Chargers up 17-0 after third Trevor Lawrence interception

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Chargers v Jacksonville Jaguars
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Trevor Lawrence‘s playoff debut has gone from bad to worse.

The Jaguars quarterback threw an interception on his first throw of Saturday night’s game against the Chargers and he threw two more before the first quarter was over. Austin Ekeler scored touchdowns after the first and third of those interceptions and the Chargers are up 17-0 as a result.

Chargers cornerback Asante Samuel had the second and third interceptions of Lawrence and both came with some reason for Jaguars fans to gripe. Samuel appeared to commit illegal contact on the first interception and officials picked up a flag for pass interference on Samuel a couple of plays before the second one.

Lawrence had never thrown a first quarter interception before Saturday, so the first 15 minutes came as a shock. Jaguars fans can only hope that he’s gotten all the bad stuff out of his system heading into the final 45 minutes of action.