboys based on the results from the next two days.

72 responses to “49ers outscore Seahawks 25-6 in second half, advance to divisional round with 41-23 win

  1. Just a friendly reminder that the 49ers still have not beaten a top tier team this season.
    In their only major test this season they were blown out by KC.
    They will lose next week, mark my words!

  2. Dominant win and best of all, Purdy is the unquestionable QB1 of this team. With the playmakers they have on both sides of the ball there isn’t an opponent in the NFC we need fear.

    Gotta commend Pete Carrol for overachieving with this squad and turning around Geno Smith’s career.

    Onto the next round …

    GO NINERS!!!!!

  3. The Seahawks almost maid me believe they was about to do something… reality set in! Lol

  4. Man, I thought the AFC was a lock to win it all. Now, I wonder which AFC team could beat SF.

  5. Congrats to the Niners on a great win and the ‘Hawks for putting up a fight. Good luck to Purdy. Great kid, great talent, and most of all, humble. Call him Mr. Relevant, he’s earned it.

  6. Is Brock Purdy the most amazing story ever in the NFL? It almost feels like the Niners started their worst QB at the beginning of the season until he was injured, went to their #2 for 8 or 9 games until he was also hurt, and then lucked into being forced to play their best quarterback. I think the guy is awesome to watch. I’m not a Niners fan, but I’m on board the Purdy train this post-season.

  7. My goodness, well that’s how you make adjustments in the 2nd half. That’s the 49ers team that other teams fear! Fun to watch when that machine is running in all cylinders.

  8. Niner crybaby haters were all screaming one and done. And it’s gonna be raining and Seattle is gonna use that and upset the whiners. Yeah right clowns LOL.

  9. Man I can’t believe people really thought this would be close. Seattle didn’t even belong in these playoffs. Hopefully Tariq woolen starts next season fined and suspended. Very dirty player trying to injure deebo samuel.

  10. At least got to enjoy half a game . As neutral, expected blowout from get go, so at least got some balanced entertainment for a while.

  11. Seahawks fans I know you’ll be quiet. But, I think Seahawks have good pieces, especially the WR and RB and Geno is good. So, I expect you guys will be back next year.

    However, I feel we’ve found a gem for QB. Reminds me of Favre or even Russell Wilson when he could scramble and still find his guy to break your back. Purdy would have had 4 TDs but Aiyuk dropped what was a precise beautiful pass.
    To think this guy is only 23 and should improve.

  12. You have to wonder what mortimer’s obsession with the 49ers is at this point. Maybe still holding a grudge because Montana made Marino look like junior varsity?

  13. Seahawks were the weakest team in the playoffs. 49ers showed that. Heck even old Man Tom lit up the Seahawks earlier in the year.

  14. “The rain will equalize the game”

    “Rookies don’t win playoff games”

    “The game will be closer than you think”

    “It’s hard to beat a division opponent 3 times in one season”

    18 point win even after sitting the starting defense
    Brock Purdy 18-30, 332 yards, 3 TD, 0 INT, 131.5 rating

  15. I thought patriot fans are obnoxious. It was a win against a lesser opponent, nothing more nothing less.

  16. MortimerInMiami says:

    January 14, 2023 at 7:41 pm

    Just a friendly reminder that the 49ers still have not beaten a top tier team this season.
    In their only major test this season they were blown out by KC.
    They will lose next week, mark my words!


    Never stop! The best thing about your absurd posts is that they always turn out wrong.

  17. As an eagles fan…”gulp…”. The eagles will score on them assuming they both get there, the niners will score too. The key will be if the eagles can stop these multiple 7 minute drives that follow them during losses. The niners look tough, credit where it’s due

  18. Good thing Shanahan is a genius, they might not have beat a 7 seed at home with a journeyman QB.

  19. What purdy brings to the table is that deep ball we didn’t have with Garapollo. It unlocks the whole offense. Plus he’s unflappable and you never feel out of it when he’s play.

  20. If the whiners played the packers, Green Bay would have crushed them. They were lucky they got the hawks.

  21. MortimerInMiami says:

    January 14, 2023 at 7:41 pm

    Just a friendly reminder that the 49ers still have not beaten a top tier team this season.
    In their only major test this season they were blown out by KC.
    They will lose next week, mark my words!

    They won’t be challenged until the conference championship game and that’s only if Philly makes it. The NFC is weak.

  22. Only Niners fans and gamblers had any interest in that game beyond the 3rd quarter.
    Seattle clearly isn’t a playoff quality team. But the owners get to pocket a little extra revenue from having a inferior team in a extra and unnecessary playoff game.

  23. Everyone jumps on the hype train whenever a QB that doesn’t have much tape on them does extremely well. Then after a few games, D coordinators find a way to take away what they do best and bring them back down to earth. Dak had a great rookie year, then they found him out. Hurts is doing really good this year, next year defenses will catch up. You’re talking about Mr irrelevant. There’s a reason he wasn’t a top 10 quarterback. It’s always difficult to plan for a quarterback that you’ve never really seen before, and they get an advantage because of it. But after a few games, and good coaches watching tape, things naturally change. And it’s not so much the QB as it is the defense on this team

  24. Well….Seahawks still can’t stop the BIG runs. Got the draft for coming up, hope they can draft well for that. The O-line still needs quite a bit of work but the rookie tackles did well this year. Congrats 49ers on the win. 🏈

  25. I would rather lose tomorrow to the giants than play San Fran next week and get beat by 70

  26. Bad calls last Sunday set up 49ers for an easy win. Easier than Detroit would’ve been.

  27. Eleven straight for the team, six straight for The Kid. Just…wow. On offense, Niners have Deebo, Mitchell, CMC, Kittle, and Mr. Relevant. Defense? Just Warner and the DPOY Bosa. This just in—the Niners have a real shot here.

  28. As a fan of a team that played both the Eagles and Niners, I have to give the Niners the nod in a potential matchup. While the Saints did hold SF to 13 points at their place, Saints had multiple chances inside the 10 yard line and failed to score. Granted the Eagles were without Hurst when the Saints won, but the key seems to be which defense can withstand the run. Eagles have shown some vulnerability against the run, against both us and Washington. Should be a great game if they can both get past their divisional opponents

  29. Not sure why 49ers fans are trying to claim nobody believes in them. It’s widely known that San Fran is the hottest team in the nfl right now. As a Vikings fan, I hope we play them. But the Vikes will need turnovers and special teams or defense to score to win.

  30. Sorry Jags and Jags Fans you don’t play in LA therefore you are not part of the script ….. all obvious penalties will be ignored and not called including Def Holding, Pass Interference and Roughing the passer. It’s not you we just have to protect what’s best for our ratings and pocket books


    NFL (aka WWE)

  31. @MortimerInMiami… You do realize the Niners had a lot of injuries on their defense in that game against KC, right? They’re healthy now and Purdy is doing what he needs to do to get the ball to his playmakers. Chiefs have not beaten a top tier team either; the only quality teams they played were the Bills and the Bengals, and they lost both games. They both have 6 wins against playoff teams, but the combined record of the Chiefs’ opponents in the last 6 regular season games was 29-51-1 when they played, whereas the Niners’ opponents combined for a 38-42-1. Hate on the Niners as much as you want, but you cannot deny the stats.

  32. I had Hebert in my FanDuel lineup but all the contest disappeared right before the games started?

  33. Niners looked very beatable early in the second half. That fumble by Geno changed the game and then the Seahawks played just like they did all season which was one of the worst in the league. Niners secondary looked pretty vulnerable and Purdy had the yips early on and could have easily thrown 3 picks. Purdy looks like a younger Jimmy G. He will win regular season games but not championships. He’s a game manager. Niners secondary looking very vulnerable. No trophies for SF this season. Another disappointing playoff loss just ahead.

  34. Sorry Niners but the entire game changed when the refs stepped in and made that really tight ineligible man call against the Hawks near the goal line late 3rd when they had let the teams play all game. Then Metcalf got mugged on the next play and no call. They were about to take the lead again. I don’t care how good the Niners are because there is no way they are winning the SB with that QB.

  35. Did anyone who’s not a 49ers fan watch the 4th quarter of this game ? So much for close games this year

  36. We need to get rid of these 9-8 playoff teams … winning your division should not get you in the playoffs…just go back to 6 teams per conf with the best 6 records ….. nobody going to watch this trash in the 2nd half

  37. We should ignore guys like Yak Attack, Chris Christensen, pmars64 who have to be negative no matter what. What will you say if they win in the divisional. Also the moronic comment about tape: if you have 6-7 games of tape and you can’t devise ways to slow a QB, you are a useless D coordinator.
    Fact is that Purdy is playing extremely good. He will have some growing pains but he’s not showing anything to suggest he’s flash in the pan.

  38. It’s funny how some fans are so narrow minded. Teams and players are not only playing for the current season but are building for the future. So if you get in, you play and try to get better. If I’m a niner fan that win was expected talk after you win the championship. That’s what matters. but I’d be a little concerned it took the whole game to beat such an inferior team that’s also dominated you for years and they’re just getting started again.

  39. The league gets what they deserve. At least two of the games tomorrow will be stinkers. Go ahead and another regular season game and maybe some teams will rest starters in the first round of the playoffs.

  40. It’s not an unreasonable assessment: the niners played no one this year
    This win doesn’t mean much. Down votes are 9ers fans.. lol… look at their schedule. They beat no one. And today beat no one.

  41. Great game and team win. Seattle dared Brock Purdy to beat them and his teammates/weapons had his back. Defense almost threw another 2nd half shut out. Awesome win.

    But somebody tell me why a #2 seed division champion has to beat a wild card team to advance to the DIVISIONAL round of the playoffs? They earned a spot in the divisional round by what they accomplished in the regular season.

    Might as well just do away with the wild cards and have a division championship game at the end of the year, because that’s all this game was….a glorified division championship game.

  42. Chris Christensen says:
    January 14, 2023 at 9:10 pm
    Purdy looks like a younger Jimmy G. He will win regular season games but not championships.

    Oh forgive me. I didnt know today was a regular season game and not the playoffs.

  43. I love watching the Niners haters choking and still whing that the Niners haven’t played a good team.

    Keep whining, Seattle and Detroit. Our teams are on the couch

  44. Only one 6th round Tom Brady. Now only one Mr irrelevant 7th round Brock Purdy. Where were all these brilliant NFL minds including San Fran for 6 rounds.

  45. It’s amazing all the hate for the Niners. I don’t understand the whole weak schedule argument all the haters have. If you look at each teams record against playoff teams, Niners are 5-1 (2-1 under Garoppolo and 3-0 under Purdy, Eagles are 5-1 (5-0 under Hurts and 0-1 under Minshew), Chiefs are 6-2, Bengals are 4-2, Vikings are 3-2, Cowboys are 5-3 (2-1 under Rush and 3-2 under Prescott), and Jaguars are 3-3. Every other playoff team has a losing record. How is that a weak schedule?

  46. I loved it in the 2019 playoffs when the Seahawks allowed the game winning 1st down and Pete Carroll threw a tantrum like a 2 year old at the candy rack in the store.

  47. Tough win by SF, in basically a road game. Not a lot of 49er fans showing up to games in Santa Clara these days.

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