Chargers lead Jaguars 27-7 at halftime

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Chargers v Jacksonville Jaguars
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The Chargers were slight favorites heading into Saturday’s road playoff game against the Jaguars and they spent the first 30 minutes making the case that the spread should have been much bigger.

Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence threw four interceptions, Austin Ekeler scored two touchdowns and the Chargers are blowing the Jaguars out in Jacksonville. It’s 27-7 at halftime with a trip to the divisional round waiting for the winning side.

Lawrence was picked off by linebacker Drue Tranquill on a tipped ball on his first throw of the game and then was picked off twice by cornerback Asante Samuel Jr. before the first quarter was over. Samuel added a third pick in the second quarter and Lawrence is the first quarterback since Brett Favre in 2001 to throw four interceptions in one half of a playoff game.

The Jags were able to make it onto the scoreboard on an Evan Engram touchdown catch with seconds to go in the first half. Lawrence finished the half 10-of-24 for 77 yards while Justin Herbert is 15-of-24 for 139 yards and a touchdown in his postseason debut.

The Chargers saw left tackle Jemaree Salyer and wide receiver DeAndre Carter leave with injuries. Salyer returned, but Carter remains questionable to return from an ankle injury. Barring a major turnaround by the Jaguars, however, the Chargers aren’t going to need him.

19 responses to “Chargers lead Jaguars 27-7 at halftime

  1. Listen the Jags have struggled but come on NFL

    Dear Jags and Jags Fans

    Sorry to inform you that because you don’t play in LA we had no choice but to decide you are not part of the playoff script ….. all obvious penalties will be ignored and not called including Def Holding, Pass Interference and Roughing the passer (including Helmet to Helmet and driving QB to ground and landing on him) . It’s nothing personal but we just have to protect what’s best for our ratings and pocket books. Our LA teams mean so much to our fearless clown leader, and now that the Rams suck we have to prop up the Chargers even though they have less fans than the Arizona Coyotes.

    Sincerely, Ref #14, Roger and all the NFL

  2. Dak Prescott wants to know if y’all think Lawrence is awful since 2 of those picks were not his “fault”?

  3. If the Chargers blow this game, Sean Payton will be their new coach before their plane touches down in California.

  4. For all you crazy conspiracy theorists that think the NFL is determining the outcome of these games, please tell me why Trevor Lawrence would go along with the master plan and throw 4 int’s in the first half? And do you really think the NFL wants all of its playoff games to be blowouts? Half of America has already tuned out of this horrible game. I don’t think that’s part of the plan. But go ahead and wear your tinfoil hats and believe it’s all rigged.

  5. Super “Unwatchable” Wildcard Weekend it what the meant I guess. And we still have Miami at Buffalo in front of us

  6. The NFL used to have only four crappy games on Wildcard Weekend. Now we get five! Whoo! Look out, Monday night! 33-6 is goin down!!

  7. domefieldadvantage says:
    January 14, 2023 at 10:00 pm
    If the Chargers blow this game, Sean Payton will be their new coach before their plane touches down in California

    Have you forgot who your owner is? Chargers owner is known to be allergic to spending money he’s not going to eat Staleys contract firing him after he made the playoffs then commit $20M+ per year to Payton considering the entirety of Payton’s contract would have to be put into Escrow somewhere. Not happening.

  8. Looking like a recent Steelers playoff game. Give up a huge lead, chip away and make it appear a game.
    Can Lawrence keep it going?

  9. Staley needs to be fired. He called the defense. I hate coaches who do this or the offense. Get top people to do this and manage the dam game. Observe what is happening and adjust.
    Staley never adjusted his pass d they got eaten alive in the second half because he changed it to a prevent that didnt work.
    He also got two top players hurt in the last game of the season, a game that meant nothing and he lost his best receiver. Ya this lost season is on that prick

  10. I thought there were 5 calls that were obvious and should have gone against Seattle and they would have lost that game. Apparently the league and some ex coaches agree and they are looking into the officiating of that game.

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