Deebo Samuel scores 74-yard touchdown, 49ers lead 41-17 over Seahawks

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Seattle Seahawks v San Francisco 49ers
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49ers receiver/general offensive weapon Deebo Samuel looks like he’s plenty healthy for the postseason.

With San Francisco up 31-17 in the fourth quarter, Samuel caught a short pass on the left side and took it 74 yards down the left side for a back-breaking touchdown.

Samuel got a nice downfield block from Brandon Aiyuk to spring him for the score, which gave San Francisco a 38-17 lead.

On the ensuing drive, Seattle quarterback Geno Smith tossed an interception to cornerback Deommodore Lenoir. If the Samuel touchdown didn’t put the game away for San Francisco, that play did.

The 49ers used that turnover to go on another long drive that ended in a Robbie Gould field goal to go up 41-17 with 4:56 left in the fourth quarter.

20 responses to “Deebo Samuel scores 74-yard touchdown, 49ers lead 41-17 over Seahawks

  1. Big difference in halves. Seattle played alright. Geno Smith did well and DK Metcalf played really well. But SF is just so much better — what can you do?

  2. How do guys like Purdey, KWarner and Brady slip thru the cracks like that? Amazing. How many more are out there selling insurance, working construction, whatever? Makes me wonder.

  3. That’s what you get when you let so many teams into the playoffs. How much longer until they let everyone in?

  4. Purdy was great, but there is more to the postseason after tonight that will influence the decision by Lynch and Shanahan.

  5. So the refs bail out the Seahawks last week so they can get in the playoffs and get blown out?

    Lions would have been a much better matchup

  6. The 9er’s have their QB the Hawks dont. No way in hell they pay this guy 20-30 million a year. Draft or trade for a QB. Total beatdown by the better team tonight. Seahawks played pretty good in the first half

  7. MortimerInMiami says:
    January 14, 2023 at 7:35 pm
    And they gave up how many number 1 draft picks for Trey Lance?
    Hey Mortimer, didn’t you predict a Seahawks victory?

  8. I’d have like to see Detroit in the postseason too, but I doubt they’d have fared well tonight versus SF. Would have likely been a blowout either way.

  9. The Hawks defense basically gave up after the Niners scored the TD following Geno’s fumble …

  10. I think we’ve settled the Niners QB decision for a few years. Let Lance rehab, trade him next spring. Jimmy will leave as a FA. Bring in a vet backup. I swear, the Kid has ice water in his veins.

  11. That was a lot more Deebo than Purdy … let’s see them play an actual playoff team first. That might not happen in the weak NFC

  12. I am a 49ers fan watching the game with my buddies. My kids were in bed so I was watching the game in the garage next to my corvette with my buddies when Brandon made the downfield block to spring Deebo for the TD. What a play!

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