PFT’s 2022 season awards

Kansas City Chiefs v San Francisco 49ers
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With the postseason about to kick off, here’s a look back at PFT’s awards for the regular season, in which we honored the best players, rookies, coach, executive and comeback player for the 2022 season:

Most Valuable Player: Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes became the obvious choice as he led the league in passing yards and touchdowns and led the Chiefs to the No. 1 seed in the AFC.

Coach of the Year: Giants head coach Brian Daboll gets our award after taking over what appeared to be one of the worst rosters in the NFL and getting his team into the playoffs in Year One.

Executive of the Year: Eagles General Manager Howie Roseman gets the honor for building a loaded roster that earned the No. 1 seed in the NFC.

Offensive Player of the Year: Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson established himself as the top receiving threat in the NFL in 2022 and looks like he’s going to be one of the league’s elite playmakers for years to come.

Defensive Player of the Year: 49ers defensive end Nick Bosa and his league-leading 18.5 sacks were our choice as the NFL’s best defensive player.

Offensive Rookie of the Year: 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy had an extraordinary rise from Mr. Irrelevant to Rookie of the Year.

Defensive Rookie of the Year: Jets cornerback Sauce Gardner went up against some of the best receivers in the NFL and consistently got the better of them, making him our defensive rookie choice.

Comeback Player of the Year: 49ers running back Christian McCaffrey looked like he was in for a long season on a bad team, but after his trade to San Francisco, he’s healthy and ready to be a playoff contributor on a Super Bowl contender.

20 responses to “PFT’s 2022 season awards

  1. Like the list except for Daboll instead of Kyle Shanahan or McDermott for COY. The Giants kinda faded at the end.

  2. You give a coach of the year award to a guy that won 9 games and came in third in his division? LOL

  3. You got Nick Siriani and Andy Reed who coached their teams to the number one seed. You got Kevin O’Connel whose team wasn’t even the consensus 2nd place finisher in his division, taking the exact seem team that finished.500-ish two years in a row to 14-3. You got Pete Carrol who took a team everyone thought was tanking to the playoffs. You got Kyle Shanahan who is the 2 seed with 3 different starting QB’s and the third of them is a rookie on a 6 game winning streak who also happens to have been Mr. Irrelevant.

    But you’re going to pick a 3rd place finisher who lead his team to a TIE in one of his games? Nothing says excellence like a tie.

  4. I’d have thought Geno Smith would’ve made Comeback Player of the Year. Everyone had written him off.

    How about in honor of Len Pasqurelli, a “Move on or move out” award.

  5. “Led the chiefs to the top seed”. Sort of a misnomer.

    Daboll led the giants to 9 wins with that roster? That’s far more impressive than any of you clowns will give credit too

  6. Spend a few weeks being a game manager for a team with a loaded roster and you too can be Rookie of the Year.

  7. Purdy’s played what, 5 games? No way does five game qualify as a “Rookie of the YEAR”. Way too many other guys that play 10 or more games that are deserving.

  8. Daboll won 9 games with a very weak roster with a tough schedule. Pederaon, got to play the colts, Texans and titans twice.

  9. Brock purdy played 5 games. By that metric jahan dotson should have been OROTY.

    Another pandering list to the NFL masters

  10. Special Teams Player of the year is Justin Tucker in my opinion.

    And the best special teams player of the last 15 years is Matthew Slater who may be retiring. If he is then good luck and thank you. Hope to see you in the hall of fame. You deserve it. You, Steve Tasker, Adam Vientieri all deserve a hall of fame induction.

  11. With all due respect to Brian Daboll, seriously….how is Sean McDermott not the Coach of the Year?

    The Bills have endured injuries to starting players week after week including Micah Hyde in week 2 and Von Miller on Thanksgiving. They’ve had to battle major snow storms with even having to relocate a game to Detroit. Bringing the team together during the Damar Hamlin incident…while still winning 13 games while losing 3 games by a TOTAL of 8 points is a feat no other coach had to face!

    If any coach has earned it,it’s Sean McDermott!!

  12. Comeback player of the year? He came back from a trade a to a playoff team? That’s your argument?

    How about Chris Godwin from the Bucs. Blew out his knee against the Saints in late December ’21 and he started opening night against the Cowboys. He ended with more than 1,000 yards and 100 catches. Also helped his team to host a playoff game against the aforementioned Cowboys.

  13. Brian Daboll had the least talented team in what was in the toughest division in football this season, and still made the playoffs. That easily surpasses what every other coach mentioned did.
    Pederson led a young team with some quality talent to win the worst division in football and it’s important to note that he replaced the trainwreck that was Urban Meyer, that caused everybody to undervalue the Jaguars. Some media guys still had them as potential division winner going into the season. Very good turnaround form last year, but not that unexpected especially with the Titans and Colts collapses.
    Sirianni led the best balanced roster in football to the #1 seed. Good accomplishment but also somewhat expected.
    Dan Campbell closed the season well, but despite a boatload of offensive talent they still missed the playoffs despite playing in a surprisingly weak NFC North.
    Only Daboll led his team to a massive overachievement over what was expected from them this season. Most predictions saw the Giants with 10 or more losses, never mind making the playoffs.

  14. You Bills homers thinking it should be McDermitt as COY have landed on your heads after jumping on too many card tables. His team under achieved as the 2nd seed. Still no decent running game, defense has fallen off and still too reliant on the QB.

  15. ootballcuresboredom says:
    January 14, 2023 at 2:48 pm
    Geno for Comeback Player and it isn’t even close
    What did he come back from? Playing lousy his whole career until now? Dumb.

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