Bears absolutely should stick with Justin Fields

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Yes, the Bears have earned the first pick in the 2023 draft. That doesn’t mean they should give up on the quarterback who presided over a season bad enough to put them in that position.

Quarterback Justin Fields, a first-round pick who was selected by the prior regime, could in theory be traded, allowing the Bears to take, for example, Alabama quarterback Bryce Young with the No. 1 pick. But that would be a mistake, for multiple reasons.

First, Fields has proven that he has real potential. He’s already the best running quarterback in the league. It’s up to the Bears to build a passing game around his next-level rushing skills. Given his threat to slip past the defensive linemen and gain 50 or more yards at any given time, it shouldn’t be that hard to get more out of his overall abilities with his arm.

Second, there’s no guarantee that Young or any other first-round quarterback will become a great player. It’s a coin flip, a tossup, a crapshoot — every year. It makes no sense to trade in a winning lottery ticket for an unscratched one.

Third, think of the pressure that Young or Ohio State’s C.J. Stroud would feel if they became not only the No. 1 overall pick  but also the guy who prompted the Bears to give up on Fields. It’s already hard enough for a first-round quarterback to operate under the weight of ridiculous expectations. It becomes even harder if the next player must justify the move by quickly outperforming the man he replaced.

It would be similar to the pressure that Trey Lance has faced in San Francisco, after the 49ers ultimately devoted three first-round picks and more to get him.It sets the bar too high, makes it too hard to be regarded as a success.

No, the Bears should stick with the guy they have. But they also should carefully scout the incoming quarterbacks, in order to most effectively negotiate with any team that may try to trade up to the top spot in order to secure one of them. In the end, the Bears could end up with more than enough assets to build a team of players that Field can lead to the playoffs on a consistent basis.

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  1. I hate the bears as a lions fan and I thought he was garbage early on but he’s actually been impressive. He needs a lot of help because that roster is garbage. Oline, weapons and then we’ll know what he can do. If they draft a QB they’ll be in the same boat. No weapons. Build a roster around him. Trade the puck to the colts

  2. Running QBs are great as long as they can win using their arm.
    Can he win with his arm? That’s the question.

  3. Fields is a great runner. Can he pass at a pro level? Who knows? At best, he’ll be another Lamar Jackson – great when healthy, but often injured due to taking too many hits as a runner. At worst – CFL.

  4. No way should they stick with him, passing 124 ypg in his second season. No crap about no weapons and poor OL. He can’t spot an NFL open WR, takes too long in the pocket, hasn’t proven he can do anything but run. You take a QB till you get it right. There is a reason he lasted so long in the draft. THIS IS IT! Its a passing league .

  5. If the Bears think Young or Stroud is a franchise QB who can play at a high level they should trade Fields and draft one of them. Fields currently is not a good NFL passing QB. His only current threat is running the ball. Why do you think running backs have the shortest shelf life in the NFL, all those hits shorten their career. Unless Fields learns to be a NFL passer, like Hurts, he has around 6-7 years in him.

  6. Brock Purdy was picked in the 7th round and has 6 starts. He is already light years better than this guy. Sometimes you just gotta cut bait. Fields made no strides this year through the air. Sure he can run, but how far is that going to get him? Pocket presence is non-existent. Pre-snap reads. Nope. Third and fourth options, too late he’s already running.

  7. 1 Draft a QB
    2 start with Fields
    3 see how the rookie is after 6-8 games

    If Fields has improved a lot then you can stick with him.
    If he hasn’t in the rookie looks at least okay then trade fields

  8. Yes they should take a QB. Fields can’t throw and that is far more important than a fee highlight runs. You will all see. The NFL is about throwing into tight windows and Fields can’t do that. He was part the reason they are picking 1st.

  9. “He’s already the best running quarterback in the league.” Have you noticed a correlation between being a running quarterback and being injured? You can’t have the physique needed to be an effective passer and durable runner at the same time. Not to mention, injuries affect QBs differently than other positions — a RB can push through a shoulder injury or a finger injury whereas a QB can’t. I don’t think QBs like Fields and Lamar Jackson are sustainable long-term solutions in the NFL.

  10. Showed no development in his passing game after his second season, got injured often, but sure, stick with the best running quarterback in the league…
    If the Bears can get even a single first rounder for him they should trade him. As noted, Chicago has all kinds of holes on their roster which means they need more players and thus more picks than they currently have.
    This won’t be a quick turnaround, so trade Fields and possibly even this year’s number one pick if you can get a bunch in return.

  11. Draft a QB. Even if fields turns out to be great. We’ve gone too damn long. Too long. DRAFT A QUARTERBACK.

  12. Anyone who is saying draft a QB is saying it’s a good idea to put a rookie behind the same OL and with the same WRs Fields had. Makes zero sense.

  13. Fine. He is a running back. The team needs competency for throwing under center. Fields will never be anything more than a gimmick. He has about one year of shelf life as such before he becomes useless.

  14. I guess I’m in the draft a QB camp on this one.
    Fields has a long way to go to prove he can honestly be a consistent accurate passer, able to read defenses, even to be a competent overall quarterback.

    The guy is an amazing weapon as a wildcat running back, who can obviously throw in a pinch, I just question his overall development.
    And even if he does, the style of play Chicago subjects him to will always carry an inherent risk.
    The NFL landscape is littered with broken seasons (2022 Ravens) and careers lost (RG III) because of one bad hit.

    If the Bears continue down this path, they best secure a very reliable backup safety net.

  15. This team is the most disfunctional revolving door type of organization in the NFL – maybe only beaten out by Cleveland. Of course they should stick with Fields – but they also must ensure that Fields stays in the pocket for a whole year. If not with his body type and his propensity to get hurt – he will not learn when and how to run and Learn how to pass from the pocket. It is better to take a bunch of sacks learning how to move in the pocket that to have to sit several games each year because of one type of injury or another that occurs when he runs. But to they have the type of coach and OC and QB coach to teach him – I doubt it. Built like Dallas did – draft Oline and more Oline and more Oline – and the odd receiver ( prefer big tight ends).

  16. I disagree with you. There is only a small bunch of people on earth who can look over a defense pre-snap and determine the coverage, take the snap, read the defense again, go through the progressions, and throw the ball accurately and quickly. This isn’t something you just teach someone because they are a good athlete. I have hard that argument for decades and it doesn’t work. Fields is a runner that has a big arm, but he is very erratic. It amazes me how people will talk about him being the next great QB after he runs better than he passes and they had the worst record in the NFL. Yet, guys like Mac Jones and Tua are practically run out of town and play much better. I am not saying Bryce Young is a sure thing, but I think he is a better at processing a coverage and throwing the ball accurately. So I think the Bears should certainly look at drafting Young and trading Fields. I think it would improve their passing attack and, as a minor plus, give them 2 more years of a rookie QB contract. Final thing is for the people this get enamored with these running QBs. Tell me ONE TIME a running QB has won a Super Bowl? Answer, it has never happened. Guys like Lamar Jackson, Cam Newton, Tim Tebow, and Justin Fields can do well in regular season, but in post season when the defenses force you to win with your arm, they can’t do it. And please don’t mention guys like Mahomes or Steve Young, because those are MOBILE QBs, not running QBs.

  17. They don’t need to draft a QB this year, it’s too soon to know either way. Next year is the important year for Fields. If they make the needed improvements with players and Getsy isn’t as lazy as he was this year with play calling/design and Fields still struggles then you can start to wonder about him but not yet. I tend to believe Simms, who played the position in NFL and has a dad who was a pretty good QB in the NFL as well. He thinks the Bears should stick with Fields because he has a chance to develop into a good QB. All the moronic opinions spouted on here about how he is a running back playing QB and all the other nonsense that goes along with a story about Fields should be ignored. I’d bet all the commenters on here have never even been close to being employed by an NFL team – I’ll stick with Simms on this one.

  18. Does he have a cannon for an arm? Can he make all the throws? Has he shown a capacity to learn? Is he mentally tough? Does he repeat mistakes? Can he command respect?

    We live in a microwave culture. I’m not smart enough to know if the Bears move on from Fields. By example, one of the all time greatest under pressure was Terry Bradshaw. While he had a cannon and could make all the throws, by his own admission he was mentally fragile and immature for awhile. His stats were horrible his first year on a really bad team, and he continued to make mistakes well into his fifth year. But Chuck Noll saw something in him, and persevered, and he emerged in year 5 to be one of the best leaders and mentally tough QBs ever. And only he and Joe Montana (a skinny kid like Fields but with all the intangibles) went undefeated in more than one Super Bowl (both 4-0)

  19. Fields was a throwing QB in college. The Bears ran a lot this year out of desperation because of the O-Line and receivers being garbage for the most part. He improved in how he was processing and passing despite all that. They should stick with him.

    Of course, to make the No 1 pick more valuable, they should *act* like they’re not sure.

  20. His comparables are running QBs like Jackson and Hurtz — neither of which finished this season healthy. Coupled that with his pocket indecisiveness, and there remain questions about this guy. He is a heck of a runner though.

  21. As one of the Lion’s coaches said, it’s a lot easier to get worse at QB than it is to get better. Put a better O line in front of him, and give him someone to throw to.

  22. This meme QB thing needs to ends. The nfl and NFL media seem to have a coordinated effort to pick a representative for oppressed QB’s and champion to the people despite obvious lack of skill

    Scam Newton
    Lameme Jackson
    Fields (you are here)

  23. If bears ever want to be relevent they need a passing qb who can win games from the pocket. Fields is good for sportscenter highlights but no team fears lining up and him passing on them. Hes not a difference maker from the pocket and watching Purdy from SF makes me see just how must skill and fundamental Fields lacks.

  24. Bears, keep it simple stupid, take the best player on the board. If it’s a QB, let him sit for a year and then figure out what you want to do at the end of next year. There is no need to hurry here, do what is the best of the team going forward.

  25. Far too many holes to consider QB to be the biggest need.

    Better stats than Rodgers, kept us in most games. 1-7 in one score games.

    At one point we were averaging 30+ points a game.

    He’s been a pocket passed since high school. He’s running for his life out there out of necessity.

  26. The Bears should keep him, but they let a lot of players go they should have kept. Poles has been GM for only a few months, but I’ve already lost confidence in his decision making.
    If he gets enamored with a hot young, unproven commodity he will trade away Fields and draft him, despite Fields being a proven commodity, as Fields was never HIS choice.

  27. Trade Fields while he still has value and grab Levis. The kid can throw it 80 yards, has a quick release and can read the field. Fields is a one read and run QB. Unless you give him 7 seconds behind the line of scrimmage, he will never process information fast enough or throw the ball quick enough to be a franchise QB.

  28. When a player can do anything at an elite level you keep them through their rookie deal. Fields is an elite runner. It’s an incredible foundation to have while progressing other areas of their game.
    If the “draft a QB” crowd really thinks he’s that bad they should be able to next year. They know this is the last top 3 pick Bears will have with Fields. He’s going to be fine. Maybe they’ve already forgotten Fields was playing against his own HC last year. This was his 1st professional season.

  29. It’s amazing people are comparing Fields to Purdy and calling Purdy a pocket passer that reads the field. That’s the easiest hardest job in sports. He threw one ball past 30 yards last game. It was short, low and inside but there’s probowlers everywhere so it didn’t matter. The 9ers will lose in The playoffs because of Purdy. Shanahan has done a remarkable job hiding him, only asking him to throw to one read near the LOS. If Fields was behind that amazing line with THOSE skill players around him AND only needed to score 21 points to win they would be hands down SB favorites. It’s laughable to see Debo, Aiyuk, Kittle, CMC, Pro bowl Oline, leagues best Defense and compare Purdy to anyone. It’s like doggin on Hondas that lose street races to Ferraris

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