Jaguars come back for stunning 31-30 win over Chargers

NFL: JAN 14 AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Chargers at Jaguars
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The Jaguars were slight underdogs at the start of Saturday’s game against the Chargers and heavy underdogs at halftime, but they will be moving on to the divisional round of the playoffs.

Riley Patterson kicked a game-winning 36-yard field goal on the final play of the game and the Jaguars pulled off a 31-30 win in a game they once trailed 27-0 in the first half. It’s the third largest comeback in postseason history.

A creative play from Jaguars head coach Doug Pederson set up the winning kick. The Jaguars lined up with three running backs on a fourth-and-one and gave the ball to Travis Etienne around the right side of the line. Etienne got the corner and sprinted 25 yards to set the stage for Patterson’s kick.

The comeback came after Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence threw four interceptions, but the first overall pick of the 2021 draft showed off his resilience. He threw touchdowns on four straight possessions and the Jaguars defense turned up the heat on the Chargers to put the game back within reach. Chargers kicker Cameron Dicker missed a 40-yard field goal to aid the comeback effort and the Jaguars took full advantage.

Lawrence finished 28-of-47 for 288 yards and his four touchdowns went to four different receivers. Etienne had 20 carries for 109 yards while Christian Kirk and Zay Jones each had eight catches over the course of the game.

After the fourth of those touchdowns, Chargers defensive end Joey Bosa was penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct after slamming his helmet to the turf while arguing for a penalty on Jaguars tackle Jawaan Taylor. That allowed the Jaguars to go for two and be in position to win the game with a field goal.

While the Jaguars will be moving on to play another game, the Chargers will be left to pick up the pieces of a massive collapse. Head coach Brandon Staley had a shaky history in close games coming into Saturday and his job could be in danger after giving up a 27-point lead.

Those two trajectories didn’t appear to be in play at halftime, but the Jaguars didn’t pack it in and the NFL got a classic finish in Jacksonville.

91 responses to “Jaguars come back for stunning 31-30 win over Chargers

  1. What a game by Lawrence. Overcoming adversity it it’s highest form.
    On the other hand Justin Herbert cost my fantasy championship with sub par play last few weeks. Feels good.

  2. Ladies & Gentleman I introduce Sean Peyton as the next coach of the Los Angeles Chargers.

  3. You could just feel it, Jaguars were going to win. Felt the same when Minnesota beat Indy. Great comeback Jacksonville!

  4. Some questionable calls and no calls on both sides, but the Jaguars stayed poised and pulled through.

    Joey Bosa is a punk, slams his helmet to have his head coach pick it up for him just to slam it back down like a little kid. Grow up millionaire.

    Good win Jaguars, way to scratch and claw back!

  5. Un-be-LIEVE-able! 4 INTs and down 27 points. Just incredible.

    Pederson is coach of the year, hands down. What a comeback by Lawrence and the whole team!

  6. Staley should be calling his real estate agent first thing tomorrow after one of the all time chokes. He’s a pathetic HC that doesn’t know how to win.

  7. Congradulation to the Jaguars and Dougie P . Doug is doing a great job as the Jaguars head coach.

  8. Monumental collapse by tbe Chargers.

    Brandon Staley has to be fired… can’t blow a 27-0 lead with Justin Herbert as your QB, who still has as many playoff appearances and wins as Tua.

    Sean Payton on line 1……

  9. Staley should be forced to find his own way home. He has to go now. The Chargers are too talented to waste on this guy.

  10. The only real question about firing Brandon Staley is whether you let him fly with the rest of the team on the flight back to California.

  11. Wow that game sure changed. First half blowout to big comeback. Unbelievable! Congrats to Jacksonville!

  12. Bye Bye Staley hello Sean Payton! This is the job Payton wants and after two consecutive weeks of coaching gaffes leading to losses I don’t see anyway the Chargers bring Staley back! Payton loves Herbert they have a loaded team and can afford giving up some draft picks for Payton my money goes on Payton landing in LA with the Chargers!

  13. Great game!!! Congratulations to the Jaguars (and my 5 game parley).

    San Francisco -9.5 (check)
    Jacksonville +2.5 (check)
    Buffalo +13.5
    New York Giants +3
    Cincinnati -8.5

    Easy money.

  14. 3 lousy points in the second half. This coach calls all the plays so the lose is on him. Coming out in the second half they threw 3:times and killed 30 seconds off the clock. I knew then they thought they had won the game and were thinking of next week. Fire him tonight.

  15. Wow, what a great comeback and even more impressed when you consider how one sided the officiating was.

  16. I’d feel bad for the Chargers… If they were still in San Diego where they belong. As for the LA Chargers? Who cares? Certainly not NFL fans in Los Angeles, who would still rather root for the terrible Rams or absent Raiders than the unwanted Chargers.

  17. Beyond this coach, this franchise constantly loses leads or blows it late. I can remember Phillip Rivers throwing a pick in the last 5 minutes dozens of times. That being said, Sean Payton should get a call from these guys Monday.

  18. An epic collapse. Charges keep finding a way to lose close games year after year. I’m not a Chargers fan but I feel for them.

  19. Looks like Herbert has a little Matt Ryan in him. What a collapse! Yes Charger fans, you can still thank us Dolphin fans for drafting Tua.

  20. The refs helped them out some and Staleys lack of being a defensive coach also helped. The Jags ate the Chargers alive in the second half and the thing is, this was a rested defense considering the 4 interceptions, they were hardly on the field in the first half.
    Still the Chargers missed a big offensive weapon in Williams who got hurt in a meaningless game by Staley.

  21. Crazy game. Poor officiating again. Congrats on Jacksonville not giving up and getting its game together in the second half. Chargers with another crazy loss in a critical game.

    Dicker had a great, unlikely rookie year but that was an important miss in the 4th quarter. Bosa needs to keep his cool, he made it to easy to score the 2 point conversion.

    Fire all the refs. I think if you asked the fans of either team in this game they would agree.

  22. The Falcons choke job beats this Chargers choke just because it was the SB else this takes the cake

  23. The refs tried to give the game to the LAC. The no call that Bosa threw his helmet down on cost them the game. Go Jags.

  24. I don’t know if that was the worst game I ever watched, or the best game I ever watched – or both.

  25. Fire Staley already. He’s supposed to be this defensive wiz kid and his defense choked away a 27-0 lead. He can go home with his analytics too.

  26. The Refs tried … but nothing can make the Chargers good. Good thing they have no fans. Great come back though by Lawrence. Played bad and then totally turned it around.

  27. The Chargers had no defense. The Jags stopped themselves in the first half with turnovers. The Chargers could not run the ball.
    Chargers were out-physicalled on both sides of the ball. Also out-coached…
    Bosa brothers: Joey was a disaster; he allowed the Jags to win; his brother up North was great.

  28. Trevor Lawrence played out of his mind in the 2nd half. The Chargers pulled an all time choke job. Both these things can be true.

  29. Never seen a game that team with +5 turnover differential lose. Something doesn’t add up. Also what an unnecessary fouls by defense #97 in critical time. Negating teammate’s sack for first down, then touchdowns for the opponent. And paving the way for 2 point conversion at the end. Wow!

  30. Pederson broke the hearts of Pats fans in the SB with the Philly special. The play call for that last 1st down is right up there with it. That is the creative genius of Doug Pederson. I think that he’s one of the best HC’s in the NFL. Down 27-0,he kept his guys believing. What a comeback.

  31. Three things happened in this game. First of all Brandon Staley went too conservative in the second half. Herbert should have been taking more deep shots not checking it down constantly. The Jags defense in the second half got after Herbert and made the Chargers pay for their mistakes. The last thing was the bogus non call that gave the Chargers the touchdown to Kirk that was so obvious it was stupid. Jags probably would have won anyway but that was not right. I like Lawrence but this was not a good game for him the Chargers softened up which allowed him to throw those 4 touchdowns in the second half. Tight coverage situations seem to frustrate him. Still nice to see him succeed though.

  32. Simply incredible, one of the best playoff games I’ve ever seen and that’s coming from a Ravens fan. Pederson’s ability to maintain this team’s composure cannot be understated. Lawrence is coming into his own quickly, whoever plays them next is in for a fight from start to finish.

  33. That was beautiful. I was worried they were too far ahead to lose, but as usual they did not disappoint. Bolt up!

  34. Boss should have Stanley and Lombardi walk back to Los Angeles. I understand Bosa frustration. Play your butt off, the the offensive coordinator leaves them out to dry, by calling pass plays, ignoring the run to keep the defense fresh. And Stanley too arrogant to have the offensive coordinator to start running the football, especially when you starting left tackle goes down and you’re protecting your franchise quarterback with a back up in the passing game causing the Jags defense to tee off.

  35. Some of these young coaches aren’t ready for prime time. They believe they’re smarter than everyone else. Not every young coach is a Sean McVey and Kyle Shanahan. The reason why they’re successful is that they learned the game from childhood upward. Al the did was modified and expanded on what the learned and perfected it from their relatives and watched a lot of flim as a youth and took ideas from the high school and college game to add to what they learned from the pro game and made sure they had the players to fit the scheme.

  36. Chargers, That has to be the biggest choke job in the NFL ever!
    Talk about being humiliated!

  37. The refs stole this game from the Chargers. They refused to call holding on the Jags in the second half and that “imaginary” offsides call on Joey Bosa was ridiculous. How was he not supposed to get an unsportsman call with the refs making up calls on him and not calling when he is being repeatedly held? They did the same thing in the Chiefs super bowl win and it happens in more games and more games where the refs call games to allow teams that are behind to come back so that people dont stop watching the game. I don’t understand why someone hasnt sued the league yet.

  38. Trevor Lawrence just put the NFL on notice. They’re gonna be force in the NFL the next few years.

  39. Worth staying up all night for. 5a.m. When I went to bed, though at 27-0 I was sorely tempted. Please can the networks schedule Jags v Chiefs for an earlier slot.
    Go Jags.

  40. Wow! Bosa is a bonehead. Herbert is horrible. And the Chargers choked. Love seeing all the comments from earlier in the game. It ain’t over ’til the final whistle.

  41. Jags fans had to have given up at halftime, on the team and Trevor Lawrence. To come back like that took some serious grit. Congrats Jags fans. I was rooting for you guys. – Titans fan.

  42. I knew Jacksonville had a chance, since they also came back to beat my Raiders after trailing two months ago, but seeing it actually happen is a whole other thing. Congrats to Jacksonville. I’m sure it was a very long plane ride home for the Chargers.

  43. Sean Peyton and the Chargers, is like peanut butter and jelly….just goes to together perfectly. Will be fun to see him in the AFC West

  44. Not enough people talking about the guts of Doug Pederson. Calling a T-formation play on 4th and inches and going for two on the final TD. He’s either crazy or genius.

  45. I started watching right when Lawrence threw his 3rd pick, and thought to myself “do I really even wanna watch? This is over.” TV network proceeds to show that teams that pick 3+ ints tend to win 90% of the time. Do I REALLY wanna watch? I guess. 4th pick, “just turn it off, Lawrence’s confidence is gone…ehhh fine, it’s playoffs.” Fumble lost, games gotta be over. My inability to think of something else I’d rather watch allowed me to see something incredible. Not many teams would stay focused and refuse to give up. Late season Broncos would’ve given up after the 2nd pick. :X

  46. Tevor’s wife, Marissa, posted an Instagram video last night where after the game they stopped in a Waffle House to have breakfast with the fans. Just a normal guy doing normal things. I think Trevor and Doug will eventually go down as one of the great coach/QB duos.

  47. As an encore, bradygirl will tell us all about a really amazing catch that occurred in Super Bowl XLII! Sit tight for deep Patriots fan insight.

  48. A lot of people calling for Staley to be fired and criticizing the refs. No mention of the missed FG, Bosa penalty, how Mack was more a factor on defense then Bosa, or that Herbert did very little most of the second half.

  49. Staley and his defensive coordinator blew this one big time. Defensive players celebrating like they won the game before halftime and came out in the second half watching the jags play football. A couple of coaches and chargers star secondary players should’ve been on commercial flights back home !!!

  50. Herbert disappeared in the second half. The Chargers didn’t keep their foot on the gas. The Jags made second half adjustments and never gave up. Incredible game.

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